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Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Do Pong Cases Work?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on February 3, 2013 under Cell phone protection, Electromagnetic protection, Protection devices | 21 Comments to Read

Owning a cell phone or not is a matter of personal choice.

I’m not going to lecture you on all the reasons why you shouldn’t use one.

If you’ve done like me and already sent your cell phone to the cell phone graveyard. You can pass on this article.

Otherwise read on.

Just to be clear: I’m not suddenly condoning the use of a cell phone. But I’m a realist…..

So how about learning how to use this technology more safely?

The Pong Cell Phone Case

Pong cell phone caseThe Pong cell phone case looks like most other cell phone cases. But looks can be deceiving. The Pong cell phone case is different.

Most cell phone cases are mainly about style. They make a statement. Pong cases are not about style. They do come in different colors but they’re quite sober in this respect. What makes them different is a special insert.

How Does The Pong Cell Phone Case Work?

Think ‘go with the flow’. That’s what the special insert does. It acts like an antenna.

Think of a chimney in a house. A chimney works by funneling smoke out of your home so you can sit next to your fire place without getting choked with smoke. The Pong cell phone case has a special insert that acts as a conduit for the radiation. In normal circumstances cell phone radiation goes out at 360 degrees from your phones antenna. Like the chimney with the smoke, the special insert gives the radiation somewhere to go. So less of it goes into your head.

Does It Reduce Radiation?

The Pong cell phone case doesn’t reduce the radiation. But because it gives the radiation somewhere to go less of it goes to your head.

This short video explains a bit more about how Pong cell phone cases work:


Is The Pong Cell Phone Case A Scam?

This cell phone case is no scam. My wife uses a Pong cell phone case on her Blackberry. I was hoping to be able to take some meaningful readings with my EMF meters so I could see with my own eyes how it worked. Unfortunately testing this case requires special equipment.

But the manufacturers back up their claims with solid research. They’ve had their cell phone cases tested in FCC-certified laboratories. For one of these tests Wired Magazine was invited. They observed that the Pong cell phone case reduced the S.A.R. by some 64.7 percent.

This is just one test. I suspect the reduction in radiation varies from phone to phone, since every cell phone has its own antenna, its own S.A.R….. and every (or most) cell phones have their own Pong cell phone case.

The reduction in radiation may be lower for certain brands and designs of cell phones. But in my book any reduction in cell phone radiation is a good reduction.

Are There Any Other Advantages?

Yes. These same FCC-certified tests found that Pong cases improve the signal strength on your cell phone. If you live in an area where there’s bad reception using a Pong cell phone case can improve your reception.

Because having a Pong enables your cell phone to work more efficiently that can help with battery life as well.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Some people claim that the case is fragile and that it splits. My wife has been using her Pong cell phone case for over 6 months. I had it on and off the her phone when I was looking to do my video. Her case is sturdy and shows no signs of splitting or cracking.

Should You Buy It?

Buy it only for the right reasons.

A Pong cell phone case does not make your cell phone safe. FACT.

BUT a Pong case can make your cell phone safer. IF you don’t up your usage because you’ve bought a Pong.

AND a Pong cell phone case in itself is not the most effective way to continue using your cell phone while minimizing your exposure.

Apply my cell phone protection tips.

Where To Buy? is a good place to buy your Pong cell phone case. They sell Pong cases for all the different phones and even stock a cute leather one. Prices do vary depending on the phone, the cheapest models sell for under $50. Amazon sells these cases at a competitive prices and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can easily get a refund.


Here’s what the Pong cell phone case offers:

– reduced radiation exposure

– better reception

– longer battery life

It protects your cell phone from knocks and bangs.

If you want to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation without giving up your cell phone I believe the Pong cell phone case can help you to do this….apply my cell phone protection tips while you’re at it.

  • John Steer - Canada said,


    Don’t get to wrapped into this product “Pong” as if you ask the True Radiation Scientist’s about the SAR rating System it does not meet science methods, and therefore is not considered reliable.

    One leading Radiation Scientist said its a scam method as how can you use sugar and water to replace the brain, plus as true testing is done to Living Cells and as he said ” Not Dead Meat” the test’s SAR do not hold True Results?

    Any test’s this product has would not be valued in view of this, The world’s Testing Facility’s under “ASTM” American Society of Testing Materials, have the equipment in Hundreds of locations, but only for scientific Results, which ovbious this product does not have, and that’s why no test’s are shown.

    Buying a pig and a poke is not my cup of tea, so without proper testing, we don’t see this being of Value?

