New Challenge in Breast Cancer: the Cell-Phone Factor

Two recent cases of breast cancer suggest a new potential danger: Holding a cell phone next to the skin anywhere on your body poses a health risk.

Because of medical advances, breast cancers are being diagnosed earlier and treatment methods have improved. Better survival rates are the result. But Dr. John West of the Breast Care and Imaging Center in Orange, Calif., stated that he faces a new challenge because of the cell-phone factor in breast cancer.

Two cases of breast cancer, both involving women who wore their cell phones inside their bras to make Bluetooth headset connectivity easier, showed that placement of the cell phones was connected to the location of the breast cancers. Each developed malignant tumors of the breast and each had worn their cell phones in the manner described for approximately five years.

EMF Link to Breast Cancer Not Easily Dismissed

Both women’s tumors corresponded exactly to the part of the breast beneath the skin exposed directly to their cell phones. The EMF radiation link might be more easily dismissed if there were only one case. But since there were two, highly-similar incidences, the incriminating evidence of both cases points to a cell-phone factor.

Although it isn’t possible to declare with certainty that mobile phone radiation was the actual cause of the cancers, it would certainly indicate a strong possibility of Radio Frequency involvement in the cancer’s development.

Dr. West further warned that younger women may be at greater risk of developing breast cancer because of the higher percentage of cell-phone use in a younger demographic.*

Step Away From the Cell Phone

In the March issue of O Magazine, Dr. Mehmet Oz stated that there are recently-published medical studies linking cell phone radiation with low bone density in the pelvis as well as decreased fertility in men. He recommends not carrying cell phones in pockets (or in pocketbooks) for this reason. The studies he cites are additional evidence for implicating mobile phone placement on or near the body in adverse health consequences.**

It is clear to me that mobile phones should be used with caution, if at all. My advice is, because of these remarkably similar cases involving a cell-phone factor and breast cancer, mobile devices should not be worn on–or kept anywhere near–your body.

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