Electromagnetic Fields, Cancer and Leukemia: A cure?

If you are still using a cell phone, you have WiFi in your home or maybe a cordless phone then get clear on this now: ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS CAN CAUSE CANCER, LEUKEMIA AND ALZHEIMERS, this is not just Lloyd saying this,  many other imminent people are saying it including Professor Belpomme.

The following interview with Professor Dominique Belpomme, professor of oncology at Paris Descartes University, is absolutely ground breaking because:

  1. He goes on record to state there is a proven link between electromagnetic radiation, cancer, leukemia and Alzheimer’s
  2. He argues that the real threat with cell phone radiation and the like is not cancer but Alzheimer’s
  3. He has developed a way of diagnosing people that are electrosensitive
  4. He offers a treatment, yes I did say TREATMENT to reduce the symptoms

You might be thinking “who the heck is Professor Belpomme?” Well he is one of the few health care professionals, in the world, who is not afraid to go against accepted thinking on this issue and stand up and be counted.

Below is a translation of this important interview with Professor Dominique Belpomme :

Why is an oncologist looking at the problems of electrosensitivity and electromagnetic fields? Because there is a proven link between electromagnetic fields cancer and leukemia.  It was after the first pioneering work we did with our Swedish colleagues that we realized that there is also an important link with neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.  The risks of Alzheimer’s, which can also occur in young subject from the age of 45 years old is much greater than the risk of cancer.

Does this affect many people? Since last year, 1 to 2 consultations of Environmental Medicine per week and I see between 10 and 20 new patients per week.  There are more and more parents who come to me for their children who have headaches, impaired memory, and concentration or language problems with dyslexia.  It is a major public health issue.  There is indeed a neurodegenerative problem related to the opening of the blood-brain barrier by electromagnetic waves and/or chemicals.  These symptoms may be minor, like headaches, or much more serious like the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease.

What do you do for your patients? On the basis of more than 400 patients who consult with me, we were able to develop a diagnostic test which relies on a pulsed Doppler ultrasound and cerebral blood tests.  They serve to highlight an increase of some stress proteins, which reflect the existence of a brain injury.  These people are genuinely sick. I can certify that they suffer from intolerance to electromagnetic fields.  Furthermore we have developed a treatment that can act to reduce the symptoms.

What is the ES treatment? The mainstay of the treatment is based on three elements.  First we close the blood-brain barrier using one or more antagonists of histamine receptors.  Secondly we stimulate the regeneration of brain cells that were destroyed by electromagnetic fields.  Thirdly we administer tonics on the nervous system.  Finally, we initiate a study testing the effect of anti-oxidants.  We get interesting results, but this does not prevent a potential recurrence.  Hence the need to complement this treatment with protective measures vis-à-vis electromagnetic fields.  This involves the creation of white areas, especially in public schools and public transport.  It must be like for tobacco: prohibiting WiFi in certain areas, such as libraries.  It should also prohibit the installation of base stations near kindergartens and schools.  There are urgent protective measures to take but which are not yet implemented.

How do the authorities react? Concrete measures have yet to be taken.  But I do not despair that the Ministry of Health will take the bull by the horns.  In any event, there will be an increasing number of our fellow citizens who complain of electromagnetic fields.   My point of view goes against the financial and economic interests, but we cannot get rid of sick people just to please the powers that be.

It is in the name of the Hippocratic Oath that I am speaking out. Studies show that 10 to 50% of the population could be affected by an intolerance to electromagnetic fields in 25-50 years ahead.  One day we will pay the price is we do not take the necessary precautions now.

Are your alerts taken on board by the medical profession?  There are many doctors who do not know about the pathology and who deny the obvious.  But a growing number realize that something is happening and send me their patients.  That is why I am organizing in April 2011 a 3rd conference in Paris at the UNESCO building on this subject which will be followed by an intensive course to train professionals in environmental conditions.

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