Websites And Organizations You Can Turn To For Support On The EMF Issue

On this page is a list of other websites and support groups you can turn to for help or recommend to friends who are in need of help on the issue of electromagnetic pollution.  If you know of an organization that is worthy of being included on this page please let me know.

EMF Support And Information Websites

Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection : Radiation protection group in Ireland

Antenas Agui NAO : Portuguese EMF support group

Ban the Tower : New Zealand based group protesting about cell phone towers

Bioinitiative Report : A body dedicated to providing a rationale for a biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for electromagnetic fields A website covering the dangers of EMFs and other exposures.

CFL Impact : An information site on compact fluorescent light bulbs

Citizens for Safe Technology Canada : Canadian based non profit making group to raise awareness on electropollution

Dr Devra Davies : American researchers website on EMFs

EHS-Action : Website in French by ES person with information on EMF dangers and solutions

Electrosensitivity UK : UK support group for people who are electrosensitive

EMFacts Consultancy : News information service on electromagnetic field dangers based in Australia

EMFhelp : Australian website on EMF detection, prevention and remediation. : News and information in Portugese on electromagnetic radiation and health.

EMF Services :   EMF site assessment surveys, field reduction services, and building design consultation based in California and Florida.

Emf Safe : Australian EMF radiation safety website.

EM Radiation Reasearch Trust UK : presents research on electromagnetic radiation

Environmental Radiation : website from electrical engineer and researcher Steven Magee : The People's Radiation Protection of Norway is an independent organization that passes on knowledge and facts about dangerous radiation in Norwegian.

Green ThinkerZ : Environmental Sustainability website based in India which also covers the issue of electromagnetic pollution.

Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network : support and information for people whose health has been adversely affected by wireless microwave and electromagnetic radiation in Ireland

Leefbewust – dutch EMF awareness website.

Low EMF Office : based in Italy proposes solutions for low electromagnetic emissions office equipment

Magda Havas :  Research to inform the public about the hazards of modern electrical technology

Mast Sanity : A national organization opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK

Microwave News :  one of the most authoritative and highly regarded websites on the health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields. a website based in Israel created by someone who is electrically sensitive. : a US based action group providing activism consultation and advice to people concerned about smart meters

Stopumts : a Dutch website which talks about the dangers of wireless technology

Stralingsarmvlaanderen : a Belgian website in dutch to bring awareness about the dangers of electrosmog : A French group which brings awareness on the EMF issue

Weep Initiative : A body set up to inform the Canadian public about the potential environmental effects associated with different forms of electric and electromagnetic pollution.

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  • Helene Aastrup Samuels said,

    FEB – The Swedish Association for the ElectroHyperSensitive

    In swedish and english

  • Cassandra said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Is there any organization/website on EMF’s – EHS in Spain ?

    For Belgium I suggest you add on your list : (in Dutch) (in French);
    For France :

  • Alexi Strandberg said,

    I need to join an EMF support group in Vancouver, BC Canada. Are there any? Please help. Alexi

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Citizens for Safe Technology are based in Canada – see above.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Pretty sad. Not one legal organization in the entire United States willing to take on the communications and utilities companies and put them out of business with lawsuits. Thus my seizures, body spasms, declining health, constant unrelenting fatigue, depression, autoimmune dysfunctions, and indeed my very life and soul, don’t exist according to the FCC and the criminal corporations that fund our “government” thugs.

    The EMF organizations are fixated on the wrong modus entirely. Measurement and EM reduction is idiotic and doesn’t help anyone but the organizers and political panderers. All organizational efforts should be consolidated into a gigantic push to place involuntary electromagnetic exposure into the same the category as criminal assault and manslaughter. There is very little functional difference between smashing someone over the head with a crowbar or slowly irradiating them to death. It’s murder in the first degree either way, and should be prosecuted as a criminal felony.

    These EMF websites need to wake up and quit bragging about how much they’re “doing”. They aren’t accomplishing diddly squat. EMF has been a known biological hazard for over 50 years. We need action, not a bunch of pandering sissies.

  • steve said,

    hi,, i really suffer mostly by being close to the monitor,, you mention deguased screen,, i wondered were i could get this? and would you say this is the safest way to use a monitor?

  • Sebastian said,

    Lloyd – thanks so much for adding Boilthefrogradio to your list! We just added links to 7 more of your excellent informative articles to our site. I also highly recommend that you add these two sites to your list here, as they are LOADED with fantastic & extraordinarily helpful information & guidance for taking ACTION: (organization of FCC Docket filings by Dr Joel Moskowitz)

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    These are good websites Sebastian….I will add them to my listing. Thanks.

  • Seagazer said,

    Browsing the Forum, I discovered all this, and the list of agencies etc is fantastic! Can I please just add my thanks to you, for replying to my query to you about setting up a Forum. You did set up the Forum , partly because my request was the most recent of many.

    It means so much, that this Forum has grown, and is used so sensibly by so many from all around the beautiful planet. I expect that as more join and become aware, that this whole thing will grow with more initiatives! It is wonderful. Thanks again! : )

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    You’re welcome! Thank you also to you & everyone else who contributes to the ElectricSense community.

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