How Our Governments Deal With EMF Protection

The first time I visited San Francisco was with my girlfriend in the summer of 1992.

It's a beautiful town.

I remember it well.

I also remember cell phones were still something of a rarity at the time.

They were expensive.

emf protection webinarSuccessful executive types had them.

Trendsetters had them.

I didn’t have one, I was neither.

Fast forward to 2013.

San Francisco finds itself center stage in the power struggle between the cell phone industry and public health advocates fighting for the “Right to Know”.

“Right to Know” is shorthand for the Cell Phone Right-to-Know Ordinance, a municipal Act that would have required retailers to post the specific absorption rate (SAR) of each phone sold in a store.

I say ‘would have’ because although the Act was passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in June 2010 it was never enforced.

It was never enforced because the CTIA (a.k.a. the cell phone industry) sued the city on the grounds that the ordinance was unconstitutional.

Of course this is B.S.

Nevertheless the city dropped the mandate to post the SAR of every cell phone sold. Still the CTIA continued to contest.

Why am I talking about this?

For several reasons.

It is important that this legislation goes through, particularly for the people of San Francisco

But I’m talking about it because I want you to appreciate something.

The people of San Francisco want this legislation. Their legislature wants the legislation. But they can’t have the legislation because the cell phone industry won’t let them.

Already this legal wrangling has been going on for years and it could go on for longer. When the legislation does get passed (which I’m sure it will) it’s very likely that it will do little to protect cell phone users health.

Why’s that?

Because, compared to when it was first voted in, the ordinance in its current form is very watered down. Yet the cell phone industry won’t even accept this.

SAR is such a poor indicator of true radiation exposure and risk to health that even if the ordinance had been enforced when originally passed consumers would still have been mislead as to the level of their EMF exposures.

So what can you do?

I support whole-heartedly what the city of San Francisco is trying to achieve.

I also support what Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), is trying to achieve at a federal level with H.R 6358 the Cell Phone Right-to-Know Act.

And I support what other jurisdictions in other countries are trying to achieve.

But observing what’s going on in San Francisco and elsewhere something should now be abundantly clear.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself from EMFs you just can’t afford to wait for governments to pass laws.

Because chances are they’re the wrong laws and that they come too late.

You need to get clear on the facts.

You need to take action yourself.

If you still need to get clear on the dangers there’s a wealth of articles and videos you can consult on ElectricSense which covers the independent research that has been carried out.

If you want to dip your toe in the water on EMF Protection, my Free Report and newsletters is the place to go (see the sign up box below).


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  • Patti Zentara said,

    Great article, Lloyd! Thank you. I lived in SF in the 70s when the city was virtually cell phone free. We actually spoke to one another and not
    one of us were tethered to a radiating cell phone as if it were a 3rd. ear.
    I miss the funky public phones, too. It really is madness that we drown
    in a world where we cannot afford to exist without missing a call. If not
    that, we are sucked into playing nonsensical games and letting kids
    play with iPhones as if they were Legos. How stupid can we be? Plenty! The people of SF are considered a joke by those who do not live there. So what they want is guffawed at! The cell phone and tablet
    Industries are hiding the dangers of this new technology and how awful,
    snuffing out citizens rights to live long and healthy lives. People are too
    cheap to buy a Pong case…Foe heavens sake, Lloyd! It is not the the price of a Mercedes Benz! I get massively depressed knowing that my friends and family will do anything to avoid protecting themselves. I do
    share your many articles. I have achieved a state of wellness just by
    being open to the facts you present with evidence. So, to Lloyd and other posters here..have a wonderful Christmas! You all were the best part of 2013!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks Patti – have a wonderful Christmas too.

  • sebastian said,

    Thank you Lloyd for this FANTASTIC article! And thank you for your wonderful tireless work on what has become the most important issue known to Humanity. This is a Global issue & it needs to be opposed at a Global level. You are addressing the core heart of the problem & I sincerely applaud you for it! Government Legislation is the BEST & most effective form of EMF protection. CTIA is suppressing San Fransisco’s Constitutional right to protect themselves from a known human carcinogen. Tom Wheeler was President of CTIA, & was solely responsible for rejecting, burying, discrediting, & suppressing vital research data showing how harmful wireless cellular radiation is to humans & animals (& he continues to fulfill this role today!). Tom Wheeler was appointed by Obama as head of the FCC. Are we seeing a connection yet?? I also liked to see that Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), is trying to achieve at a federal level with H.R 6358 the Cell Phone Right-to-Know Act. Kudos to Congressman Kucinich! We should all get informed on these issues & support all related legislation! Most importantly is HR 2685: Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013. This bill will virtually mandate smart meters aka advanced meters and a national grid. It is imperative that you contact not only your congressman, but you need to contact EVERY member of the Energy and Commerce committee. I highly recommend that everyone watch & share the incredible documentary “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER”. Get a copy now! This video will bring awareness to the masses & touches upon all the detrimental aspects of the Smart Grid & wireless radiation. It truly is “The God Father” of RF-related documentaries! There is so much happening as we speak at Government levels all around the World, people need to wake up now & start pushing back. The proliferation of this technology is happening at a staggeringly fast pace! In less than a year wi-fi has been quietly rolled into most schools & throughout every square inch of all communities world-wide. Interestingly, they just had a screening of “Take Back Your Power” in the very same California building where HR 2685 was proposed! The Powers-that-be who are imposing this technology upon us, are banking on us saying nothing. That is why they want/need to keep us as uninformed as possible! CTIA is the main vehicle for that objective. Thanks again Lloyd for bringing this issue to light & supporting action against it. I encourage everyone to use Lloyd’s site to educate themselves, & then take action at their local levels to inform their communities 7 elected Representatives/officials. Spread Lloyd’s site/webinar around, and share “Take Back Your Power” with as many people as possible!

