George Carlo Boldly Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

In September of 2008, I made the long journey to a Priory in Kent (UK) to attend a seminar being put on by the organisation Electrosensitivity UK. I had received previous invitations to such events but had never been inclined to accept. This one was different, as internationally renowned American scientist, researcher, consultant and lawyer George Carlo was due to give a talk there.

I remember I arrived early and and so had the good fortune of being able to meet Dr. Carlo personally and exchange a few words. Although I do not in any way hero worship Dr. Carlo I do have tremendous respect for what he has done for the electrosensitivity debate.

George Carlo Led First Major Study On Cell Phones And Cancer

From 1993 to 1999, Dr. Carlo was head of the $28 million Wireless technology research program study into the connection between cell phones and cancer. There are three important points to note here :

  1. The hefty price tag and the length of the study. Six years and $28 million made this the most far-reaching study to date on the subject
  2. Dr. Carlo was paid by the cell phone industry.
  3. Dr. Carlo was supposedly hired by the cell phone industry to rubber stamp the safety of their products.

Dr Carlo Tells The Truth On Cell Phone Radiation

In February, 1999, Dr. Carlo presented his results to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), these results rocked the cell phone world. Dr. Carlo stood up and told the truth: cell phones are highly detrimental to your health. In his book “Cell phones, Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age”, Dr. Carlo summarized the results of this presentation as follows “the risk of acoustic neuroma [tumor] was 50% higher in people who reported cell phone use for six years or more” he went on to say that “the relationship between the amount of cell phone use and this tumor appeared to follow a dose response curve”.

Dr Carlo Victim Of The Cell Phone Industry Dirty Tricks Campaign

In 1999, not only were the funds for Dr. Carlo's research not renewed, which is kind of understandable, but the cell phone industry also sought to the discredit him. In December, 2000 Joshua Muscat, one of Dr. Carlo's original research team published a paper in the Journal of the American medical Association which played down Dr Carlo's previous findings a little too obviously.

As Dr. Carlo points out “the Muscat paper is in the pile of papers that the industry public relations machine users to whitewash the cell phone health effects issue, manipulated data were published in a highly reputable peer-reviewed journal”.

Fortunately for us, none of this deterred Dr Carlo. It seemed that the more industry attacked him the more he fought back: writing books, attending speaking engagements, making presentations in the media, and most importantly carrying on his research.

Electrosensitivity As A Progressive Medical Condition

When I sat there that Sunday morning in September 2008, I was pretty enthralled. He spoke to us about ES being a membrane sensitivity syndrome (MSS), about ion channel impermeability, and about how information carrying radiowaves upset the resonance of our cells and causes the cell membrane damage.

He explained that electrosensitivity is a progressive medical condition, and he also talked of a treatment protocol.

Much water has flowed under the bridge since both the 1999 controversy and the 2008 presentation I attended. But I feel that although Dr Carlo deserves a special mention because were it not for his bold and courageous action in front of the CTIA in 1999, the truth would have never come out.

Dr Carlo cannot be credited for finding a cure, yet, but his contribution has been great.

Thank you Dr Carlo I salute you!

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