Living With Electromagnetic Pollution – Can Qi Help?

Whether you are just concerned about the effects of the increasing levels of electromagnetic fields in our environment or you are already suffering from the consequences, understanding and using Qi (or Chi) is fundamental to living a healthy life.

When I became electrosensitive in 2002, I spent about 2 years in denial, I thought I was the only person with this “disease”, there was much less awareness on the issue than there is now. In fact it wasn’t really a disease for me, when people asked what was wrong with me I explained to them I was sick but secretly I thought it was “all in my head”, psychosomatic.

Then I came across an article in a national newspaper about a guy who was so electrosensitive (a term I had never even heard of before) that he had to switch the electricity off at night to get to sleep. This all came to me like a sort of revelation, I dug myself out of my hole and started to look for solutions. One of the keys to the puzzle was Qi, which I had heard of but never paid much attention to.

What is Qi?

Western medical practice has tended to treat the mind and body as completely separate entities.  I am the first to agree that many advances have been made because of American and European medicine. But I also now believe that there are many conditions that need a different approach to that which Western medicine provides.

Interest in the medicine of the Far East has grown over the last few decades.  A central belief of Eastern medicine is Qi.

Qi, is the circulating life energy that in Eastern philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things. It is the belief that the mind and body do not exist separately from one another. Qi maintains that both interact, and when one is out of balance, the other will also be skewed.

Dr William Tiller of Stanford University has done some brilliant work in this field, this video is worth a watch:

What Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Qi other luminaries like Dr. Claude Swanson and Dr James Oschman call subtle energy.

Qi can be likened to the bodies own electromagnetic waves. Researchers like , James Beal and others have devised methods of measuring it.

How Qi Underlies Everything

The basic condition of the body depends not only on Qi, but on bodily fluids, blood, and essence.  It can be difficult for our Western minds to really understand how Qi operates, as many of its aspects are not as tangible as we may be used to, but Qi is believed to occupy a balanced state between the material condition and the body’s energy.  It is the life force of the body.  Qi is closely connected with the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, the positive and negative forces that exist in the world.

Qi is not only the recognition of a certain problem area, such as trouble with the lungs.  In order to successfully understand what is happening to the lungs, every aspect of the respiratory system must be analyzed.  In addition, the diet of the patient and that patient’s emotional state must be taken into consideration.  Even something that might seem relatively unconnected, such as the state of the heart or digestive organs must be taken into account.

The Qi Meridians

It might help you to think of the Qi meridians as streams running through your body.  Each of these streams carries life force energy in it.  There are twelve of these meridians, for each of the major organ systems present in the body.  Half of these organs are considered to be Yin and the other half, Yang.  Besides these twelve meridians, there are an additional eight, which also connect to the streams or channels that exist.  These channels carry Qi throughout the body, nourishing and supporting all the tissues and organs.

Qi flows through all these meridians and channels every day, every twenty four hours.  It makes a dependable journey, nurturing each part of the body at certain hours of the day.

Qi Energy And Electromagnetic Fields

When the body is stressed and experiencing illness, it is often because the normal flow of Qi has been interrupted.  When the energy that a certain part needs fails to arrive, it is certain that distress will follow. I believe that the radiation created by such devices as cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, computers, microwave ovens and a host of other electrical devices upset the flow of this Qi. The human body can take a lot, but beyond a certain point the normal flow of Qi is affected and this interruption manifests itself in physical symptoms. When you expose your body to high levels of EMFs then disease manifests itself in different ways. If you use a cell phone excessively then it might be a brain tumor, if its more EMFs in your general environment it might be electrical sensitivity or a host of other symptoms.

How You Can Use Qi

You can buy a few books on it or research chi on the Internet but I would say by far the best starting point is to find a reputable energy practitioner locally. Don’t look through the small ads for this, rely more on word of mouth, ask around down at the organic shop or maybe you have a friend who is “into” this. It may sound a bit “new age” initially and you might have some apprehensions but I would urge you to put these to one side, it is very profound.

There will be a cost, it’s not generally something you can usually claim back on your state or private health insurance. But it’s not something you go do every week, maybe you will go every month or 2 months to start with, and less afterwards, depending on your progress. Your objective in seeing such a person is to get better, but your objective is also to learn the skills you need to heal yourself. Beware of a practitioner that creates a state of dependence instead of independence.

I found these alternative therapies to be very effective on my healing journey. If you're looking for solutions to dealing with EMFs in your life keep an open mind about these therapies.

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  • Sue said,

    I’ve used Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine which involves quite a few energy flows, including meridians. While helpful, it’s not a cure.

    What particular method did you use to help yourself, Lloyd?

    Have you investigated Qi Gung?

    Thanks for any information.

  • Lloyd said,

    Energy medicine, in the broadest sense of the term…as in what we eat, what we drink, what we think, the mental and emotional dimensions….. as well as the various means by which we can impact our subtle energies directly by bringing action to bear on our meridians, chakras and other energy systems are how I have treated and continue to treat my electrosensitivity, including certain energy techniques as outlined by Donna Eden, including Qi Gong and other subtle energy techniques, in parallel with EMF mitigation.

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    I have used EFT…Emotional Freedom Techniques
    for some time now, and I believe it helps me most by
    by eliminating fear and anxiety. Have you tried it?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ruth
    I do use EFT to deal with my electrosensitivity (for the uninitiated EFT means tapping on acupressure points along the meridians while saying certain phrases). I will be writing an article about my particular way of using EFT in the near future.

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