WIFI Radiation – How To Stay Safe

Like many people Lloyd Burrell loves gadgets.  But some gadgets are dangerous. Lloyd feels people need to know the truth about EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures from certain devices. When cell phone use compromised his health, he decided to share his story and set up ElectricSense.

Although WIFI is something that we take for granted, and something many of us have in our homes, is it really safe? In this episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss how WIFI exposures may affect your sleep, your weight, and your health.

What Is WIFI and What Are the Dangers?

WIFI means “wireless fidelity” and it allows people to connect their internet-ready devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones to the internet without the use of cables or wires. Tune in now to hear Lloyd explain how these wireless connections can affect health, including:

  • physical health symptoms from exposure to WIFI (radio frequency radiation)
  • how WIFI radiation affects everything from fertility to cancer growth
  • specific examples of WIFI-related health issues from around the world

Is WIFI Safe in Your Child’s School?

You will not want to miss Lloyd and Kimberly’s discussion about WIFI in schools. They talk about the difference between exposure to children versus exposure to adults, and what organizations like the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the LA Teacher’s Union have to say about the issue!

WIFI and the dangers it poses are not just a problem in North America, but also in other countries around the globe wherever WIFI exists! Tune in to hear Kimberly explain why she’s going to take a harder look at her own wireless devices, and Lloyd’s encouraging reply.

If at the end of the episode you have more questions, check out Lloyd’s Facebook page or electricsenseinterviews101.com/emf-protection-ebook-36-10p/ for more information on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book, “Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today”.

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  • linda said,

    i am living in an apartment with 14 smart meters on the living room wall……..can you tell me where to find the paint i once saw to paint the wall inside the living room where the meters are. also is there as fabric that might work ….which ever works the best and costs the least…i am very sensitive to emf and radiation as well as my friend who has seizures and some other ills i believe are caused from them. thank you very much

  • Rosemarie said,

    I have done away with WiFi in my home but I was not aware that my printer was sending signals. Because I sit next to the printer for hours each day I suffered serious damage to my eye (tonic pupil),headaches, arm and chest pain along with rapid heartbeat. I tuned off the Wireless on the printer and the issues listed above resolved. However I had a shingles out break in the same area and it has taken months to improve leaving hyper-keratosis lesions that are cause by a defect in DNA. No one would be happy with a face scarred because of DNA damage.

  • Sue said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    EHS stops me from being able to use computer or speaker sound cards, so I don’t play youtube videos or podcasts. Is there a way to get highlights of the discussion in print?

    Which reminds me about internet connections and youtube. I had heard that if the internet connections are not fiber optic, then RF is used to download audio and video. That, even if the ethernet cable is shielded, the computer itself can emit a higher amount of RF. Our internet does not use fiber optics. Using a Cornet 85EDXS meter, I checked the RF coming from my laptop before, during and after, playing a youtube video a few times. The RF is noticeably higher when playing the youtube video. The readings were in the mid to high 50 dB’s when not playing the video and in the low 40 dB’s when playing it.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sue
    These interviews are only available as podcasts for the moment but you can download them and then play them on an Mp3 player away from your computer.

  • andrew said,

    When I hit the “play” it never plays. How many others have that problem.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Lloyd and interested readers: As Lloyd describes: Wi-fi mesh broadcast contains a high frequency communications element occurring at 2.4GHz to approximately 6Ghz. These high frequencies are quite dangerous to DNA stranding in biological cells, as this stranding acts as a very high efficiency fractal antenna. That is: The DNA stranding can pick up a number of frequencies simultaneously, and may also become resonant at certain magnitudes. The higher the frequency content, the greater the ion density charges. This is partly the mechanism that causes calcium ion losses and changes within cells.

    As frequency increases, and we get closer and closer to ionizing radiations such as ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma rays, the potential damage increases accordingly.

    These high velocity cellular phone and wi-fi signals ride on a low frequency “carrier” signal, which also contains large magnitude square wave content. Digital “Square Waves” are much different than sine wave frequencies, as the pulse goes from its zero point to its largest positive or negative excursion instantaneously. Thus the name square wave.

    Sine waves (as in analog technology) intrinsically contain a time delay element, as the signal is actually a cycle, rather than a pulse. This signal represents a comparatively gradual increase from zero threshold to maximum positive or negative potentials over a period of time. Sine waves are a reciprocal to time or period.

    It has been proven that pulsed square wave signals are highly destructive to biological cells. I would liken these high velocity signals to a sonic boom from an aircraft breaking the speed of sound. In the biological cell, these high frequencies cause single and double strand breaks to DNA, cellular mutations, calcium ion leakage across the cell membrane, and ultimately biological death from multiple tissue dysfunctions.

    Wi-fi and cellular phone technology is highly destructive to biological life. Thus all digital wireless technology must be banned from production worldwide.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    It plays OK at my end. What browser are you using? You might want to try with firefox or listen directly from my Spreaker page http://www.spreaker.com/user/lloyd-burrell

  • James Curtis said,

    Hi Loyd,

    I just moved into a single family home and I had my smart meter removed! My neighbors house has a smart meter and it is about 15 feet from my bedroom. I want to try shielding my bedroom wall. I also have a wifi router in my house. Do you know if rigid insulation (with a type of metal foil on the outside) reduces EMF pollution?

    I want to try the insulation on the outside wall and them measure the effects. I am also concerned that it may reflect the wifi signal coming from my house.

    What meter would you recommend to see if I am blocking the smart meter outside and the wifi router in my home is at relatively low levels?

    Thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi James
    I strongly recommend replacing your WiFi router with a hard wired connection…RF shielding is never a good idea if you have RF sources like this in your home since the internal signal will be reflected inside your home and effectively magnified.
    Regarding the insulating sheets; if there is a continuous non-perforated metal foil in these sheets then you can expect some RF shielding effect, be sure to cover over any joints with a metallic tape. Take readings before with an RF meter. The best meter for you depends on your budget and what level of sophistication you are looking for…the Cornet ED78S or Acousticom 2 are good choices for this and not too expensive.

  • Kevin said,

    Linda – you can find RF blocking paints & fabrics at the following link.


    Check out their FAQ section for guidance.

    Good luck!

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