    Please let us know what you think and we thank you

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi John
    I am aware of the shortcomings of using SAR as a measure of exposure, see my article here But for the time being this is what the FCC and the other regulatory bodies around the world use and so this is what we are stuck with. Using a Pong does not make your cell phone safe, but based on the information we currently have I believe it can make it safer….. NB my recommendation is to use the Pong AND follow my cell phone protection tips.

  • nicky said,

    I am and have been using orgonite for cell phone protection.
    Please can you comment on that? I have asked already but did not receive a specific answer. I am also wondering if the cornet emf meter will be able to test the orgonite?
    Thanks for your attention

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Nicky
    We are back in the realms of cell phone chips, diodes and neutralizers…I have tried many…..none of the ones I have tried work. My honest advice – waste of money. You can’t use a Cornet meter to test the effectiveness of any of these ‘devices’.

  • Jean said,

    My cell phone’s gone to it’s final resting place but I will pass this on to my son.
    Still hanging on to my….analog….hydro meter tho! So far so good.

    Thanks Lloyd

  • Lloyd said,

    Some people can’t/won’t believe what I (and many experts) say about cell phone radiation. The air tube headset is about offering a ‘solution’ for these people. But the real solution is to stop using a cell phone – except in dire emergencies.

  • iPhoneInternet? said,

    Hi, great site & info. One question: It appears most info pertains to TALKING on cellphones, right?

    What if an iphone is used solely for INTERNET (reading websites, checking email, paying bills, etc.) via the AT&T “3G” wireless network. Is an iphone used for INTERNET-only just as dangerous as using cells for TALKING?

    Thanks… &, btw, I did see a prior reply where you suggested putting cells on Airport mode. I was already doing that, plus turning off the 3G-Network (in Settings) when not using the phone-for-internet, simply to save bandwidth usage.

  • iPhoneInternet? said,

    PS: I meant to add: So would a Pong case be beneficial for “smartphones” that are used strictly for Internet but NOT used for Talking/phone calls?

    Thanks again.

  • Lloyd said,

    When a cell phone is being used for the Internet as opposed to talking this generally means that radiation levels are higher than for talking but because when you use your cell phone to surf the Internet you don’t usually hold it next to your ear (or your brain) this makes it safer. As far as I know no studies have been done on this, but my view is that using a cell phone for Internet only is safer than holding it against your head for talking. For more on this, see,

    For your second question: “would a Pong case be beneficial for “smartphones” that are used strictly for Internet but NOT used for Talking/phone calls?” Cell phones emit radiation at 360 degrees… the Pong directs the radiation through the back of the phone….I believe this makes it safer – avoid covering the back of your phone with your hand when in use.

    Apologies for being slow in replying – I try and answer people as quickly as possible.

  • InternetVisitor said,

    “When a cell phone is being used for the Internet as opposed to talking this generally means that radiation levels are higher than for talking…” 

    Oh boy, that was not the answer I expected.  I thought talking would require more “radiation power.”  But very glad to know the reality.  Thank you!

    “…but because when you use your cell phone to surf the Internet you don’t usually hold it next to your ear (or your brain) this makes it safer.”

    Whew!  Well, that is some good consolation!  :)  The phone is only about a hand-span away from face, so that might not be enough (unlike Peter at below link, my eyesight is not so great). 

    “For more on this, see,”

    Thanks for that link.  Glad Peter asked those Qs!  (They should make non-phone small Internet-Only Gadgets — like iPod-Touch — but that could hook to landline Internet cables which would alleviate the need for “cell tower/3G/4G/wifi-connection” just to surf the Internet.)

    “…avoid covering the back of your phone with your hand when in use.”

    Uh oh!!  :-/  The iphone rests in the palm of my hand, so about 1/3 to 1/2 of the back IS covered by fingers & part of hand.  I wouldn’t know how else to hold it.

    A Pong case is now on my purchase list, either way.  It can only help so there’s no reason not to get one!

    Thanks so much for clarifying this confusion for me (talking vs. surfing) as that has been my main question/curiosity.

    “Apologies for being slow in replying – I try and answer people as quickly as possible.”

    No problem!  (Due to my email provider I thought it might have gotten lost in a pile of spam.  :)  Thank you again!

  • Steve said,

    Hi Lioyd,

    Before I ask my question, I would like to thank you for making us more aware of this matter! I thought it was just me that was sensitive when using these devises.

