Passive Smoking Is Bad For Your Health What About Passive Radiation From The New Super Wi-Fi

In the rush to expand internet accessibility in the US, and bowing to the demands of several large corporations, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in its infinite wisdom, is planning on introducing what might be termed “Super Wi-Fi” in approximately one year’s time.

In the US last  year there was a transition from analog to digital television broadcasting, this freed up white spaces. The FCC is now wanting to use these white spaces for a sort of WiFi on steroids.

While many, if not the majority of the population, may see this as a panacea, I do not.

Even the most neutral of observers could not could not ignore the many, many doubts as to the possible health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation.  The US Senate, as you will recall from my earlier posts has started asking questions and many Eurpean countries are taking action to remove WiFi from public places like libraries and schools. Let's not forget that when cell phones were first introduced on to the market in the 1980s no proper testing was undertaken to ensure the safety of users. WiFi, which uses exactly the same technology is now becoming ever more widespead and yet we are completely in the dark as to the long term health consequences.

Super Wi-Fi Increased Radiation Exposure

Sure cell phones and wireless internet make communication more accessible, but people should be aware of the risks involved in their use, and decide whether the possible health dangers outweigh convenience.  Glioma tumors, the same type of cancer that struck down Ted Kennedy, have been linked to electromagnetic radiation.  Migraine headaches, fatigue, coronary problems, insomnia, DNA damage, and even the early onset of senility have been traced to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  And, compared to the level of radiation the average person is now exposed to from a current Wi-Fi connection, Super Wi-Fi will significantly increase the danger. It is proposed that Internet speeds ranging from 15 to 20 megabits per second will be possible, that's almost as fast as a cable modem.

At present, your exposure to Wi-Fi is basically limited to whether you have chosen to have this delivered to your home. So apart from relatively small amounts of WiFi from a neighbors router so far you will have been pretty much safe from this threat.

You've Heard Of  Passive Smoking – Here come's Passive WiFi

Once Super Wi-Fi is approved in the US, which seems very likely by next year, even if you do not subscribe to a wireless service, the radiation from your neighbors’ Super Wi-Fi will be able to penetrate the walls of your home.  You and your family will be subject to the same electromagnetic radiation that has already been linked to so many serious health problems.  The range of the signals of Super Wi-Fi are much more powerful and far-reaching than those of the current wireless signals, so unless you live in a fairly isolated spot, it is inevitable that this radiation will reach you, whether you like it or not.

Super Wi-Fi is being touted as not only providing internet service for out-of-the-way locations, but also as helping in emergency situations and with traffic control, among other things.  This may well be true, but the rush to implement Super Wi-Fi before all the possible health problems are thoroughly researched is downright reckless.  Super Wi-Fi may enrich a few corporations in the present, but what might be the health costs to the rest of us in the future?

Would it not be more sensible, as well as more humane, to make sure that this technology will not cause cancer and other serious diseases before releasing it?  History is littered with cases where disasters might have been averted if just a little more time and thought were exercised before unleashing some new technology on the masses. How far has this all got to go before there is a backlash and governments and communities start acting more responsably?

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