EMF Stories – How I See WiFi Radiation

Many of you know what WiFi radiation feels like (yours truly included).

But what about seeing WiFi radiation?

A few days ago I posted some images showing an artists depiction of WiFi radiation. That's when Barbara wrote to me to share her story.

“…….the first time that I saw cell phone frequencies was in 2006. It was Nov. and it was a clear, sunny and cool day. I thought rocks were coming at my windshield and so I ducked for a second and when nothing hit my van I carefully peeked up as I was driving 100 km an hour and I saw what looked like curvy black thin spaghetti worms coming directly at me. I was mesmerized and kept looking and I could see these things in groups, like swarms, going towards other peoples vehicles and then bouncing away and then going at them again, repeatedly.

I was very sensitive at the time and was experiencing several symptoms such as ringing in my ears, dry burning eyes, joint pain, sleeplessness (taking medication for that), etc. When I arrived home I told my husband that I saw what I thought were microwave frequencies and he asked me what did they look like and when I described them, he said he saw the same thing that day.

Of course, in our small town there were only two places where antennas were located and one was behind our home on a tower since 2001. We weren't living there at this time. We had to abandon our home in 2003. But there was a single antenna on top of the town hall and that is where he saw the frequencies too.

Tubular Frequencies

Seeing wifi radiationSince that first time I have seen them look differently, depending on my degree of sensitivity and humidity and temp. conditions. On an overcast day with a lot of humidity they look like long hollow tubes with curves in them which look like broken links in a chain. Inside the hollow tube I can see clusters of black dots. I believe that when someone is taking a call on a cell phone the frequency has several clusters of dots. When the signal is just to stay in contact with a phone, the dots are fewer. I see these tubular frequencies bouncy off of cars and other metal objects.

I believe that when these frequencies are reflecting off of metal they slow down enough to be visible otherwise they are moving too fast to see. I have a meter and when I can see them really clearly, the levels are high. When the levels are low I can faintly see them and they appear as just hazy wiggles without definition.

Power Lines

Since I discovered that I can see frequencies I looked at power lines and I can see black hazy wiggles coming from the lines out to a distance of several feet. When we lived on a lake for a short time in 2006, I could see frequencies above the water when a helicopter flew over. The air was filled with bright swirling intertwining lines of yellow light. From a distance these lines look long and sometimes inches wide ( a few inches) and other times very long ( a few feet) and black and thin (1-2ml). When they are up close and coming towards me and my meter, they look black, thin, curly and short (just inches long and a few ml wide). When they reach the meter, the reading starts to fluctuate.

One night at the lake I was in bed on the main floor and I saw a microwave frequency coming through the room hugging the ceiling. It was about 2′ long and 2 inches wide and it was shaped like many v's hooked together and it was bright red. It followed along the ceiling until it reached right under where my daughter was sleeping and it disappeared up through the ceiling right where her head would be. I saw one after another after another come through the room like that. It was very upsetting.

Moving Frequencies

I bought some metallic fabric from lessemf.com and made a coat. When I wore this coat I could see the frequencies coming towards me and when they reached the coat they would bounce and continue bouncing and moving downward. Once they reached my ankles where the coat didn't cover, they would just pass through. I would turn around to see if I could see them coming out behind me and I could see them traveling strait away from me and then I see others coming towards me and they would bounce off the coat until they reached my ankles and continue on their way.

It was winter and I was walking up the cottage road, looking for people who were in their cottages because I could feel and hear the frequencies so loudly and I wanted to see who was around and how close they were to my house. As I walked up the road I could see waves of frequencies coming through the forest and speeding towards homes where people were staying. this was a vacation area and most cottages were empty. Some were all year round homes, like the one we were renting. I've even seen these frequencies bouncing off of peoples homes with foil insulation under the siding.

Foil In The Walls

I was at a friends home. He is a professor at our University, Acadia U. in Wolfville, N.S. He was calibrating my meter and I went to his home to pick it up. I was standing outside on the covered stoop and I could see the long, thin black wiggling lines bouncing there. I asked him why was that happening and he told me about the foil.

When I was inside his home, I could feel the frequencies and I asked him why I could feel this vibration going through my body and he told me he had foil in the walls as well. I asked him why he did this and he said if he had known about the microwave frequencies before he built house, he would have done things differently. He did it for insulation reasons. I told him I couldn't live in that house the way it was. He was upset with me and we haven't really spoken since.

At the time he was in his mid fifties and just starting to get a bit of grey in his dark, full head of hair. A few years later I saw him and he was completely grey/white. I was very surprised. I believe the exposure to the wifi at the University and the exposures he experienced in his home caused this premature grey/white hair from the stress. I've noticed a lot of people looking very grey before their time and in a very short period of time. I am grateful that I can see these frequencies. I like being able to see the enemy and it is just another way to try to avoid exposure.”

Thanks Barbara for sharing your story. If you have a story about EMFs you'd like to share send it to me and I'll publish it on this blog.

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  • Barbara said,

    Thank you Lloyd for posting my story. I get very emotional every time I write about this or read about someone else. This is a horrible nightmare that people are living with. I’ve moved 10 times in 10 years to avoid exposures.

