Cell Phone Radiation Hits Hard in High Schools

Clearly, the health risks to young people from cell phone radiation haven’t registered with schools, parents or the public in general–at least not yet. There are debates between schools about whether or not cell phones should be banned and not allowed on school grounds at all or at the other end of the debate, whether they should be used and incorporated into teaching within the schoolroom, as if they were “hand-held computers”.

Apparently, no one seems concerned about mobile phone radiation and what it does to a young brain when it is held next to a young head. Can you say, “Cell phone’s cause cancer?” Anybody?

Well, I can. I find it absurd that the issue that matters the most regarding cell phones and children, is not addressed at all in these debates. The argument for the side wanting to ban them, as put forth by the principle of Clackamas High School, are that they are distracting and a social interference. Their removal has encouraged face-to-face interactions between students and has led to classrooms focused on curriculum. The Principle’s debate does not mention what I consider to be the premier issue with cell phone radiation: the very real risk of cancer that so many scientific studies have shown to be a real threat, especially to younger, more vulnerable kids and teens.

Mobile Phones: Educational or Hazardous?

The use of the newer mobile phone devices as teaching aids is not without merit. As West Linn-Wilsonville School District principle comments: “Sometimes we are quick to ban something that we don’t understand well or fail to see the potential,” he said. “If one thinks of cell (phone) technology as ‘available technology’ to be used for instructional purposes rather than just as a telephone, the possibilities expand exponentially.” Yes, the possibilities expand exponentially, but so do the levels of radiation and exposure to harmful EMF’s in and around classrooms and schoolyards.

Further, newer technology solicits more people to make use of the fascinating and even addicting applications that can be implemented through mobile devices. This invites unpredictable consequences. It is likely that increased, continuous radio frequency radiation will result in more cases of brain cancer and electrical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s and host of other sicknesses.

Hippest Trends or Hardest Hits

We know that kids and teens want to be plugged in. We know they want the latest technology. We know they are always on the cutting edge when it comes to exploring and setting the latest trends. However, when levels of mobile phone radiation increase, whether in the office, on the roadway, in the home or at school, the rate at which cancer and other illnesses start showing up also rises. So trend setting and all the rest aside, mobile phones are a health risk to our youngsters. As adults, it is our responsibility to guide and protect them.

It’s high time we started taking cell phone radiation very, very seriously. It’s time to include the risk of cell-phone caused cancer in every debate—in school and in the political arena.

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