  • Eileen McInerney said,

    I bought the meters and read your info and think that an electrician made a complete mess of the costly upgrade I paid for his work. I live in the northeast US, in New Jersey, and can not find anyone credible to evaluate my house. I appreciate all you have done, but I feel I need an EMF consultant and if your webinar can do that, I’ll subscribe. I’ve been given hand-picked names from CA, MN, WI and Canada, but it seems there must be someone located on the East Coast that someone is willing to vouch for. Simply going through the list of consultants who are on the HBELC site has proven inadequate and I don’t want to throw away anymore money. Paying for the traveling expenses, plus 8 hours/2 days of travel is too much for me right now. Thanks, Eileen

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I do cover wiring problems in my webinar but only in the context of EMF protection in a wider sense….mMy webinar is not the best way to get your wiring issues resolved. Perhaps you can find an EMF consultant on my webpage listing –
    Failing that I suggest you buy Karl Rileys excellent book ‘Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding’ along with an EMF meter (Trifield or ME3030B) and get an electrician you can work with to resolve these issues.

  • Sosthene said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for this article.

    My opinion is that the more people and associations claim for real biological regulations, the more likely things would change.

    This is why I think we, as EHS persons have to come out of the bush and post many articles like this one and write directly to the governments -and, by the way, wear our protective cloths in public areas showing that this technology is dangerous!

    Also consider that citizens could stop microwave pollution within a few days if nobody would use their cell phones from one day to another! On my side, I no longer call on a mobile phone, only wired ones. If the 7 to 35% EHS persons would do so, this would already make a difference, don’t you think?

    Sosthène Berger

  • Eileen McInerney said,

    Thank you Lloyd for all the information and this personal reply.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I agree Sosthène, people need to voice their opinions, sufferance’s, experiences more, individually, collectively….the majority of the population is totally ignorant about the dangers and are unaware that there are people genuinely suffering.

  • Steph said,

    The right to know campaign re SAR values is one thing but a much more game changing thing would be for the public to have the right to know just what is being emitted from the masts they are forced to live beside – and for the public to be consulted before any further masts or antennae are added and for Ofcom to inspect the masts – where I live masts and antennae can be erected at will without any consultation and the really sad thing is that uninformed people actually think this is a “good thing” because they have a good signal – the other issue about governments is that they are so wedded to this technology because it facilitates business and they think that Wifi everywhere is a “good thing” – I can now no longer use public transport because it was considered an imperative that wifi be installed on all buses and trains so that commuters could catch up with their TV watching and angry birds playing on their journey – how sad is it that that should take precedence over my ailing health?? I have no objection to the connectivity – but I have very real objections to its safety or lack of it – i will not either buy or use a mobile phone until the technology which supports it is made safe in terms of its impact upon human health. The bottom line is that there are myriad companies making obscene amounts of profit on the back of serious and in cases fatal illnesses being inflicted on people by their technologies

  • Patti Zentara said,

    Steph! I love your passion and your truth. I am in the same boat as you.
    I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I do not use public transport. And now with electric cars and buses, I wonder kid those effect us as well. There are some cars I cannot ride in, at all.
    The amount of money being made on selling dangerous tech toys must
    be enormous. Greed precedes health. Lies precede truth. They are
    now making it possible for infants to have an iPad hanging above their
    babies! Marketing is now making it possible for even the smallest child to play with a WI FI toy. IT is up to us to be the messengers..We have so many antennae here. I avoid areas in my city where I can see them. And I know there are places I cannot see them, but wow! I can feel their
    effects, People are so anxious to consume and use technology they will turn a deaf ear to what I say. But I know it hits them in some way, it may be just a beginning..but that is the best we can do. Be well, my friend and keep posting your experiences.

    Sincerely, Patti

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