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How To Evaluate Your Level Of Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on December 15, 2010 under Electromagnetic protection, Evaluate your exposure | 38 Comments to Read

Could you and your family be at risk from EMF exposures?

To help you answer this question, determine your level of electromagnetic radiation exposure and evaluate the risks, I’ve devised this short questionnaire: (be sure to count your yeses as you’re doing this)

Your Exposure To Cell Phone Radiation

Do you press your cell phone against your head while talking?

Do you talk for 2 hours or more per day on your cell phone?

Do you carry your cell phone on your person when it is switched on (ie in standby mode) for most of the day?

Do you talk on a cell phone in your automobile?

Do you keep your cell phone close to your bed at night?

Do you use Bluetooth wireless?

Do you use your cell phone when the signal strength indicator is low?

Do you use your cell phone for streaming more than 2 hours per day?

Your Exposure To Computer Radiation

Do you use a computer for more than 4 hours per day?

Does your computer monitor use a cathode ray tube?

Does your computer have the WiFi function enabled? (this is harmful even if you connect to the internet on a cable)

In your place of work are you within 2 meters of other computers?

Do you use a laptop rather than a desktop model?

Do you use a laptop primarily on the mains power supply?

Do you use a laptop computer or smart phone type device on your lap?

Do you use a wireless modem router ? And do you sit within 2 meters of it?

Your Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure In The Home

Do you remain near your microwave oven when it is on?

(Have you had your microwave oven tested recently for leaks?)

Is your home protected by a wireless burglar alarm?

Do you have DECT cordless phones installed in your house?

Do you have a cordless phone next to your bed?

Do you have WiFi installed in your home?

Do you or your children use wireless video gaming software like the Xbox360 or the Playstation 3?

Do you have a wireless music system installed in your home?

Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure In Your Environment

Is your home within 400m of a cell phone tower?

Is your place of work within 400m of a cell phone tower?

Are you surrounded by other homes with WiFi installed?

Is your home equipped with a smart meter to measure your electricity consumption?

How Did You Score?

Let me start by sharing with you first how I scored.

There are 28 questions in this questionnaire (this varies I keep adding an extra question now and again). But anyway, you have kept your score of yeses right?

Well I have answered these questions totally truthfully  – my score is 2. As in two yeses. I am even going to tell which ones they are: more than 4 hours on a PC a day and my neighbors have got WiFi – whose haven’t?

I would be the first to point out that this questionnaire has its limitations. For instance someone who spends 4 hours a day talking on their cell phone will have a much higher electromagnetic radiation exposure level than someone who spends 2 hours a day. Someone who sleeps with their cordless dect phone next to their bed is subject to much higher exposure than someone who has their cordless phone down the hall at the other end of the house. If you are a child or let your children use cell phones and cordless phones, the risks are much higher.

Nevertheless, the more yeses you have to these questions the higher your potential exposure to electromagnetic radiation (if you are unsure what this means read this).

How To Reduce Your Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

Determine the sources of EMF exposure in your environment. Do this by taking readings with an EMF meter and an RF meter. This will enable you to measure your electrosmog levels. You can then take steps to avoid, protect and shield as necessary.

Download my EMF Protection Free Report for more information.

  • Ellie said,

    Regarding the lower levels of cancer, heart disease,lead relatively low stress lives diabetes, etc. in Amish communities: it seems only fair to note that in these communities people don’t smoke, don’t over-consume sugar laden products, don’t eat processed foods, get much more exercise, and tend not to be overweight. These factors are all major contributors to disease in non Amish communities.

    I don’t disagree that their lack of exposure to electricity is a plus. I just feel that medically, these other things are probably at least as beneficial.

  • Lloyd said,

    I quite agree. Living a healthy life for me is not just a question of EMF management its a rounded approach to health, a holistic approach.
    EMF management has been at the centre of my quest towards better health, but I also acknowledge that my dietary and nutritional choices were also of importance. Cutting out your EMF toxins does not make any sense if you load up on all the other ones by eating junk food and taking no exercise.


    Your questionnaire was pretty informative in indicating the various means of EMF exposure.

    In my answers, my score was a ten (10).

