Do You Have A Genetic Disposition That Makes You More Susceptible to EMF Exposures?

Carolyn was at a medical conference about 10 years ago when during one of the presentations a doctor said, “folate can be related to MTHFR polymorphism.”

She ran up to the doctor at the end and asked, “what is MTHFR?”

“It’s a gene that affects folate. You’ll have to Google it,” was the reply. So she did. She then spent the next five years delving into the research of what that meant for our health.

She started to experiment with folate supplementation with her patients.

The results were outstanding.

I actually took them off folic acid and gave them the metabolically active folate.

Her patients ‘started to fall pregnant when they were previously having miscarriages, or their cardiovascular conditions improved, or they lost their anxiety or depression.'

This clearly indicated the importance of genetic susceptibility in health outcomes, and Carolyn expanded her research into all the major biochemical pathways that affect health and detoxification.

During the course of this research she established a correlation between EMF sensitivity, your genes, mold exposures, and lyme…

Interview – Genetic susceptibility and EMFs

Carolyn Ledowsky headshotThursday, 24 June at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I'm interviewing author, naturopath, herbalist, and nutritionist, Carolyn Ledowsky.

Carolyn sees chronically ill patients from all over the world who have searched sometimes for decades to find the reason behind their ill-health.

Her strength lies in her ability to reveal layers of dysfunction and not give up until results are seen. Most of her patients have MTHFR mutations and/or associated methylation disturbances.

Her practice specializes in genetic susceptibility and how this contributes to biochemical dysfunction and chronic health conditions.

Listen to my interview with Carolyn Ledowsky and discover:

  • How, according to Carolyn's research, some people have a genetic susceptibility that makes them more vulnerable in the face of EMFs
  • An on-line resource that enables you to easily test if you have this genetic susceptibility – Carolyn also has a program to deal with it
  • How chronic infections cause inflammation and affect your detox pathways and how this can also make you more sensitive to EMFs
  • How (often invisible) mold in your home can then stay in your system for years (even decades), interplay with EMFs and destroy your health
  • 4 steps to deals with your sensitivities, to address your health issues, understand them, and work towards your body’s natural healing
  • The double whammy – how your genes can be the source of your EMF sensitivity, and how your exposure to EMFs can also CAUSE epigenetic change
  • How detoxing can be a very delicate process, and what and how to best open the detox pathways to reclaim your health
  • How the foods that you are eating can mean your body assimilates the wrong form of folate – which can contribute to cancer and many fertility issues
  • Why being a vegan and/or vegetarian is possibly the worst thing you can do for your health

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The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to for 48 hours from the time of broadcast.

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