Playing God – Biological and Spiritual Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation

In 2013 Ben moved to inner city Sydney.

He found himself living in an apartment across from a cell tower.

Soon after he started to experience acute symptoms. His physical, mental and spiritual health were profoundly affected. ‘Wiped out’ is the way he describes it.

Playing God EMF BookThe only place he was able to function was away from Wi-Fi, cell tower antenna’s and mobile devices.

How could he be feeling this way? He began to search for the truth.

He started to ask himself, “what don't the telecom companies and mobile manufacturers want us to know”?

He realized that the adverse health effects of Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and cell towers were not being shared with the public. He realized that microwaves were altering our DNA 24/7.

Using himself as the guinea pig, he started to study the effects of electromagnetic radiation. “I documented where I was, when I felt worse and what symptoms I was experiencing.” He substantiated his insights with research and during a two-year period spent heavily on products and mainstream and alternative therapies.

The upshot is his book, Playing God – Biological and Spiritual Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation.

What’s In Playing God?

Ben Nowland intermingles a narrative which recounts his personal journey with science. He talks about being a ‘radiation refugee’ and encountering ‘The Hum”, a low frequency vibration which few people hear. The book is split into 6 sections:

    • Invisible Energies
    • Death Towers and Obstacles to Change
    • Limits, Legals, Lunacy and Lies
    • The Spiritual Effects of EMR
    • Our World, our Children
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Recovery

Radiation Pollution Sickness

Ben suggests instead of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, we should use the term ‘radiation pollution sickness’ (RPS) because it captures the reality of electromagnetic hypersensitivity as an environmental illness.

He suggests that we are more likely to be disposed to RPS if we are one or more of the ‘four E’s’:

  • Empathetic
  • Exposed to EMFs
  • Have repressed emotions
  • Are exposed to environmental toxins such as mold and chemicals

Interesting Ideas

He explains that the Universe and all within it has an oscillation, a unique signature field and that the body-mind generates a non-linear waveform. The problem is that pulsed man-made EMFs produce a linear waveform. He compares how our body responds to microwave radiation to how we respond to discordant music, except that the consequences are far graver.

He speaks of the “possible deleterious effects of microwaves on the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis” which affects the levels of certain hormones.

Is This A Book About Healing?

In the last section of the book Ben talks about his recovery. He talks about the importance of EMF avoidance and detox and suggests that a heavy metal detox and candida cleanse may be beneficial, and that a liver and gall bladder cleanse is also recommended.

He suggests that the reader ask some questions, like how can I make the most of this opportunity? What are my glands and organs telling me? He also talks a little about chakra work, giving some exercises to do with the solar plexus and heart chakra.

This is the part of the book that interested me the most, but I'd liked to have seen more of this which is why I consider this book to be more of an account of one man’s journey with EMFs than a book about healing.

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  • Lienke Katz said,

    Dear Ben, your story reminds me of a book I recently read by a former Astro-physicist. He was/is a lecturer in the Department of External Studies at Oxford University. The book is called “the Electric Connection” by Michael Shallis printed in 1988. I found it completely fascinating how he ties in several phenomena that cannot be explained by current “science” but make sense within the context of electricity including such things as empathy and “spiritual” ones. Well worth the read.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Thanks for this review. Now Amazon has at least two reviews of this book, because I just posted yours. I especially liked the “interesting ideas” part of your review, because, for me, the bigger the picture offered, the better I grasp the significance of the details.

    Re: “He compares how our body responds to microwave radiation to how we respond to discordant music, except that the consequences are far graver,”
    that reminded me of the subtle new sense of calmness I was intrigued to notice immediately after installing Stetzer filters.

    Re: “He speaks of the “possible deleterious effects of microwaves on the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis” which affects the levels of certain hormones,”
    thyroid & adrenal disorders are rampant. A great many people suffer from them, but are not aware that they have these issues. Compounding the problem is that the tests used to diagnose thyroid disorders are hugely flawed, and so many cases get missed, while many which are addressed get maltreated oftentimes. As for the adrenals, their malfunctioning is not even on a doctor’s radar. Consequently, those with adrenal disorders will fall through the cracks of traditional medicine (forever), unless they figure it out on their own, and/or they find a good holistic practitioner. Even so, very few holistic practitioners know just yet to also look at EMF exposures.

  • Dale Caldwell said,

    Is the book available in Australia?

  • Benjamin Nowland said,

    Thanks Lloyd for this review and your efforts to connect people on this topic – those moments when we ‘connect the dots’ can be a needed burst of light.

    Thank you Lienke and Lee for your comments – I hope Playing God sparks some new insights.

    Dale the book can be purchased from or and follow the links. It typically takes 5 business days to arrive.

    Enjoy the read! Ben

  • ellie said,

    Thanks Lloyd. This book and interview look very interesting. I really like renaming electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) to radiation pollution sickness (RPS). EHS incorrectly sources the condition on some wierd ‘nocebo’ affect from within us. Yes, we are perhaps more sensitive than others, but we wouldn’t have our symptoms without the external toxins.

