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  • Andrew said,

    Lloyd, my children also use a Wii. We now limit them on time to reduce EMF exposure. Older games can use a wired “classic” controller that plugs into the wireless controller so we can keep the main wireless transceiver out of their hands and at a distance. However most of the newer games require you hold the wireless controller in your hands.

    Have you come across any wired solutions for Wii that work with the newer games? My children love Super Mario which is not available on Playstation or any other platforms which may have wired controllers. Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    The Playstation is the only console I am aware of currently that enables you to avoid the wireless interface the other solution is PC based games….again laptops are less than ideal in terms of EMF exposure….its a lesser of 2 evils situation.

  • Darryl Barker said,

    Thanks for addressing the Wii. In a test I conducted with a Cornet ED78s RF meter touching the Wii remote and base station, the Wii remote emits up to 5.8 V/m and thebase station, 6 V/m and up to 7.6 V/m. Holding the remote in hand, a hotspot (the antenna?)appears to be in the top right area of the remote (to the right of the infrared sensor on the top end). Since the hand is wrapped around the remote, once the game is engaged for actual play, the user can get constant microwave exposure anywhere from 1.3 V/m in the mid section of the remote to 5.8 V/m at the top right end. I placed the meter up against the remote to simulate hand proximity to get these readings. Moving the meter away from the remote and from the base station as you have done in your video on this page, quickly diminished the signal strength; but the concern may be for the user, who is touching the remote for the full time the game is being played. I wish I had known what I know now. We never would have bought a Wii.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Given that the users of these devices are primarily children this is of particular concern.

  • Sarah Ebbutt said,

    Hi Lloyd, I am in the same situation as Darryl above. We are an EMF aware household and our Wii is the kids’ only EMF exposure at home (unfortunately their school has wireless hubs turned on all the time). With this in mind, how long would you allow kids on the Wii per day? Or per week? I don’t want to get rid of the Wii, but I want to set a safe limit. Thanks, Sarah

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sarah
    Unfortunately it’s impossible to say what a ‘safe’ limit is….it depends on so many factors, immune system, age, individual vulnerability etc so what one child might tolerate well may cause untold damage for another. Also bear in mind that these exposures are considered cumulative…..they clock up over the day, month, year and over a persons lifetime. The safest is to not let children use these wireless devices at all.

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