EMF Protection – How To Work With Your Subtle Energies

For years she’s been educating people about the dangers of electromagnetic fields.

It all began because of her interest in energy medicine.

In 2008 she wrote a book about energy medicine entitled, Endless Energy – The Essential Guide To Energy Health.

In her book she explored the impact of these man-made energies on our health, from an energy perspective.

At that time, there were around 2.6 billion cell phones on the planet and 140 million users on Facebook.

In the period 2003 to 2007, electromagnetic pollution had increased 100 million billion times.

How things have changed.

According to a 2017 study released by GSMA, the association of mobile operators today the number of cell phone users globally is in the region of five billion.

According to Facebook’s own website there are now over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users.

In less than 10 years the number of cell phones has doubled and the number of Facebook users has sky-rocketed. Let’s not forget YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the rest.

That’s a lot of EMFs.

On the one hand we’ve got scientists arguing ‘magnetic fields are harmless and electric fields are thought to flow around, rather than through the physical body’.

On the other we’ve got the thousands of studies which show adverse biological effects at very low levels and links to brain tumors, infertility, cancer and other serious diseases. Not to mention the masses of anecdotal evidence.

The harmful effects are evident but cannot be explained by the conventional physics model. The medical community, aligned with the conventional model comes to no conclusion and no action is taken.

She says, ‘there are actually technologies that exist that show us the human biofield, the human energy field. I was able to witness what happens to our energy body when we are exposed to microwave frequency radiation.

It is not pretty.’

Smart Meter Dangers

She lives on Maui in Hawaii.

In 2012, her administration received some money from the Federal Government to do a pilot project on smart meters.

It happened to be targeted at the neighborhood where she was living.

She explains, ‘we got all kinds of propaganda in the mail. It just was the most compelling arguments for why everybody should sign up for getting a smart meter on their home’.

She became suspicious.

Thinking, ‘why are they trying so hard to convince us of something’?

She began looking into it, and realized that smart meters are very toxic and dangerous.

She decided to do something about it and set out to educate people on the island of Maui about the dangers.

For my next interview I’m delighted to welcome Debra Greene PhD.


Thursday, 10th August at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing energy health advocate Debra Greene, PhD.

Debra Greene emf protectionDebra Greene is a professional speaker and recognized expert on energy medicine and mind-body integration. She is the author of the acclaimed book ‘Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health’, and she’s been educating people for a number of years about the adverse health effects of cordless phones, cell phones and other sources of electromagnetic field pollution.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

Listen to my interview with Debra Greene and learn:

  • how Debra is working to educate people and stop a smart grid from being introduced on the island of Maui – you can sign her petition here (you don't have to be a resident, I've signed too).
  • why understanding and working with energy is so important for your health
  • the science and studies that back up an energy based approach to health
  • 3 simple but powerful energy practices, any one can do, that can reduce the symptoms of electrical sensitivity
  • an inexpensive method of neutralizing EMFs based on Nicola Tesla technology – you can actually verify the reduction in EMFs with an EMF meter
  • and much more

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

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  • Peter Landy said,

    Lloyd, I’m hearing handicapped so it would help if your audio had close caption available like Youtube offers.

  • Gin said,

    Looking forward to this! Thank you.

  • ellie said,

    I’m very interested in this interview. How can we reduce exposure and stay healthy while 5G and the Internet of Things via satellites is happening? Electromagetic radiation will be raining down on us, zapping us 24/7. Listen from 1:21 to 1:27.


  • Leendert Vriens said,

    Dear Loyd,

    Thank you for all your information. Unfortunately it takes me too much effort to listen to spoken text, my hearing is not so good anymore. But written text usually gives no problem. In the above I read: ‘The harmful effects are evident but cannot be explained by the conventional physics model.’ I would say of course not, we are bioelectrical beiings and bioelectrical processes are what it is all about. The physics in itself, that is everything related to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is perfectly clear, although not understood by most people. In case you are interested, see: http://www.stopumts.nl/pdf/Man-made%20and%20Natural%20EMF%20EMR.pdf
    I could write this because I have been a research physicist and manager of physics research for 38 years. Also there is not a special conventional model and another model. There is only one correct theory.
    Two other files of possible interest:
    I am further interested in the statement: “an inexpensive method of neutralizing EMFs based on Nicola Tesla technology – you can actually verify the reduction in EMFs with an EMF meter”.
    As a physicist I am obviously interested. I would be happy if you can provide me with information on paper.
    Please send a copy of this to Debra Greene, maybe she can inform me about the last item.
    With best regards,
    Leendert Vriens