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Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Do Pong Cases Work?

Owning a cell phone or not is a matter of personal choice.

I’m not going to lecture you on all the reasons why you shouldn’t use one.

If you’ve done like me and already sent your cell phone to the cell phone graveyard. You can pass on this article.

Otherwise read on.

Just to be clear: I’m not suddenly condoning the use of a cell phone. But I’m a realist…..

So how about learning how to use this technology more safely?

The Pong Cell Phone Case

Pong cell phone case [1]The Pong cell phone case [1] looks like most other cell phone cases. But looks can be deceiving. The Pong cell phone case is different.

Most cell phone cases are mainly about style. They make a statement. Pong cases are not about style. They do come in different colors but they’re quite sober in this respect. What makes them different is a special insert.

How Does The Pong Cell Phone Case Work?

Think ‘go with the flow’. That’s what the special insert does. It acts like an antenna.

Think of a chimney in a house. A chimney works by funneling smoke out of your home so you can sit next to your fire place without getting choked with smoke. The Pong cell phone case has a special insert that acts as a conduit for the radiation. In normal circumstances cell phone radiation goes out at 360 degrees from your phones antenna. Like the chimney with the smoke, the special insert gives the radiation somewhere to go. So less of it goes into your head.

Does It Reduce Radiation?

The Pong cell phone case doesn’t reduce the radiation. But because it gives the radiation somewhere to go less of it goes to your head.

This short video explains a bit more about how Pong cell phone cases work:


Is The Pong Cell Phone Case A Scam?

This cell phone case is no scam. My wife uses a Pong cell phone case on her Blackberry. I was hoping to be able to take some meaningful readings with my EMF meters [2] so I could see with my own eyes how it worked. Unfortunately testing this case requires special equipment.

But the manufacturers back up their claims with solid research. They’ve had their cell phone cases tested in FCC-certified laboratories. For one of these tests Wired Magazine was invited. They observed that the Pong cell phone case reduced the S.A.R. [3] by some 64.7 percent.

This is just one test. I suspect the reduction in radiation varies from phone to phone, since every cell phone has its own antenna, its own S.A.R….. and every (or most) cell phones have their own Pong cell phone case.

The reduction in radiation may be lower for certain brands and designs of cell phones. But in my book any reduction in cell phone radiation is a good reduction.

Are There Any Other Advantages?

Yes. These same FCC-certified tests found that Pong cases improve the signal strength on your cell phone. If you live in an area where there’s bad reception using a Pong cell phone case can improve your reception.

Because having a Pong enables your cell phone to work more efficiently that can help with battery life as well.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Some people claim that the case is fragile and that it splits. My wife has been using her Pong cell phone case for over 6 months. I had it on and off the her phone when I was looking to do my video. Her case is sturdy and shows no signs of splitting or cracking.

Should You Buy It?

Buy it only for the right reasons.

A Pong cell phone case does not make your cell phone safe. FACT.

BUT a Pong case can make your cell phone safer. IF you don’t up your usage because you’ve bought a Pong.

AND a Pong cell phone case in itself is not the most effective way to continue using your cell phone while minimizing your exposure.

Apply my cell phone protection tips [4].

Where To Buy?

Amazon.com [1] is a good place to buy your Pong cell phone case. They sell Pong cases for all the different phones and even stock a cute leather one. Prices do vary depending on the phone, the cheapest models sell for under $50. Amazon sells these cases at a competitive prices and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can easily get a refund.


Here’s what the Pong cell phone case offers:

– reduced radiation exposure

– better reception

– longer battery life

It protects your cell phone from knocks and bangs.

If you want to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation without giving up your cell phone I believe the Pong cell phone case can help you to do this….but more importantly apply my cell phone protection tips [4].