Alternative Solutions For EMF Protection

‘Years ago I became aware that electromagnetic pollution and other man-made pollution, this energetic type of pollution, could play a major role in people’s health.

That got me on a journey…..

All electrical appliances, the paradigm of this technology is the slave and the master.

Dr. Talmor EMFsYour cell phone and TV cannot work independently. They are dependent on an outside energy source.

Electromagnetic pollution gives misinformation to the water and DNA in the body. This in turn interferes with the proper function of organs and glands and communication between them.

This misinformation disrupts the function of the body just like corrupted files or a virus in a computer.'

Sources Of Man-Made Pollution

Dr. Hanoch defines the 6 major sources of man-made pollution as:

1. Electric currents – ‘any device that runs on electricity has fields that can be measured by the magnetic fields they create in Milligauss or Microtesla….. And there are a lot of other sub-frequencies, some of them not even measured or taken into consideration that create the phenomena known as dirty electricity'.

2. Radio-frequency pollution – ‘is becoming more and more prevalent. [Nearly] everyone has a microwave oven, a smart phone, cell phone antennas are all over. Smart meters, also, they create pollution that is called radio-frequency. The effect of this pollution can be 30 or 40 feet and in the case of cell phone towers, even miles'.

3. Refrigerators and freezers – ‘and any artificial gas pressurization will cause problems. And the reason for that is when you artificially and unnaturally compress gases you create resonance in the ether. This creates an effect on your body because your body is made from a gazic phase, solid phase and liquid phase. This pressurization will affect your bone marrow, the blood which gives information to the whole body and the DNA'.

4. Nuclear pollution – ‘not only radiation but also other phenomena not recognized by conventional science'.

5. Magnets – ‘many people use magnets for healing or for whatever reason, or they are told it’s good for them. Sometimes they are told that a magnetic mattress or a magnetic instrument creates natural waves. I really doubt it. You can’t compare natural cucumber to cucumber created in a lab. There is nothing that can mimic nature artificially with man-made objects'.

6. Noise pollution

Through his work Dr. Talmor offers holistic solutions for dealing with these EMF exposures.



Thursday, 19th January at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Dr. Hanoch Talmor.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

Since 1989 he has been practicing holistic medicine in his practice in Gainesville Florida.

We are going to discuss:

  • how man-made EMFs affect the body as opposed to EMFs found in nature?
  • what is the key to dealing with the effects of EMFs on the body holistically?
  • the effectiveness of shungite as a means of protection from EMFs
  • using Biosyntonie as a means of protection from EMFs
  • and much more

This interview has been broadcast.

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    #7 chemicals…
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  • Sarina said,

    I have a tall pole for electrical wires and telephone wires right 15 from my bedroom. Is there cause for concern?