    Thank you,

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Hi…just a quick note to correct one aspect ofthe poster’s
    response on the Amish…they bake with a ton of sugar and they all eat a lot of it…we have many Amish here in Wisconsin. Otherwise they are right on.

  • Hanif said,

    Lloyd, I just stumbled upon your site and I am standing as we speak and applauding your efforts. As of late my wife and I have taken a great interest in EMF especially with cellphones and wifi. We hardly use our cellphones and just the other day bought a network switch, wired all our computers and turned off wifi. I’ve seen many videos including ones in front of the U.S Senate and am just baffled that these technologies are just getting more and more advanced but at the cost of our health. There is just too much invested in the telecommunications industry and all cascading businesses that the almighty dollar prevails all. I want to quantify the amount of EMF my family and I are exposed to so I’ll read your site about RF meters and buy one. Can you recommend one that is relatively inexpensive? I’m so happy there are individuals like you who take the time to do this research. When I chastise my friends and family they too think ‘there is no proof or harm’ but I keep hounding them….. one day I hope they’ll listen :)

    Keep up the great work Lloyd….. God bless

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Hanif
    The Cornet ED75 is the cheapest RF meter I can recommend (see my review) . There are cheaper RF meters on the market but often the trade off in terms of accuracy and sensitivity does not make them a good buy.

  • Eliza Hartin said,

    I am new to this information and appreciate I still have much to learn. But firstly, I wish to thank you for your time and efforts in sharing this information.

    I have just a few questions.

    Does an ER transmitting device have a radius at which point the EMF & EMR ends and therefore ceases to not pollute the environment with radiation? Or is it more like air pollution ie once released into the atmosphere it continues to pollute the environment throughout the global atmosphere.

    Have you heard of products which claim significant protection from EMF & EMR whilst continuing to be exposed to the offending devices.

    How can I best educate myself on this subject. I am unsure on the definition of terms used and units of measurement. Is an electrical magmatic field the area surrounding an electronic device in which the device is releasing electro magnetic radiation?

    Could you explain the difference between electrical magnetic radiation and radio frequency (is this what RF stands for), microwaves, and any other form of radiation. My understanding is that electrical radiation comes from the generation, storage & use of electricity. But I do not understand RF & microwaves any any other form. You may have this explained in an article I haven’t yet discovered.

    Thanks again for you generous assistance. God bless

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Eliza
    “Does an ER transmitting device have a radius at which point the EMF & EMR ends and therefore ceases to not pollute the environment with radiation?” – Different EMFs react in different ways, what they all have in common is that the further away you get from the source, the more the “signal strength” diminishes.
    “Have you heard of products which claim significant protection from EMF & EMR whilst continuing to be exposed to the offending devices.” I have no experience with this particular brand but I do not condone the use of devices which claim to neutralize when there is no peer reviewed science to back it up, and all at a fairly high price tag…. See my free report for more tried and tested solutions and for also a better understanding of EMFs

  • Chaitra said,


    Thank you for sharing detailed information. Unfortunatley my family is exposed to 3 Cell Phone towers within a radius of 200 to 400mtrs. Have been extremely concerend of the ill affects this will have on my family in the long run, but would like to reduce the impact. COuld you please suggest any products that can be purchased in India?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Chaitra

    I don’t know of a company selling EMF shielding that is based in India, unfortunately. But I do know that LessEMF deliver to India.

  • Lloyd said,

    I just got a message from Professor Kumar, he tells me you can buy EMF meters and shielding products from this company based in Mumbai:

  • Fiona Hook said,

    Hi Lloyd

    The website is wonderful, and so are you.

    Now, I hope I’m not bothering you with silly questions,but I’m really ignorant about all this.

    I bought a Cornet meter

    What does the UT do?

    Which is the one that measures dirty electricity?

    Are there different electricity levels at different times of day

    Why do I get a sudden huge surge passing through a doorway? Is it something to do with the wiring.

    I do hope these aren’t silly questions.

    Best wishes and thanks


    Is it the V/m which measures wifi?

  • Fiona Hook said,

    Incidentally, are there generally recognised safe/comfortable levels of the measurements for ES people.

