Is Your Job Making you Sick?

Electric Hypersensitivity (EHS) is something that can, and usually does, develop cumulatively, that was how it happened with me.

In today's world, the low-level radiation that we are exposed to is all around us. Household appliances, computers, microwave ovens, electric lights, CFLS (compact fluorescent lightbulbs), and cell phones all contribute to the cumulative levels of radiation that are absorbed into the body.

If you have ES, you know that it came about because of an accumulation of toxins, radiation and your particular physiological make-up. Some people tend to be more sensitive to environmental factors than others. But everyone is potentially at risk to develop symptoms related to EMF Exposure.

You may not know it, but the building where you work may be contributing to the cumulative radiation that you are absorbing, making you, little-by-little, a bit more electrically sensitive every day.

Multiple Computer Terminal Exposure

If you work with a computer, especially if you work around a lot of computers, such as in an office with other employees at cubicles with computer terminals, perhaps under fluorescent lights, chances are good that your health is being compromised. There is a constant stream of low-level radiation that comes from a computer monitor that most people are aware of, but a little-known fact about computer monitors is that, even after the screen is turned off, there is a strong emission of pulsed electromagnetic radiation that is generated all around the monitor, even behind it.

This kind of radiation disrupts the equilibrium of living cells, causing unpredictable reactions that can result in all kinds of illnesses: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches–these are among the more familiar, short term complaints seen in workers.

I really dont want to be a doom merchant but it is my firm belief that this kind of disturbance to your cellular integrity can, in many people, be setting the stage for more serious illnesses in the future including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

EMF’s from Multiple Sources = More Toxic Load

Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation makes CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors display a lighted picture through beams of electrons Some of this radiation escapes from all the monitors in the room.

Most computer screens are now of the LCD variety (Liquid Crystal Display), I have heard of so called experts claiming that LCDs do not emit EMFs. I don't agree. I became very sensitized to my LCD screen and had to change it for a degaussed one, which I can still feel if I use it for too long a time.

Interestingly if you work in an office it may be your colleagues monitor that poses the biggest threat. Most computer monitors emit more radiation from the back of the monitor than from the front. If you have a lot of computers backing on to your desk, your level of exposure to EMFs may be laying the foundations to make you sick without you even realizing it.**

Is Your Office Building Sick?

Sick Building Syndrome usually has to do with poor air-quality resulting from faulty or inadequate ventilation that can contribute to potentially life-threatening mold spores being re-circulated through air ducts. If you add in new components to building sickness syndrome like: mobile phones and devices (yours and your co-workers), numerous computer terminals, wi-fi, electrical devices, fluorescent lighting, cell towers or nearby power lines and other environmental factors, you’ve got the makings for a very bad place in which to work.

These emissions and toxins can all contribute to an environment that may be making you less healthy a little at a time.

It’s no wonder if you feel exhausted, cranky or fuzzy at the end of your work day.

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    Thanks for your comments Babara. I know my sites not perfect, I’m just concentrating on getting the message out to people at the moment but I will take into account what you said when I do my next update.

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