New York City Subways:Wireless Internet Tunnels of Doom

Imagine being trapped in an underground tunnel and being bombarded with public wireless internet radiation for hours at a time. It richocets off every wall, magnifying its effects. When you finally get out of there, you are exhausted and your head is starting to hurt all the time…and maybe it feels a little funny, too.  Then again the changes might be so subtle it might take weeks months before you feel anything.You might notice you are having trouble concentrating; maybe you develop a skin rash or fibromyalgia. That’s what it can feel like when your system gets overloaded with the environmental toxin called: electro-smog.

Electro-Smog: You Can’t See It, But It’s There

Electro-smog is caused by electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMFs) that comes from all sorts of everyday devices like cell phones, microwaves, cell phone masts and Wi-Fi.

New York City is about to install Wi-Fi into its subway system, exposing everyone who rides the subway or works in the tunnels to constant electromagnetic frequency radiation: electro-smog.  It’s bad enough that big cities have the kind of smog you can see: exhaust fumes, and the kind of smog you can hear: noise pollution.  Now, invisible radiation poisoning from telecommunication transmissions and wireless internet pummels city-dwellers with a teeming sizzle of microwaves– a known precursors to cancer.

Children Take the Subway, Too.  Do They Have a Choice About Electro-Smog Exposure?

Forget about adults, who—maybe—have some modicum of choice of transit; what about school kids who take those trains to get to and from the classroom or to get to after-school programs?  Kids are up to five times more vulnerable to cell phone radiation (Wi-Fi, electro-smog) because of their immature physiology.  Some kids develop brain cancer during a very short period of exposure.  Those who ride the subway will be getting an additional dose of EMF radiation to add to the toxic load.

Do We Really Need Electrosmog In The Subway?

Yes, do we really need wireless internet in the subway? Why not take the $200 million plus that it’s costing for that installation and put it into subterranean fiber optical internet cables.  Now that’s a tunnel I would dance a jig over.

I’d breathe easier and sleep better, and not just because of the psychological peace of knowing something is finally being done that would curtail microwave radiation.  EMF’s cause all kinds of physiological disturbances, respiratory and sleep issues included.

Electro-smog from all the cell phones, their towers, wireless internet, radio frequency transmissions and electronic devices are turning into an explosion of radiation that is bound to have unpredictable reffects on human health.

In New York City, you can get a great pizza, enjoy the finest in theater entertainment and take part in a rich metropolitan cultural experience.

You’ll also have all the great, Wi-Fi reception you can handle.  It’ll be pulsing through you from your cell phone, the other guy’s laptop, your neighbor’s cordless telephone, the cell phone transmission stations, and, oh yeah, the subway.

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