    Also, I find that the RF measurements go down near plants, Would this be useful information for a post?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Fiona
    I think that you must be referring to the Cornet ED75, uT refers to microTesla, which is used for measuring magnetic fields. I prefer to use the milliGauss setting, but converting between the two is easy: 1 mG = 0.1 uT. Watch the two videos on this page for guidance on how to use this meter: if you have any more Qs on this meter you can put them on the page.
    To measure dirty electricity you would need an electric field meter capable of measuring in the 100 to 200Khz range or, easier still, you can use a GS meter, see .
    Your electricity supply (the volts) can vary marginally at different times of the day, though the dirty electricity levels can change significantly. Faulty wiring is a likely explanation for the surge you feel going through doorways, a good electrician can check your wiring for you.
    V/m is the most appropriate measure for measuring WiFi radiation, see
    The Bioinitiative report for a good guide for what’s “safe” for non ES people, see there are no generally recognized safe/comfortable levels of EMFs for ES people, much depends on individual circumstances.

  • MARILYN LANE said,

    I have had the repair service from my network provider disconnect the wifi they installed and connect by a hardwire now, but I have a Dell laptop. I saw in your questionaire that one must get the wifi capability disabled in the computer also. Do I still have wifi with the new hard wire installation How do you do completely disable the wifi?

    Ialso changed my telephone to a plug in?
    I also asked the tech is this an analog phone and he replied I think even the plug ins you buy today are digital.

  • MARILYN LANE said,

    what wonderful information and references on your site. Thanks for your hard work.

    Mytrouble is it cost one so much money to get rid of all the devices we spent so much money for.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Marilyn
    A hardwired connection to your modem does not automatically mean that your PC is not emitting a WiFi signal. But this is easy to switch off.
    I have a Dell Inspriron, to disable WiFi you just press and hold the key and then press the key, it’s the one with a picture of an antenna. Other models have a sliding switch on the left or right side edge of the computer, again, look for the wireless icon. If you look closely at your keyboard you will see a wireless icon (a little antenna). You know when the WiFi is off, the light goes out.
    It may be that your phone service is digital (that it uses VOIP). As regards your telephone the important thing is that you are using a corded handset as opposed to a wireless version.
    It does cost money to get rid of these harmful devices but when you realize just how much harm they are doing you (and your family) its a no brainer. Just take it one step at a time…

  • Jatin said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    My job requires me to go out to various clients’ offices and due to security reasons, we are not allowed to use their internet so, we carry our own laptop with a Verizon MiFi-Card that have to use to connect my laptop to internet via WiFi.
    The thing our job is computer based and we use internet quiet often as we need to check our emails regularly.

    Our job requires constant use of laptop and internet for atleast 9 hours a day with a weekly average of 75-80 hrs (incl. weekends).
    And yes we do sit in close proximity of another laptop quiet often (this is when two people are on the same project) and our laptops are only a few inches away from each other (which is largely due to the fact that our clients cannot accomodate a large or separate room for each one of us).

    I will highly appreciate if you can suggest some measures that we can take to substantially reduce the impact of this on our health (i.e. to none/negligible).

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jatin
    All these devices you are describing are emitting EMFs in some shape or form but the MiFi device is what concerns me most here………and the more computers that are linked to it the more radiation its going to emit. Avoid using this device as much as possible…maybe you can ask the client if you link up to their WiFi or hardwire to their modem. When you do use the MiFi device stand it as far away from your body as possible…distance plays a big role in determining exposure. For tips on using your laptop safely see,

  • Emily said,

    Great article. Thanks for making this information available. I have a son on the autism spectrum, and I have heard several experts suggest there may be a connection to ASD’s explosive growth and EMF exposure. We live across the street from several cell towers, so you never know…

  • Luis said,

    First of all thankx 4 sharing your knoledge and keep us inform.Gbu! This information is priceless. Qstn?? Does plasma tv’s Expose Radiation?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Anything electrical emits EMFs in some shape or form……the biggest problem with Plasma TVs is generally with dirty electricity due to their energy saving electronics.

