The US Senate, Cell Phones, Cancer And Autism

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In September 2009, the US Senate investigated the issue of cell phones and cancer. Senator Tom Harkin in his announcements leading up to the hearings promised to probe deeply into any potential links between cell phones and cancer.

US Senate Hearings Find Cell Phones Increase The Risk Of Brain Tumors

Senator Harkin stated that international studies have found that people who use cell phones are more than 10 times more likely to get a tumor on the side of the head where they hold the phone.

Dr. Siegal Sadezki is the Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology director in Israel has been doing research on the risk of tumors with cell phone use for more than 10 years. In 2008, she published findings suggesting an increased risk of salivary gland tumors on people who use cell phones for long periods.

Dr. Devra Leigh Davies of the Environmental Health Trust spoke of the findings of the interphone study that found that where persons used mobile phones heavily for a decade or longer, there is evidence of a double risk of malignant brain tumors.

She also made reference to the findings of Prof. Lennart Hardell of Sweden who found that those who started to use cellphones heavily before the age of 20 have 4 to 6 times more brain tumors by the time they reach their 30's . She spoke of the findings of Prof. Sing and Lai discovered the Comet Assay effect who studies found that EMF exposure to brain cells of the rat breaks down DNA.

Cell Phone Industry Guilty Of Cover-Up

Particularly interesting were Dr. Davies’ comments on the dirty trick antics of the cellphone industry, regarding Dr. Sing's study. She claimed that industry lobbyists went to the NIH and try to get their funding revoked. They also went to the journal that published the article to get it [what?] revoked and they even tried to get the article on accepted in a publication weird had previously been accepted. They hired other science researchers to try and invalidate the findings. But these same scientists actually confirmed the work of Dr Sing, though these subsequent findings were never published.

Dr Davies resumes that, when you tie in the work of Prof Sing and Lai on breakdown in DNA after exposure to cell phone radiation, with the work done by Dr Sadezki and others, then the evidence of a link between cell phone use and cancer was very strong.

What Can We Conclude From The Outcome Of Sen Harkin's Investigation On Cell Phones And Cancer?

On the downside, what comes out clearly is that no one has been able to prove unequivocally that cell phones do cause cancer. This is no surprise because if such a study did exist we would not have waited for the US Senate hearing to make it public. But because this link may only become apparent over 20 or 30 years, this does not mean it does not exist – remember tobacco and asbestos!

At the same time the body of evidence suggesting cell phone use does cause cancer is beginning to become overwhelming. Of course the U.S. Senate never concluded this. Indeed Sen Harkin after his investigation was heard to say” I will still use my cell phone after the hearing ends”. So despite the apparent dangers of cell phone use Sen Harkin seems to make light of the situation. But then he was under a lot of pressure from the cell phone industry.

What The Senate Hearings Did Not Talk About

The Senate hearings were clearly an opportunity to shine the spotlight on this important subject.

One of the very positive points to come out of the hearing were the calls by Senators to increase US funding on this subject. But cell phones and cancer are only really the tip of the iceberg. The biological effects of EMFs are widespread, genetic effects, cellular and molecular effects, behavioral changes, blood brain barrier permeability, effects on the nervous system, impaired learning, impaired fertility, metabolic effects, depressed in system, hormonal disturbance, sleeping disorders, cardiovascular problems.

My question is what if a lot of things we currently attribute to all sorts of other causes may just be the consequences of electrification?

A recent Larry King show dealt with the subject of vaccines and autism. A doctor argued that he had been treating the Hamish population for 10 years and yet he had only seen one case of autism despite the fact that they had been receiving vaccines the same as everyone else. OK, but what about the link between EMFs and autism, think about it. The Hamish population generally are subjected to much lower EMF pollution and they do have lower autism rates.

Good on ya senators, but there is a lot more to this subject than just cell phones and cancer!

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