Holding a Cell Phone to Your Head: Brain Cancer Russian Roulette?

Concern Mounts for Cell Phone-Caused Brain Cancer

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University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute Director, Dr. Robert Herberman recently issued an unequivocal warning to his staff and faculty to limit their cell phone use because of increased risk of brain cancer.

Dr. Herberman issued his warning because he felt that waiting for science to conclusively confirm the link between brain cancer and cell phone use could take years, if not decades.

We cannot afford to wait years or decades. Where children are concerned, it is especially crucial to err on the side of caution. Young brains are more vulnerable to harmful EMF’s that are transmitted by cell phones and wireless technologies. The venerable Dr. even went so far as to say that children should only use cell phones in emergencies.*

Though many researchers are still fence sitting on the issues, the growing cache of authoritative research is beginning to connect the dots between long-term mobile phone use and health risks, including certain cancers, particularly brain tumors.

Dr. Herberman’s memo stated: “Although the evidence is still controversial, I am convinced that there are sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cell phone use.” *

The Director of the Environmental Oncology Center at the University, Devra Lee Davis, is credited for championing the warning. She is also credited with an apt simile comparing using a cell phone to “playing Russian Roulette with your Brain”.

The Director encouraged issuing the warning memo because she reasoned that since cell phones haven’t been proven safe nor have they been conclusively proven harmful that it was prudent to observe caution especially since new data is emerging that there is a link between brain cancer and mobile phone use. *

I, for one, am very glad to finally begin to see warnings like these coming from the scientific community. It’s high time that scientists start endorsing cell phone limitation and advise taking precautionary measures. The warning issued by Dr. Herberman’s office pointedly singles out children as having potentially greater risk for the development of cancer because the soft tissues of their brains are smaller and more vulnerable to harmful EMF’s and their protective skull layers are not as fully developed.

You wouldn’t play Russian roulette with your child as an after-dinner amusement. Why would you allow them unnecessary use of a cell phone knowing the cumulative effects of EMF radiation may make using cell phones as deadly a game? It is our duty to protect children from danger, as parents, as a community and as a global culture.

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