Cell Phone Radiation is Everywhere

Cell towers and Wi-Fi are a fact of modern life.

Concern over all those waves has made us question how safe we are.

Are we headed for an epidemic of brain cancers in five or ten years from now?

What about our kids, which research says, are more susceptible to mobile phone and WiFi radiation?

These concerns have fueled major research, most notably the recently released Interphone Study, the largest research project ever conducted on cell phone radiation and its potential to cause brain cancer.

Biased and flawed research

Analysis of the study’s findings suggests that the research is biased and flawed.  For one thing, it was largely funded by the cell phone industry.  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon (irony intended) to figure out that this is a glaring conflict of interest.  Do you trust this kind of research?

The kind of research that comes up with findings such as “using a cell phone can alleviate Alzheimer’s“? So does sticking your head in a microwave, because mobile phones transmit microwave radiation, right? Apparently it does if you fund the research…”cigarettes are safe”–remember?

Radiation from mobile phones and Hal, in 2001: A Space Odyssey

My own personal experience tells me that using a mobile phone is harmful to your health.  Many in the scientific community agree with me. Electromagnetic frequency radiation from cell phones and related wireless technology may well be a tipping point, pushing the delicate balance of health over the edge into disease—for many of us.

Unless we initiate some meaningful research into the effects of cell phone radiation and make sure that effective safeguards are implemented, I’m afraid we are going to see the same thing happen as the Hal scenario in 2001 A Space Odyssey. The very technology that we designed to serve us is in fact, slowly going to destroy us.

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