  • Jon Draw said,

    Barbara’s story is intriguingly interesting to me since I have never heard of such possibilities in the past. I never had expected to be able to hear these frequencies in the past either though but I do hear/feel them frequently now. We have all been told in the past that our auditory range is not that high, as dogs’ are purported to be. I wonder what it is different in a dog’s hearing that causes them to hear the higher frequencies; then we might better comprehend what is causing us to hear them. I think for our own survival, it is better that we do hear them than to be bombarded with no awareness of them.
    Barbara’s description of these waves or frequencies bouncing off of metal sounds odd from the standpoint of what the speed of electro-magnetic radiation is reported to be- the speed of light or 186,000 miles per second! So perhaps what she is seeing is a by-product of the impingement of this radiation on the atmosphere and other substances that it encounters. Perhaps different forms of photography, at various speed settings could reveal what she is seeing. I wonder if Barbara has any other unusual visual abilities? Jon Draw

    PS: Related to RF meters, Lloyd, if you have not yet, would you give us your best comparison recommendation between the Cornet ED78S and the Cornet85EX, especially in conjunction with surveying the radiation emanating from cell phone towers. I realize most of their differences but I am wondering how much better the external antenna is, for sensitivity, if it is, as compared to the internal one in the ED78S?
    Thank you Lloyd. Jon

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jon
    I see from your recent post you’ve now bought the ED78S….apologies I intended replying before….here is my reply to your question.
    The ED78S is an excellent starter meter. The ED85EX is of particular interest if you want to measure below 100Mhz or if you want to be able to link up an external antenna – I’ve not tested it with an external antenna.

  • Kevin said,

    Thnaks for the great articles.

    We have been working on our home. CUt off cell phones, got rid of a cordless phone, had our house hardwired for internet instead of wireless.

    Been testing things lately, I notice at night, when I cut all power to everything I still get heavy spikes when on the couch and bed. The couch in a reclining couch, with power (was unplugged when tested). The bed is a tempurpedic situp style bed because my wife is disabled. We are going to a wood only and foam sleeping bed soon, but is the metal or the magnets in the motors causing a pull of radiation to these areas. Rest of house does not get these spikes. Can these be grounded? We will be doing more as we can afford.

  • Lloyd said,

    Even if you’ve eliminated all internal sources of RF radiation there will still be some residual RF radiation from external sources in your home…metal reflects and large metal surfaces can act as an antenna for these EMFs. The solution is to replace with wood and other natural materials. Try grounding the objects in question (best to do with a wire and an external grounding pole if possible) – this may help.

  • Barbara Lake said,

    Hi Jon,
    In 2002/2003, I spoke with a gentleman from Philly and he had invented a camera that could take pictures of frequencies. He had won an award for this in 1979. He was in his 80’s when I first spoke with him. He was scheduled to come here, in Wolfville, to take pictures of the tower behind my home and he suddenly passed away. His son has the camera but I haven’t been in contact with him for many years now. His name was Stanley Barker. I have his information stored away here somewhere in a box. I will look for it and get back to you.

  • Barbara Lake said,

    Hi Kevin,
    I was sleeping on a metal bed frame with ordinary mattress and box spring. I had to replace it with a futon with a wooden frame. When I slept in the other bed I would experience such sharp painful stabbing sensations in and around my kidneys in my back that I would literally lift off the bed and feel like I was being thrown to the other side.

  • Dorothy said,

    Barbara, Thanks so much for your story! Are you still living in the Wolfville area? I was teaching at Mount Allison U in Sackville NB when I became too sick to continue, after the university put wifi in every building and a new wifi tower was constructed near my house (and of course you know about the huge shortwave radio station and satellite uplink facility there, operated by CBC). I’d love to correspond with you…could we continue to converse privately? My e-mail is dsshostak@gmail.com

  • Jon Draw said,

    Hello again Lloyd and Barbara Lake,
    I have, after consideration of various RF/LF meters decided to go with your advice, Lloyd and ordered a Cornet ED78S. That sounds like a good company to have a trial run, so to speak, that they give one, to offer to take it back and refund one’s payment within a 90 day time frame if not satisfied with it. Since I was curious as to what difference the external antenna on the Cornet ED85EX made in comparison to the internal one on the CornetED78S, I think that if I am basically satisfied with it within the 90 days, then I will run a little experiment and carefully open the case, if possible without harm to it and check the possibilities of bringing the internal antenna outside of the case; just to see if it enhances its function.
    Yes, Barbara, that would be interesting to learn more about that camera invented by Stanley Barber. By the way another thought occurred to me a few months ago, which is, that I wondered if metals may have “resonant” frequencies that could be affected by some of these RF/Microwave frequencies, and even possibly cause such radiation to have even more noticeable effect upon some of us. As I recall, in my brief search on the subject, they do have resonant frequencies but I have not yet determined what frequencies resonate with what metals. Our electrochemical bodies are subjected to many unknowns these days and some of this modern technology may be convenient but not so safe, especially over time.
    May we all continue to learn for the benefit of our species and progeny, instead of living as lab rats for the PsTB, only to become statistics for them at our expense. It is good to be optimistic for the future but not by ignoring significant hazards to our health… and let’s never assume that chem-trails are innocuous. There are policy makers who do not seem to care about our concerns, which tells us where out focus should be. Jon Draw


  • Kevin said,

    Thanks all

    With her disability we have to keep the metal, but will now at least sleep on a natural/wood only mattress system and use the other for use during the day.

    I will look into how to ground them.

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