Who In Their Right Mind Would Erect A Cell Phone Tower 28 Feet From A School?

When I was researching this article I was looking for a statistic to quote on the exponential growth of cell phone towers, or base stations as they are called this side of the pond. I didn’t find one. I know it must be pretty impressive.

Sure we need cell phone towers. But do we need them 28 feet from an elementary school? What town could be dumb enough to erect a cell phone tower that close to a school? The town is called Huntington Beach in the good old US of A (California actually).

Below is a video on this issue. I wanted to share this with you because it such a strong testimony to the outrage of a community on this issue. You can see mums and dads expressing genuine concern over the well being of their offspring, and rightly so. I support them 100% and I support all the other communities facing similar action by the cell phone industry.

Hi, my name is Sarah Nunyez, and I’m a parent at Harbor View, and this cause is very personal to me because I’ve lost a family member to cancer, and a lot of my friends are struggling with breast cancer and various cancers.  The tower, being so near the school, could, in the future, bring problems to our children.  And, it’s a health risk.

It’s a major problem with one little cell tower, because that one little cell tower puts our children’s health at risk.  And that’s been pretty much proven – all countries in Europe and Australia and others.  They’re taking responsible placement of cell towers seriously.  And having it 28 feet from our elementary school, as you can see, is beyond irresponsible.  We’re just not willing to take that risk with our children.

I’m here today for the “No on Q”, and I’m not against cell towers, but you don’t put a cell tower next to a school.  I mean, that would seem to be pretty obvious, and this was a huge mistake.  And I encourage everybody to vote “No on Q”.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  It’s a pleasure to be here with you today.  My name is Billy O’Connell.  I’m running for City Council, and I fully support “No on Q”.  We have a naval weapons station, naval property, just down a couple a blocks, half a mile, over here where we can put these towers.  I fully support your effort.

This is exactly where children go to school, come out of school.  And every Wednesday they get out, it’s called a minimum day, and the normal routine for 30% of our kids is to play in the park, pack picnic lunches.  So, if this isn’t irresponsible, I don’t know what is.

This is Eric Peterson, running for City Council, and I support your cause.  I love seeing that the grassroots organization is getting together and stopping this.  This is ridiculous that they’re putting it here.  It’s just another example of the city going after every little cent they can get.  For a mere 25 hundred bucks they want to put this cell (tower) radiating our kids all the time.  We need to work on finances, I’ll support you.

This is the cell phone tower, here’s the park, on this side.  Here’s the school.  Why would anyone put something where we think there are reproductive effects and potential cancer effects so close to so many children?  It’s really important that local communities have control over their own parks, their own neighborhoods, their own beaches, their own schools.  And this is what Measure Q is all about.  It’s about taking back local control; it’s about empowering people to take control over their health.

This is what America is about.  It’s not about a corporation like T-Mobile telling a community where it’s going to put a cell phone tower, it’s about companies and communities working together for the best result.

I’m Bill Benjamin from Healthy Child, Healthy World, a non-profit dedicated to protecting children from harmful chemicals and environmental exposures.  Today, this is a great example of environmental exposure that can be prevented.  It’s preventable.  Children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental exposures, and it’s not worth the risk to have a cell phone tower right next to a school.  This can be completely prevented, and we should vote “No on Q” to prevent this from happening.

You can support them too by contacting them here.

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  • Mihu said,

    This story comes from civilized world and when I read it, I just cannot believe any protest may appear here where I live (eastern EU). Our government set limits for base stations transmission power but very often there are 3 masts next to each other and very close to many houses! No school, nor kindergarten limitations, nobody pay any attention to it. It’s very sad.

  • rose said,

    i have my recommended electrosmog meter just gotten from cornet.
    my childs school is within 200 meters of 2 cell phone towers.
    it doesn’t register at all on the electro smog… this is possible yes?
    also the school doesn’t allow any mobile phones on, and they don’t use ipads or tablets, yet the whole school is wired for wifi. they seemed aware of the fears. they put the wifi boxes very very high up in the rooms. i went around the entire school with my meter and the only time it went past the first green button was in the hallway when a kid was using his cell, (allowed for emergencies in the hallway), so that’s good news yes? i was sure it would be lit up but i even raised the reader near a wifi box, and it did go up but not higher than a .1 at the highest. this is possible that its ok yes? i know the meter was working because when the boy was on his pad in the foyer area it was all lit up. anyway i feel that my kid is safe there, with this test, but don’t understand why i was told that towers need to be 400 meters away… there’s no way this school is farther than 180 meters away from 2 towers. please give me some feedback on this.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Its quite possible that your Cornet meter is not showing significant readings despite the WiFi and cell tower proximity….it is good news that the readings are not ‘high’ but even very low readings are potentially very harmful….I suggest you refer to the BioInitiative Report recommendations to better understand this.

  • rose said,

    the highest it went was below 1. the whole time. is that ok… it was mainly around .028 like that… only the bottom green light was on the entire time. is that ok, is that low enough? thank you lloyd, it means a lot to me.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Unfortunately I can’t say whats ‘Ok’ or whats ‘safe’…..no one can. All we know is what the studies tell us….I don’t consider these exposures to be particularly high (thats why your meter is showing green) but there are adverse biological effects at levels lower than this….

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