EMF Protection and Electrical Sensitivity Resource

Quite a few people have sent me messages saying that they'd like to be able to communicate directly with other people about EMFs and electrical sensitivity on ElectricSense.

Up until now your interaction has been limited to using the comment box on the bottom of my articles.

So I've set up a forum.

Its a place where you can talk about your electromagnetic field (EMF) and electrical sensitivity issues with other people.

Its a place where you can get answers to your questions – I will be in there daily.

And its FREE.

You need to register first.

You can register by going here – enter your name and email to receive your password by password.

If you have any problems about using the forum ask your question below.

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  • George said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Tried to register but WORDPRESS port malfunctioned and produced an ERROR message advising me to inform the “webmaster”, which is you, and the time of the error,7:25AM (EST Australia).

    I am already registered with WORDPRESS, therefore, would my previous registration be valid for your forum?

    I could help to moderate, but I live in Australia.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi George
    When I sent out my email announcing the forum there was spike in traffic which caused the server to crash unfortunately. Its back on-line again now. In your case, you are already a registered user on ElectricSense so you can use the same passcodes to access the forum – click on ‘log in’ on the forum page and enter you username and password.

  • Lloyd said,

    Thanks for your offer to moderate. That’d be great. Its getting late here…I will set you up as a moderator in the morning.

  • Yishebah Baht Gavriel said,

    Hi Lloyd, I am just grateful for your experiences and expertise on the subject. I am a health facilitator on the hazards of modern living and the digital world and find your newsletter a valuable resource, Plus I use the laptop a lot.

    Thank you.

  • Sue said,

    Thanks for setting this forum up, Lloyd! 🙂

  • Pat said,

    Lloyd you are absolutely brilliant! I never really expected anything from my comment and look …I find many have asked for the same, and so you have created it!
    I appreciate the fact that you have edited out pieces which were advisable not to post. Thank you for everything.

    This means that if we wish to unload our feelings about this, and assist in each other on a friendly level, it can now be done in the form of a support group.

    Thank you.


  • Marie Louise Roy said,

    About EMF, we have in Québec a lot of people who know about them. The magazine “La Maison du 21 è siècle” an its editor are well informed and are sending info abroad. As an architect and a healer I have been dealing with EMF for a very long time and know about it. In Québec we are asking municipalities to avoid smart meeters and some municipalities have sent to the power company to do somethinabout it. We will see where legally this will go.

    Marie Louise, from Prévost, Québec, Canada

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Marie Louise
    André Fauteux does some excellent work in raising awareness on this issue with his magazine “La Maison du 21 è siècle”…I’ve been in contact with him for a while. If you have information to share on your architect/healer viewpoint of dealing with EMFs I know my readers would be very interested (send it through to me via my contact form and I will publish it).

  • Eugenio said,

    Thank you for your enthusiasm on the subject.
    I live in Brasil and would be very glad if you could creat a forum for ES people but in a way that could be accessible to the sufferes of other country languages. Maybe usind Google instant translation. Spanhis and Portuguese languages have many million interested people that do not have access to a more international group of affected sufferes of electrohipersensitivity.
    Think about it.
    Thank you and keep up with the good work.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Eugénio
    It is possible for me to add language modules but I’m on a small website package so there’s limited capacity on the server I’m on….to avoid server problems I could only add one language…I’m thinking of doing it for Spanish….I guess you’d be looking for Portuguese?

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