Smart Phones Here To Stay – But Safe PhonesThat Would Be Really Smart

I have spoken about Dr Devra Davies before of the Environmental Health Trust. I would like to share this short video with you. Watch it and you will learn that:

– Not only are smart phones like iPhones here to stay but we are sure to be seeing more of them,

– Ironically even the manufacturers say that iPhones are dangerous and yet we still keep on using them

– So  it’s not about banning cell phones its more about being able to use them safely,  she recommends using a cell phone bag

– Campaigning for safer cell phones needs to go high profile

– The epidemic of brain tumors in countries that use cell phones  should leave us in no doubt that it is time to act now

Devra Davies: I think we’re going to see a new style for man-bags or fanny packs because the iPhone is telling you you can’t safely keep it in your pocket.  And, I think that’s good advice, and I don’t think we have to wait for the CTIA to tell us.  This is in all the new smart phones, and our website includes all of these warnings, so you can find them there.

This was what was in yesterday’s Washington Post, “warning labels on cell phones composed by the secretary of transportation to reduce distracted driving deaths and accidents”.

Every day there’s a new horror story.  A surgeon went off a cliff while tweeting.  There are incredible stories of the arrogance of people, everyone thinks “I'm above average”.  Everyone thinks, “It’ll never happen to me, I’m in control.  I know what I’m doing”.  Well, the short term impact of cell phones, we have already seen legislation in 20 states about this, okay, on distracted driving, which is like driving drunk.

The Campaign for Safer Cell Phones is what I invite you to join.  We describe it in this book, and the advice is very simple.

The world is not dangerous because of those who do wrong, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.  I’m going to read you one little passage from my book.

On one of the last mornings I was finishing up writing this book, three young men phoned me on a conference call, excited over the event.  They aren’t scientists, but business men.

“When I was doing my doctoral research at MIT, I figured out there has to be a way to reduce the amount of radiation going into the brain and out of the phone by using some secret materials that I can’t tell you about.  We figured it can’t be good for you to hold a microwave radio next to your brain.  We know that cell phones are revolutionary, and that they are here to stay.  We are going to make them safer.  Our invention will reduce radiation to the head, and increase the amount going out.  Others are already working on redesigning phones with different antennas.  Despite our growing dependency on phones for many functions of our daily lives, it makes no sense to continue assuming that today’s phones are safe based on standards that were created for big guys who didn’t use them very much when current technologies did not exist.

One thing is clear at this point – cell phones have become as essential to modern life as cars and trucks and jet planes.  We spend billions to make vehicles safer for us to drive or fly, we need to do the same thing with cell phones.  Rather than parroting assurances of safety based on old science, outmoded theories of physics, and bullied scientists, we need to invest in cell phone safety.

Yes, we do not have an epidemic of brain tumors in countries that use cell phones heavily for little more than a decade.  But, ten years after cigarettes had begun to be heavily smoked we did not have an epidemic of lung cancer.  Years from now, our grandchildren will look back and ask, ‘Did we do the right thing?  And act to protect them?  Or did we harm them needlessly, irresponsibly, and permanently blinded by the addictive delights of our technological age?’ “

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