If Cell Phones Are Safe Why Is The Same Technology Being Used As A Stealth Weapon?

Yes this does seem like a shocking revelation.

Is this a case of Lloyd using sensationalist tactics to get his point over?

You make your own mind up.

Maybe that cell phone you walk round with in your trouser pocket, that you let your kids use, that you put on your bedside table so that you can stay “in the loop”, is not so harmless?

Barrie Trower Tells The Truth

In a recent live podcast interview, Barrie Trower, a retired British Military Intelligence scientist during the cold war of the 1950’s and 60’s, revealed that microwaves could be used as stealth weaponry. He ought to know about microwaves. Mr. Trower was engaged in military research involving stealth weaponry and extensively studied the effects of low level frequencies on human physiology. During the 1960’s, he worked with the Underwater Bomb Disposal Unit which employed the use of microwaves. In the 70’s he de-briefed spies involved in microwave warfare.

I know this does sound like something out of a James Bond book, but Barrie Trower is no James Bond he really does exist.

Cold War Experiments Revealed The Dangers Of EMFs

Exploratory work during the cold-war period revealed that electromagnetic radio frequencies could cause severe illnesses when aimed at a particular target. The damaging power of radio frequencies was an accidental discovery when the Russians beamed them into the American Embassy. Massive cases of leukemia, cancers and illnesses of all kinds developed among those working within the embassy.

It was then realized that low-level microwaves, the same kind of frequencies that are used in cell phones, had the potential to be used as stealth weapons. Because of their invisibility, those who were to be “neutralized” by radiation would be unaware of the source of the deadly frequencies. Armed with specific knowledge of the particular pulse frequencies that would cause psychological and/or physiological damage, microwave technology was developed to use against dissident groups.

Barrie Trower Interview Transcript

Here is an excerpt of a transcript of the interview:

JCW: All right, now if you’ve just tuned in, we’re chatting to Barrie Trower who is a retired British military intelligence scientist. For years and years he’s worked in microwave and stealth warfare, and his particular expertise was on the impact of this radiation on health and brain functioning, and he is here. We are chatting about microwaves, we are talking about wi fi, we’re talking about cell phone masts, we’re talking about the damage done to vulnerable groups of people…everyone of course is vulnerable, but there’s some groups that are more vulnerable than the others, and kids texting, and you know that they can spend hours and hours and hours texting…bad, bad, bad news. But give us a call on 883 0702 if you’ve got any questions, and we’ll take them right after this.

All right, well let’s go to Lance, so Lance thank you, you’ve been holding on for quite some time, and you’re chatting to Barrie Trower, and you’ve got a question.

Lance: Yeah I do, thanks Jen. Barrie, I’ve got a question. We work in an office building, we’re on the first floor, above us is a concrete ceiling and there’s another floor and there’s a concrete roof and then there’s a cellular base station on top of that, and I must be honest, I’m not entirely happy about that and I’d like to my question is really sort of what are the implications of that? Is it actually quite dangerous number one and number two, is there something we can actually do to our ceiling, like literally foil it and then earth the foil, you know something like that to actually reduce these radiation?

Barrie Trower: Uh, good afternoon sir. Uhm…the first part of your question with a transmitter on the roof, there is research from India, uhm…from a professor in India from the university, that shows that people living beneath a transmitter tend to suffer more neurological damage than people who do not have transmitters on their roof. In other words, you will have psychiatric problems, you will also have a reduced immune system. In other words, it could mean that you have more colds, more coughs, longer colds, longer coughs, and your general health could deteriorate. Uhm, that has been tested experimentally and published.

The second part of your question sir, is there something you can do to…like bursting a boil I believe you said, was that correct sir?

Lance: Uhm, no-no-no-no-no, uhm, getting…putting foil, tin foil, in our roof.

Barrie Trower: Oh tin foil! I thought you said bursting a boil!

Lance: Oh! No-no! Literally like putting tin strips, you know, roles that they put in the roof and earthing it. Something like that.