  • roslyn halperin said,

    my husband insisted on a home security system and we have several –sensors do these emit EMFS when they are not on and your at home because i think i feel worse now that we had this installed its only been one day and i hate it already.. how harmful are home secruity systems.. i really want it off.. is it harmful even when it is not armed.. thanks so much

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Home security systems don’t necessarily emit EMFs, thats to say some are wired and some operate on infra red…but some are wireless installations. Check the user manual or contact the company that installed your alarm they should be able to fill you in on this. Or buy an RF meter (see my reviews)….if you are wanting to persuade your husband as to the dangers of your installation this will provide a very visual demonstration of your exposures.

  • Marsc said,

    Hi, Lloyed.

    You mention to check exposure level with a EMF meter and an RF meter, is there any meters that double up as both and are accurate? Thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Marsc
    No one EMF meter can measure all forms of EMF pollution unfortunately….but there are some dual purpose meters on the market which can measure magnetic fields and RF radiation, one of the better one’s is the Cornet ED78S.

  • Reesa said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I had readings in the house I´ve been considering to buy which where 2 microwatts per m2 for 900 GSM. I am ES. Do you think I can get somewhere even “better values” than this one which many people would be happy for or should I shield it off?

  • jawed ahmad said,

    I am very much concern about mobile tower in my locality because there are 3 tower near to my home

    please tell me
    what is the limit of of radiation that are safe to life
    how can I detect the radiation
    What I should do?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Jawed
    Unfortunately there are no ‘safe’ levels of exposure for cell tower radiation…the studies indicate that our bodies are susceptible to even very low levels of radiation. Start by taking readings with a radio frequency meter – see

  • Emilia said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    great website! I scored way high on the questionnaire.. many things I have no influence on.. like workspace and computers at work.. I wish I could live in the middle of nowhere but.. yeah.. anyway , what do you think of Salt lamps.. do they help at least a bit? I have a choice between sitting close to my wifi router or working with my laptop on my lap… so was wondering if getting one of the lamps would ease the exposure at least a bit..


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Emilia
    Salt lamps improve indoor environments by generating negative ions which is considered beneficial to our health. Regarding your laptop/wifi router conundrum: I suggest sitting away from your router but finding a way of not having your laptop in direct contact with your lap, see

  • Emilia said,

    Thanks ! I managed to sit further away now. What worries me more is that there are three mobile masts around 200 m away from my house and another three also less than 400. Would the salt lamp help here too or should I look for other solutions. Would love to move but Thats not an option now…

  • Dida said,

    Hi, what could be a safe distance for living near international airport radar? I assume I can not read it with usual emf readers, right? Thx.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Dida
    There may be various radar systems in place but long range air traffic control operates in the frequency band of 1–2 GHz which most RF meters can measure…..but it’s possible there are much lower(MHz frequencies) or higher GHz frequencies that may be difficult to measure. I suggest using something like the Cornet ED85EX which measures a very broad range and allows you to use different antenna to measure above and below it’s normal range.

  • James Goh said,

    Hey Lloyd – your site has been awesome! Thanks a bunch for all this helpful info. If I’m primarily looking to evaluate various DECT6.0/Bluetooth headsets (hoping to determine the one with the least negative impacts and to study the amount of radiation emitted in various states of use) – would you suggest the Cornet ED78S or the Cornet ED85EX?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi James
    The EMF meters are not designed for this kind of use…’d need professional grade equipment and laboratory conditions to get reliable results….this article might help re Bluetooth

  • SHARON said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful website and information. I have been taking action and purchasing products to better my home and office environment. I found some information from someone that was telling exactly what to buy from Amazon to be able to hook up an IPAD directly to a cat 5 wire through a special router and small connector. Did I get this information from your site. I have not been able to make it work yet and was hoping to find the original instructions to see if I am doing something wrong. I am using an Amazon Basics 7 port USB tower and an apple cat 5 wire to usb connector.. and trying to get my ipad 4 off of WIFI and directly hooked up to the internet. any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for the great website.

  • SHARON said,

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge of the terminology in my last question. The connector thingy is an apple USB Ethernet Adaptor :) so much to learn about all of this!

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