Radio Frequency Radiation Worst Offenders

I recently received this question about Radio Frequency Radiation from one of my readers:

Dear Lloyd,

can you publish a list with Rf meter levels of the worst offenders. And put them in order with 1 being the highest level reading you can find.

I thought it was such a great question I thought I would share my reply with you:

Hi Chris

It’s not just about RF meter levels of cell phones (or other wireless devices for that matter), or the level of radiation, it’s about the type of radiation (3G and 4G is thought to be worse than earlier generations), the length of your exposure, your proximity to the source (with a cell phone each millimeter from the brain counts), at what times you are exposed to this radiation (I believe night time exposures are many magnitudes worse than daytime ones).

What if we look at just the level of radiation? SAR (specific absorption rate) is supposed to tell us this. And some websites publish lists with phones by SAR, as if this is some sort gauge of safety. The problem is SAR is badly flawed. Cell phones have power-control ranges of over 1000-fold in the power they transmit. Low SAR phones are generally less efficient at getting their signals out to the cell tower and so regularly work at a much higher transmit power to compensate. Meaning increased radiation exposure for you.

The issue is not radiation levels “per se” of different devices its more about how you use them. If you read somewhere the new xyz is the safest phone on the market. You go out and buy that phone, because you think its safer, which it is in certain test conditions, very marginally. But you think the xyz phone is safe, so what do you do? You use it a bit more, you are a bit less careful with the signal bars, you hold it a bit closer to your head etc. Well, any advantage you get from using the xyz phone which has a “lower radiation level” than another phone will be lost many times.

Don't get sidetracked by radio frequency radiation levels, if you are a regular cell phone user using your cell phone safely is by far your best line of defense.


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  • Chris Jones said,

    Dear LLoyd, thanks for addressing my question. Just watched the video The Dark Side of Smart Meters very scary stuff.
    LLoyd, they say that “pain is a great motivator”. And well I feel like crap all the time. I feel fatigued, depressed, headaches.
    So I search and search for and answer. I try to eliminate all toxins, I quit smoking, taking prescription meds. I been try to eat health foods. Still nothing works.
    So I can only guess is it the mercury dental fillings I’ve had in my mouth for the last 30 years, or is it the Aspartamine, or Fukashima? I know what it is .. it all this stuff. It’s the cell phone tower thats 300 yards from my house. It’s the Americium-241 in my Fire Dectector.
    I mean I could go on all day listing the stuff that killing us in this day and age.
    My friends are getting tired of hearing about me talking about toxins and electromatic radiation. They say ” Can’t you just sit back and enjoy life?”
    The answer is no. As long as I feel like crap I can’t enjoy life. So what can I do? Start fighting for my life.
    Lloyd, if you wont take the time to make a list ( a list ) with meter reading levels. I’m going to some day soon. And I will send you a copy.
    Question, If I buy a trifield emf detector for 127$ U.S. will it also detect the nuclear radiation such as that found in smoke detectors. P.S. Americium-241 is right next to Plutonium-239 so would the AMericium decay into Plutonium? The most deadly toxin substance known to mankind?
    Sorry for any typing mistake but I have a headache and i can’t sit to close to my old style computer moniter with out really getting sick. 🙁

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Chris
    Click here to see my answer to your question.

  • Sharon Gross said,

    Can you tell me why I cannot watch our large screenT.V. (especially at night) for more than an hour, without getting a headache and fatigue—the type of headache that feels like pins and needles when I go to bed and which won’t go away and let me sleep without presribed sedatives?

  • Lloyd said,

    TVs emit EMFs. Our bodies “pick up” these EMFs even though only very slight. I have also experienced the symptoms you are describing. Exposing yourself to any form of EMF at night (bright lights, TVs, computer screens) is not a very “healthy experience”, our bodies need to wind down to get into sleep/melatonin production mode and EMF exposure interferes with this. The solution is to avoid these exposures at night, resting your bare feet on an earthing mat may help.

  • ajith perera said,

    We live in on the third floor in a multi storied house Building and there is a cellphone tower having it’s Vertical box type three antennas each one about 4ft long, just parallel to our floor (3rd floor)at equal height . We are worried about the harmful effects of this tower to my teenage children who are occupying a room just opposite the tower (Distance 50 feet).

    Can anybody advise me on the possible dangers and remedies available

  • Lloyd said,

    I recently wrote an article spelling out the dangers of cell tower radiation: see There are 2 solutions possible; either try and get the cell tower removed or shield, see

  • marcela said,

    I live in Argentina a country that is ignoring this problem so cell phone towers are almost everywhere, we are fighting against the installation of one quite well at the time. My question for you is: in the United States is it true that the level of radiation allowed is very high in comparison with any European country? If this is the case, what are you doing in order to low the exposure admitted?

  • EJ said,

    Hi Lloyd, I used my AM radio to see what noise I could hear from our water meter, which, I believe is “smart.” It is the Sensus Iperl model. The AM radio picked up a constant “click, click, click, click” sound. Is it emitting RF or DE, or ?

  • Terri said,

    You have a great website, but I wanted to let you know your newsletter application form is interfering with the easy navigation of your website. It’s way too big, and one can’t even see the top or bottom, so it can’t be gotten rid of. One just has to leave the site and not benefit from your wisdom. I’d just suggest making it much, much smaller. Thanks! Terri

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