Cell Phone Radiation – Could A Trillion Dollar Industry Really Be Capable Of Keeping The Truth From Us?

Yes I did say trillion*. Nope, that’s not a word you hear often. Trillion means a million million, not only is that a lot of dollars, that’s also a lot of expensive attorneys (the best) for the CTIA (the cell phone industry), a lot of fake or tampered research, a lot of political lobbying, a lot of indirect financial gain for local governments who cash in on allowing cell phone towers to be erected on school grounds and the like, a lot of money for national governments who sell off the cell phone licenses for the never ending new wireless technology to the highest bidder, a lot of money for you if you have some land that the cell phone company is interested in to erect their cell phone tower………

I could go on and on and on. But you’ve got the picture, I think. So with all this cash sloshing around where can you look to know what’s really happening? Well there is little old me, and there are the people I talk about. Ellie Marx is one of them. I’ve talked about her before, but I’d like to talk about her again, because she really believes in what she’s doing, as I do. And I think she’s absolutely right in what she is fighting for.

Moderator: Recently we were in San Francisco for the CTIA Wireless Convention.  I have with me Ellie Marx.  Elllie Marx is protesting outside the CTIA Wireless conference, so I’m going to give you the floor.

Ellie Marx: Thank you.  My own husband has a malignant glioma attributed by 20 years of cell phone use.  He held the phone to the right side of the head, and the glioma is on the right side of his head.  He was diagnosed on the same week as Ted Kennedy, whom our son worked for, and put this together.  We have expert documentation that his cell phone use caused his glioma, and will eventually cause his death.

I’m here today because I worked behind the scenes on the San Francisco legislation – on the right to know legislation – which states that the radiation emitted from your cell phone will be posted at the point of sale.  The CTIA, the wireless association that works in cahoots with the FCC is suing the city of San Francisco, and pulling further conventions from our city in a form of extortion; warning other cities not to do this.

The CTIA and FCC are hiding the truth from the public.  The public should be outraged.  We have the right to know.  We have the right to know the amount of radiation being emitted by our cell phone.

Moderator: But, what would that do if people knew cell phones emit radiation?  How would that go ahead and change…we can’t stop using cellular technology.

Ellie Marx: You’re absolutely right.  I do not believe in abandoning this technology.  I still use a cell phone; I use a wired headset or I use a speaker phone.  What this is doing is raising awareness across the nation.  My colleagues and I are taking the San Francisco legislation around the nation.  We’re proud to say we have many cities already on board.

Moderator: They are raising awareness as certain House subcommittees are holding independent testings, stating that testing done by the handset manufacturers or by “independent testing centers” which are funded by the manufacturers.  What do you say to that testing, since they’re already doing that?

Ellie Marx: Well, I beg to disagree.  The United States has done virtually no testing on this, there was just the inter-phone study, which was done, and the United States refused to participate.  All studies, inclusive of the industry funded, have proven that with ten years or more of use you have a significantly greater risk of a glioma or acoustic neuroma to the side of the head to which you held the phone.

The cell phone industry is misleading the public when they say that science is proving otherwise.  You remove the industry-funded study, and science is conclusive that cell phones are causing brain tumor.  No, there are no studies in the United States proving otherwise.

Moderator: It does sound like you guys have done your research and you do a good job.  I appreciate your time.

Ellie Marx: I appreciate your covering this.  Our point is to not to have others suffer as we have.  Thank you.

* this is an approximation, the cell phone industry may not have quite reached this size yet but my arguments still hold

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