EMF Protection Scams

EMF stickers, chips, pendants, harmonizers, neutralizers…. are you sick of EMF protection scams?

I bet like most people you make daily use of a cell phone, WiFi and other wireless technologies.

But unlike most people I bet you have an inkling that these kinds of devices might be dangerous. Maybe you’ve read about the harmful effects of EMF’s (electromagnetic fields, i.e. radiation)  somewhere. About the studies that link these EMF exposures to a weakened immune system and worse, to things like cancer and brain tumors.

cell phone emf protectionMaybe you’ve started to experience some symptoms yourself. A ‘hot head’ when you use your cell phone, a tingling in your thighs when you use your laptop on your lap, a headache when you spend long periods of time near your modem.

In which case you’re way ahead of most people on this – most people are pretty sure that these wireless technologies are safe.

I also guess that you’ve tried to do something about these electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). Let’s face it the evidence is pretty overwhelming. Cancer rates are soaring but not just cancer a long list of other diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc. are now linked to EMF exposures.

So, what are the real solutions for EMF protection?

There are plenty of solutions at hand to deal with these EMF’s, right? It’s true that there are more and more companies selling ‘EMF protection devices’. Promising you a healthy and energized life, free of health symptoms. Diodes you stick on your cell phone, pendants you wear around your neck, USB resonator sticks you plug into your computer, harmonizers you plug into your electrical socket….the list goes on. Of course these products are supposedly independently tested and approved and many of these companies claim to have hundreds of satisfied customers.

But do you actually know anyone that use’s one of these devices and is happy with it? No. And yet these companies claim to have countless happy customers.

Perhaps you were thinking about buying one of these EMF protection devices, or maybe you’ve already bought one? If you’ve bought one already you know that despite the high price tag, they don’t work.

So what does work? This is what I’d like to share with you. And it has nothing whatever to do with a quick fix.

How do I know what I offer works?

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 4.28.28 PMI know it works because I use it everyday. You see, I was once like you. I was looking for a solution. I had good reason, too: one day I suddenly felt great discomfort and pain when using my cell phone.

I went from being like everyone else, feeling nothing when using my cell phone, to being very sensitive. Electrically sensitive in fact.

Within no time I could no longer use my cell phone, my cordless phone not even my computer.

This happened to me 10 years ago. Since then I’ve dug deep and researched this subject. I tried every EMF pendant, chip, diode, harmonizer and resonator under the sun.

All these EMF protection devices have one thing in common, they DON’T work.

I figured out what does work. I’ve written a free report, I share my concrete and practical steps to dealing with EMF’s.

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My research now allows me to help others. And I’m not just talking about people who are extra sensitive to EMF’s, like I used to be. Everyone can benefit from EMF protection.

Sign up now and get your EMF protection sorted today!

Here’s what others are saying about me:

Thank you again Lloyd. Sometimes it takes being smacked with a bat to get our attention. This summer, after a trip to the hospital emergency room (severe vertigo, vomiting, etc), I realized EMFs were causing health problems for me. I turned off the wireless signal on my router and now use cables. Thanks to your website I can now further improve my situation. Many blessings to you, keep up the good work.

Powerful. Informative without sensationalism. Wake up every one and do what ever things you can no matter how small to help educate and live a more natural life. Thank you Lloyd and all the courageous and serving scientists in the world who continue to help us all on earth.

Thanks a bunch Lloyd and thank you for sharing everything you have learned. I have been on a quest to find the truth in all things. The information you have is great. Keep up the good work and thanks again!
Joshua, Utah

I cannot thank you enough for your newsletter, it was phenomenal. I AM reading the “Report” and being highly enlightened. Thank you! Thank you!
Lori ann Garza

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