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  • Lisa said,

    I don’t allow my 12 year old son to use wireless devices. I am already concerned about his radiation exposure from a CT scan at age 6 so I try to also limit his EMF exposure. He is extremely unhappy about this as all his friends use them. He has asked if he can use an IPOD shuffle. I used my gauss meter on it and it measured below one. Do you think it would be reasonable to allow him to use it a half hour or so a day as a compromise? Do the earbuds “pipe” the emf straight to his head? Thanks so much for your site.

  • Lloyd said,

    Your concerns are well founded….what counts is your son’s overall cumulative exposure to EMFs. But clearly there are much worse EMF offenders than and an iPod Shuffle. Aim to reduce his overall toxic load from EMFs (my Free report can help you with this)….in these circumstances 30 minutes on his Mp3 should not be excessive. Ordinary earbuds and headphones are a cause for concern when used with devices which emit RF radiation (cell phones etc)….in your case they are less of an issue.

  • Judith said,

    Do I need to be concerned when I use my iPod nano or newer , smaller iPods if I am not using wifi ? I sometimes use it to fall asleep with regular ear buds.

    Thanks, Judith

  • marcia said,

    Do ipod shuffles ( i think this might be an old model . .looks like a metal lighter) emit any radiation like a cell phone? it doesn’t have a touch screen .. .just an on/off button, headphones. thanks!

  • john said,

    also what about magnetic field levels for ipad mini retina? am planning to use as ereader with no wifi, am concern about holding it close to body. do u recommend any safe tablet for ereading and mp3 player for music listening?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I don’t recommend ANY computer tablets….see

  • John said,

    What about Ipod touch with no WIFI, is that safe enough to carry in the pockets? I also have same concern about the Ipod shuffle as i wear it to sleep or for workout.


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    An iPod touch with no WIFI is ‘safer’ than an iPod touch with WIFI…..that’s all that can be said….there will still be some exposure to it’s electric and magnetic fields.

  • Mera said,

    Please sign me up to your newsletter

  • Emily said,

    I keep my iPod nano (7gen) in my sports bra when working out. Sometimes I keep it in my bra all day. Does this gen of Ipod emit harmful radiation. If so, where is a better place I can keep it during workouts.

    Thank you

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