    A therapist in California just produced a documentary: Sensitive, The Untold Story. She has discovered that 20% of humans and animals have a different nervous system. A highly sensitive person (HSP) processes things deeply; is easily overstimulated — by heat/cold, noise, odors, light, textures, etc; is very emotional/empathic; and is sensitive to subtleties. MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and RPS often occur together. I’m curious how many with MCS and RPS are part of the 20%. I don’t mean to veer off-topic here. Seeing the documentary SENSITIVE, brought many puzzle-pieces together for me, and provided an explanation of why I experience MCS and RPS, when others around me don’t, and why I so often feel like a canary in the coal mine of modern technology and life.
    The therapist is Elaine Aron:

  • Nancy said,

    Thanks, Lloyd, and others commenting. Fascinating info! Anyone know where to find any infographic explaining the entire energy spectrum and which devices fall into which catagories along with their relative danger? I’ve learned about this for years bit am still a little bit confused actually clueless about how it all relates in relative terms and how to explain it to others.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Ellie, you are not alone in wondering about some of us being innately sensitive to RPS. Years ago, when Lloyd sent a questionnaire asking list subscribers what we’d like to have covered, the one question I submitted was: why are some more subject to this disorder than others? It’s something I’ve kept in the back of my mind during the many subsequent exposures to expert information made available through this site (a resource for which I’m very grateful).

    First of all, thank you for emphasizing that RPS seems more of an accurate term. To me, also, it’s preferable, because it doesn’t place the focus on the condition of the sufferer (a focus some could mis-use to imply it’s all in the sufferer’s head). Rather, the focus is placed squarely on the toxic source. Can you imagine, for example, following that same style of usage and hence making reference to “cancer-sensitive” people? How ludicrous.

    In this regard, much can be discovered by following the money. With cancer, following the money will tell you that if there weren’t trillions in profit to be made by the cancer medical complex with their so-called cancer treatments, then cancer, also, might very well be assigned a benign label comparable to the rather limp EMS.

    Thanks for pointing people to Dr. Aron’s site, and the chance to stream her documentary. Due to being on a dried up budget, I’m waiting for the day the film may show up on YouTube. : ) Even so, I’ve been a follower of Dr. Aron’s work for several years, and I’m glad she offers scholarly work validating her insights.

    [As for the term “HSP,” it could possibly use improvement. That is, in the same way that we females are often mindlessly compared to males (with males presumed to set the standard), the term “highly sensitive person” uses as its reference the other 80% of the world which is less sensitive. Because I fall into the 20%, a response I had when initially hearing that term was: hey, maybe it’s the less sensitive people who might need to be described as “not the norm.” (ha!)]

    Dr. Aron has a good list of qualities she ascribes to innately sensitive types. In addition, I could suggest at least two more (which I mention so that anyone here experiencing RPS can potentially try them on):
    1.) A good sense of intuition.
    While we all have intuitive capacities, it remains that if one is not somewhat sensitive, the subtlety of those intuitive signals will be “invisible,” due to going undetected.
    2.) Introversion.
    Introverts are inwardly oriented in how they process life, whereas extroverts tend to process externally. The inner world can be quiet. But the outer world is by nature jammed with stimulation (so how can one be sensitive when needing to engage with that stimulation in order to process life?). It follows from this that introverts tend to be sensitive, in order to stay connected to their main source of awareness and centering.

    In applying the above, I experience RPS, and I’m also intuitive and an introvert. My take on Lloyd, who has suffered RPS, is that he is an introvert (based on years of hearing him interact in interviews). As for his being intuitive, in one of his interviews, he talked about his keen sense of intuition. So it would seem that here are at least two instances of intuitive introverts who’ve also been subject to RPS. Along with Dr. Aron’s research, introversion and intuition may be aspects to consider.

  • ellie said,

    Lee, Thanks for your input. Yes, it seems introversion would apply to Highly Sensitive Persons, (HSPs) but Elaine Aron’s research shows the 20% of humans with this type nervous system are a mix of introverts and extroverts. And yes, many are ‘intuitive’. I think intuition would fit into the ‘sensitive to subtleties’ category; sensing/knowing what can’t be seen, explained, measured, etc.

    I heard that EMFs stimulate the left brain and de-stimulate the right brain. To remain healthy whole human beings, anything we can do to maintain brain balance will benefit us and humanity.

  • Hal said,

    Thanks Lloyd for the book tip. It sounds really interesting. I ordered it and am looking forward to reading. Suffering from EHS, RPS, whatever we’re calling it these days, is no picnic for sure. Any new info is welcome.

  • Gwyneth said,

    Lloyd, do you have any more information about a possible connection between EMFs and The Hum. I have been sensitive to vibration for many years but The Hum has plagued my life for 2 years. For me this is a low frequency noise of about 60Hz which, according to the site , is likely to be self-generated sound. EMF seems a likely cause.

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