Jolie Jones – My EMF Story

It started kind of out of nowhere”.

Not exactly overnight but over the course of a few weeks or so.

She began to have these sensations behind her head like a vibration going from the bottom of her skull to the top.

Then there were the feelings of cloudiness, fogginess, like a big cloud was coming in the side of her temples pushing down on her brain.

She couldn’t think. She was in a permanent fog.

She was also getting a lot of joint pain.

There were different reactions to different exposures.

Sometimes she would get heart palpitations. Sometimes she would get these pains in her joints and headaches, and a foggy kind of pressure on her brain.

It was like I became this little old lady”.

She admits to being impossible to be around.

She didn’t even want to be herself.

She'd have moments where she was fine but when she was around other people and someone had a cell phone on she would crumble into the nervous, anxious little old lady.

Where is it coming from? How do I get away from it? Can you turn it off?

These were the questions she was continually asking herself and asking to other people.

It was really debilitating.

For 4 years she couldn’t use a cell phone and she couldn’t be in a car with a cell phone.

She had to literally take the battery out – yes, she could even feel it when it was turned off.

She could point to someone’s pocket and tell them where the waves were coming from.

People would say, “oh no, I turned my phone off.

She would say, “no, it’s still on. I promise you.

She’d point to where it was and they’d look in their pocket and then they’d look at her like she was a witch because the phone would be on.

She’d be driving on the road and all of a sudden she'd feel this vibration on the side of her head.

She'd look for where it was coming from and she’d look up and discover that she was driving parallel to a row of power lines or something.…..

Healing was a major struggle, “it was like moving the Titanic” she says.

Thankfully she did heal.

She has now recovered her health and is able to function normally again.


Thursday, 22nd February at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I'm interviewing artist, entertainer, producer, author and environmental activist Jolie Jones.

jolie jones ehs
Photo by Albert Watson

Jolie Jones, is the daughter of the legendary record producer Quincy Jones. She has personal experience with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

In 1990 she founded The Take It Back Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization. In 2017 she was executive producer of “I’m not the only one” an on camera interview with EMF expert Professor Olle Johansson.

Jolie experienced debilitating electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms (EHS) for 7 years but thankfully has now recovered her health and is able to function normally again.

Listen to my revealing interview with Jolie Jones and learn:

  • the most important thing you need to understand about the complex EMF science – she gives a concise and simple overview
  • how Jolie used cutting edge neuroplasticity to overcome her EHS symptoms – this was a real game changer for her
  • what Jolie did to protect herself from EMF exposures – learn the aspect of EMF protection she focused on
  • how Jolie used earthing on a regular basis to bolster her immune system
  • an easy and inexpensive way to detox heavy metals – most people that are EHS have a heavy metal issue but few people realize it
  • Jolie's top tips for dealing with EHS – the 5 things you want to have covered if you want to have any hope of recovering

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