How To Detect WiFi Radiation Without An RF Meter

I know a lot of people are still sitting on the fence about WiFi. They’ve read my articles, they know what the studies say about RF radiation. They know WiFi is no good for them.

But they carry on using it.


For a whole load of reasons. The main one is probably convenience. Personally WiFi offers me nothing. The connection is not as good and I am not interested in surfing the Internet whilst I am wandering round the house or whilst I’m lying in bed……

Call me old fashioned but my PC stays firmly on the office desk. Apart from the occasions when I am away for a few days. And even then, I’d rather live without Internet if I can.

But if you are one of those people who prefer to keep using WiFi then this one’s for you.

It’s some software which you can install on your laptop which gives you a detailed map of your Wi-Fi coverage. It will actually show you the information on a floor plan (that you have to supply first). You just download the software, upload your floor plan and then walk round your home or office to survey signal strength.

Of course the people who designed this software designed it with the idea that people would be able to determine where the strongest signal was. It’s good for that too.

But for us EMF conscious types it can be better used to reduce your WiFi radiation exposure.

For instance, if you live in an apartment you may not even have WiFi. But you know that your neighbor does because when you switch your laptop on it tells you there is another signal. This software can tell you where the WiFi hotspots are. If your bed is situated on one of them then you know you need to either talk your neighbors into moving their router or move your bed.

If you are in a shared office and you don’t need the Wifi then this software can tell you where to situate your desk so you are the least exposed to it.

Similarly if you regularly go to an Internet café but you don’t use the WiFi then this software can tell you where it’s best to sit to minimize your exposure.

You may think, why bother with the software? Why not just look at the signal bar information in the WiFi function of your laptop.

You can do this too. But this software condenses all this information by telling you what the combined coverage is for a given location. If the map shows the location in green it means the signal is strong and if it shows it in red it means the signal is weak.

The other great thing about this software is that it’s FREE.

In giving you information as to the WiFi signal strength it is actually giving you information on RF radiation levels. It gives you the choice.

Of course it’s not as good as an RF meter, because it does not measure the RF levels in RF units, it just gives you an indication of signal level. But from an EMF mitigation viewpoint this is still very valuable information.

I don't have WiFi so I have not been able to test this software, but the reviews I have read on it are very good.

Update August 2017: Software discontinued.

For my tips on how to protect yourself from WiFi radiation click here.


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  • Lori said,

    Thanks Lloyd! Glad you are putting the word out there.

    I have a wiFi free home and office–completed wired without any wireless devices. My home and offices have also been shielded completely with the Y-shield products. My roof isn’t perfectly shielded, but we have treated the attic with other shielding materials. All the work was retro-fitted and not new construction. For the first time in almost a decade, we can sleep, dream, and rest deeply every night without sleep medication or supplements. People are unaware of the effects of EMR on sleep cycles, focus, memory, headaches, etc.

    What I find outrageous, is that there is no legislation on how close to homes and building the cell-mast networks can place their EMR masts! I have read it is unhealthy to work or live within close range to these cell masts, and yet, here in the USA, there are mast on apartment buildings, restaurants and commercial buildings. They are everywhere! The effects to exposure are additive! Yet, day-in-and-day-out people are unconsciously living and working 24 hours per day in high radiation zones. It is time people woke up, spoke up, and created a ground swell of consciousness! When will we all speak back to Big Telcom? Tell them “‘No! We will not live in your mind-and-body altering world of EMR!

    Our health ought to come before our access to wiFi, Blue Tooth, and the closest cell tower!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Lori
    The effects of EMFs on human health are far reaching and horrific. The unremitting unregulated profusion of these technologies is outrageous. It is time people woke up and spoke up. I realized a long time ago I couldn’t help people who didn’t want to be helped. And rather than get caught up in feeling outraged that it was better to devote my energy to helping those that did want to be helped.

  • Eni said,

    i write to samsung that all this resonation
    could harm people, and they didnt reply since.
    I know there are Jammers but ,how to block them, not
    avoiding??. I recently saw about light resonation
    If we want to transmit intel to another person
    what frequency to use to not harm others???

  • Lloyd said,

    Signal jammers work by overpowering the device in question,cell phone, wifi etc by transmitting a countering signal on the same frequency. They add to EMF radiation. What frequency should be used to not harm others? – this is where the research should have been done before cell phones were put on the market.

  • Lori said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Yes, I see your point! I do feel outraged, more in the lack of awareness combined with the lightening speed that new networks, smart grids over cells mast grids polluting with increased folds of electro magnetic radiation.

    I too, do my best to inform those who want to know how to be helped. Sorry for the rant…..there are so few places to express my concerns where they are met with awareness and respect.

  • Lloyd said,

    Feel free to rant whenever you want to Lori 🙂

  • Barb said,

    Hi Lloyd –
    You have helped me out so much with your information – THANK YOU so much! I have had the “smart” water meter removed from house but it is on the house transmitting data ev 14 mins using frequency hopping, spread-spectrum technology, I was told.(Below FCC standards)
    I have removed wiFi completely. Hey I don’t even have tv yet – need to get antenna for the house 🙂 No microwave. No cordless phone. Three dogs for a burglar alarm. One computer on at a time that is wired!! I think we are good to go. Except for those 200 ft? high wire electric poles two blocks away…can’t do anything about them, yet. But want to move 🙂
    Thanks again


  • alex said,

    Last year Vodafone constructed a cell tower across the street from our house in direct line with our bedroom.
    I am now concerned and am thinking of buying an EMF meter that i can use to check the radiation levels from the cell phone tower and our everyday appliances at home.
    Can you please recomend 2-3 suitable meters that are available on the market. thank you.

  • Janus said,

    Thanks for this article Lloyd – I am using a mac and I found a similar program for Mac here:

  • Linda Bishop said,

    can you recommend site(s) for family members who reject EMF information?

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