Is Electromagnetic Pollution The Best Reason For Not Installing Wireless Smart Meters?

Wireless Smart meters, that’s to say pulsed microwave transmitting meters with enough power to transmit for over several miles, are being phased into our lives gradually. In the UK, the British Government is wanting to make smart meters compulsory in every home by 2020, if not sooner. In the US they have already been installed in a number of states and counties.

Not surprisingly, I am dead against the installation of these meters.

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Dr Andrew Goldsworthy a retired Lecturer from Imperial College London is also dead against them. He wrote a letter to his local MP explaining why he was against them. Not only do they pose a massive EMF health risk because of the electrosmog they will generate (more on this later), as Dr Goldsworthy argues, they:

–          Are prone to cyber attack and are therefore a threat to national security

–          Infringe privacy when configured to detect which kinds of appliance are currently in use.

–          Represent a contravention of the Nuremberg Code,  which forbids the performance of experiments on human beings without their consent

All this might seem a little farfetched, but actually it’s not. Dr Goldsworthy claims that Siemens, the company that are expected to supply some of our smart meters, have already been the victim of a successful cyber attack by a virus on their non-wireless equipment. Wireless devices are considered even more vulnerable. With respect to privacy, it is possible for a smart meter to record and transmit all sorts of personal information because “nearly all electrical appliances have a “signature” pattern of electricity usage”. The danger is that these details be sold to interested companies who will exploit the commercial value of this data.

What about the Nuremburg code, this really does sound farfetched? Well yes the Nuremburg code was drawn up after the Second World War to protect us having to relive atrocities of the sort that the Nazis inflicted on us, but given that there has been no testing on the continuous radiation (imagine a cell phone you can't switch off) that these devices emit….Dr Goldsworthy does have a point.

In my next post on this subject I will be a little more predictable and talk about the EMF side of things.

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