BT: Yes sir, okay…uhm, this can be done sir, but not tin foil. Tin foil actually has little microscopic holes and lets the radiation through and in fact focuses it. Uhm, what you could use is aluminum tin, which they use in the building industry, radiator foil, aluminum foil, the thick insulating aluminum foil, that, between you and the roof, shiny side to the roof, that will reduce the radiation coming in…..

Click here to read more of this transcript.

Cell Phones: As Dangerous as Biological Warfare?

The electromagnetic radiation spectrum is a band of rays that ranges from the higher frequencies of gamma and x-rays, through to the rays of visible light, to low-level frequencies: infrared, microwaves, television and radio waves. The telecommunications industry uses a form of microwaves for its transmissions.

Cellular towers, radio transmitters, television stations and wireless internet all use these low level frequencies, so they must be safe right? Wrong, cell phones for instance, as I just mentioned, use pulse frequencies making them as dangerous and potentially lethal as biological warfare. Do you still feel happy about walking round with a cell phone in your pocket?

Microwaves are the primary frequencies of concern because they have the ability to interfere with water: the technology that makes microwave ovens work. The telecommunications industry has picked the most dangerous slice of the electromagnetic spectrum to use as a communications medium–dangerous because of the way microwaves interfere with water. The human body is largely composed of water—nerves, organs and bodily systems– all function through water-based interconnections.

Children Particularly Vulnerable

Children are especially vulnerable, because, as Barrie puts it: “The smaller the person the greater the influence of the microwaves.” Do you still feel happy about letting your child use your cell phone, or your cordless phone which uses the same technology?

Because of the recent disclosure of the hazards that EMF’s pose to human health, France has decided to take all Wi-Fi out of its schools. In his interview, Mr. Trower gives added testimony to the fact that people living beneath a transmitter have been shown to have decreased immunity, a higher percentage than normal of psychological problems, trouble concentrating and various grave illnesses including cancers.

Further, Mr. Trower possesses research revealing how low-level microwaves can interfere with the genetics in the ovarian follicles. The research shows how EMF’s can damage the genetic structure in the mitochondria causing deformities in the DNA. The cellular damage is irreversible and more alarming still is that the genetic mutation is carried forward to all future generations.

Does This British Military Scientists' Revelations Show That Our Governments Are Being Dishonest With Us?

Yes, I think it does. I am no anarchist, I firmly believe in law and order. But given that I do find all the disclosures that Barrie Trower has made totally believable, then the only conclusion I can draw is that our governments are being dishonest with us. True I am somewhat uneasy with the idea of disclosing national secrets but then the aim is so obviously to promote the greater good. The disclosures made do not, to my knowledge, endanger national security and they are not motivated by personal gain.

So what does this change? What it changes for me, is that it just confirms what I already knew all along.

EMFs and cell phone radiation are very, very dangerous.

I’ve already made the changes in mine and my loved ones lives to protect them. Have you done the same? Check out my cell phone radiation protection tips.

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  • Rachael said,

    There is only very small mention of television frequencies in your articles. What level of threat do you believe comes with watching 1-2 hours of TV per day? Or are the EMF frequencies too low in TV to affect our system?

  • Lloyd said,

    The biggest issue with TV is the broadcasting towers. Analogue TV operates in the 400 – 600MHz range, Digital TV is in the 600 – 1000MHz range and whats more it uses pulsed signals (like cell phones) – pulsed signals are particularly detrimental to our health.
    The TV in your home can be a problem on several counts. Like anything electrical it emits emfs, so better to sit a good distance away when watching it(avoid eye strain), dirty electricity is another issue, and the satellite dish, if you have one, is another pollutant if you spend time in its beam. Electrosensitives will probably be the only one to “feel” the effects described above, but everyone is subject and affected in some way by this pollution.

  • Nick said,

    Do passive, and now active devices worn on the body (necklaces and bracelets) do any service to shielding the body? And do plug in active devices for computers or in wall outlets provide any protection, as they claim;

  • Lloyd said,

    My first ‘attempt’ at EMF protection was a fairly expensive bracelet with a copper looking coil inside…it didn’t work. The only plug in devices I have found to work are dirty electricity filters, see https://www.electricsense.com/1861/using-earthing-to-combat-electromagnetic-pollution-my-review/

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