    What would be the best solution for talking and Internet purposes?
    Can you suggest a safer way to communicate?
    First, for talking I would think that a land line would be safest but would using VOIP or calling via the desktop/laptop via Skype or gmail calling be a better option than cell phone with headphones plugs?
    And for Internet use can you tell me the safest form and/or can you put the following in order of the safest form of use as far as Internet use:
    Desktop, laptop, tablet, itouch iPod, and any other you can think of.

    Kind regards,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Angelo
    The best solution for talking is to use a corded phone and for the Internet I recommend using a desktop computer with a wired connection to the modem/router. Using Skype or other forms of VOIP with a wired plugin phone is quite safe also.

  • alex said,

    On public transport phone users who don’t want the radiation near their heads now hold them away from their bodies, in the direction of other passengers, thereby irradiating them. A pong case will mean even more radiation emitting from the back of the phone, bad news for anyone with radiation sickness sitting near them.
    Using a mobile phone for calling or internet use causes a spike in radiation levels from the nearest transmitter. Pong may well protect the user from radiation but it doesn’t protect children living in houses near base stations/transmitters from being further irradiated by callers who think their phone is now ‘safer’. In any civilised society harming children is unjust, immoral and unethical. Products like pong provide yet more entrepreneurial opportunites, encouraging people to selfishly think about protecting only themselves and to hell with others and the environment. Pong is based on the misleading deceptive notion that this radiation is safe, and will delay the emergence of the truth – ie. that microwave radiation is genotoxic.

  • Kathy said,

    Hi Lloyd – thanks for all the work you have done to see if there is any thing safe so we can still use our cell phones and not worry as bad.
    Never knew about a lot of other rays, such as the refridgerator.
    My daughter has all the new fangled technology for her kids to “have fun” with, and it takes up a whole wall! They all have the family plan of cell phones… And think nothing of it… Is there something you can hang around your neck to keep all of these “fun things” from harming them in the long run…?
    Also, i heard somewhere that if you are talking in a car, which daughter does a lot of too, that it is 4 times as bad, and for everyone in the car too..? Boy, i wish that family would listen to logic and reason! Thanks again, really for all your research and interest..

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kathy
    If I’m sure of one thing about EMFs, its that there are no quick fix solutions….pendants and magic diodes are not the way to deal with this issue. 4 times as bad? …….when you use a cell phone in a car there is a ‘faraday cage’ effect…your phone works harder to maintain the signal….because the car moves….and the signal needs to be strong to get through/around the metal…the adverse effects are accentuated….
    My free report lays out what works and what doesn’t work….

  • Angelo said,


    If the EMF’s are four times as strong then what are the EMF’s of a moving train or bus? I live in New York City and for a good 45 minutes I’m above ground in a train that just about everyone is using a phone… We have close to 10 milion people living in this city, can you imagine the radiation/EMF’s that I must be exposed to? When you live in a city of this magnitude everything seems to be exteme. I could be living in the most toxic city in the world! How can you really get around something like this?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Angelo
    Kathy asked if EMFs were 4 times as strong in a car….EMF exposures are potentially higher in a car for the reasons I outlined above but they are not ‘4 times higher’ how much higher depends on so many different factors. Dealing with EMFs is all about baby steps….start with your home environment you can have direct control over this and in your home environment the most important place to start is the bedroom, see My free report will also help you with this.

  • Mike said,

    I bought two pong cases and tested them using a Cornet Meter. I tested my phone without the Pong case and with it. There was no difference in the readings. I also tried the front of the phone as opposed to the back of the phone like the video demonstrated. There was difference between the radiation levels either. I am returning both pong cases.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mike
    Cornet make some terrific meters but to do this sort of testing you would need to use special EMF measuring equipment…. in a laboratory setting…..Pong have had their cell phone cases tested in FCC-certified laboratories.

  • Rob said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Regarding sheilding against cordless phone base stations and routers. What would you recommend as an effective temporary sheild to use around a base station or router?

    As you may recall I often work near routers and cordless phones while repairing PCs, and what I’ve found is that a foil space blanket, or a small size wire meshing sheild, offers around 90% protection for WiFi routers such as Netgear…but that working beside more powerful routers – such as BT HomeHubs, and cordless phone base stations, I find I’m exposed to quite high levels of microwave radiation despite my makeshift sheilds (which I place between me and the router etc).

    So what the best sheilding material? Might a sheet of brass (or gold) mesh be the solution rather than the aluminium mesh and alumimium space blanket sheilding that I currently use?



  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Rob
    There are lots of different products on the market which you can use to shield……cos is a factor and practicality…..purpose designed products make more sense…. look at the attenuation…..some products offer 5OdB of attenuation or more, see lessemf careful how you use them so as not to cause overheating