EMF Freedom – Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution: Interview

For Elizabeth it all started when the utility company started installing new electric meters in her neighborhood.

These weren’t just any meters they were installing, they were smart meters.

By smart meter I mean a utility meter fitted with an antenna that transmits energy usage to the utility company. In this case once a day.

Now here’s the thing Elizabeth decided she didn’t want a smart meter. She opted out.

Her immediate neighbors, an elderly gentleman on one side and a young couple trying for a baby on the other, also opted out.

You’d think that would’ve made things pretty safe for her, right?


It Started With A Rash

Within days of the first smart meters being installed in her neighborhood Elizabeth developed an itchy rash around her ankle.

A week later the rash was up her calf and covered half her thigh.

Two weeks later she’d a solid rash over her arms, legs, stomach and back.

The itch from this rash was so ferocious she couldn’t sleep.

Her doctor said it was scabies and gave her cortisone cream and pills.

This did nothing to stop the spreading or the itching.

The dermatologist said it was scabies and gave her ‘full body’ scabies medication – thankfully she decided not to use it.

She went from specialist to specialist, an allergist, an infectious disease doctor, and another dermatologist. Nothing worked.

Spontaneous Bleeding

EMF Freedom - Solutions for the 21st Century PollutionBy this time she couldn’t use a cell phone or a computer without bloody sores breaking out on her arms and legs within minutes.

Things got so bad her skin would start spontaneously bleeding whenever she was exposed to any from of EMF. Sometimes it bled so profusely she had to destroy clothes and sheets because of the heavy staining.

So she started to do her homework. Looking at the health complaints in Northern California she was astonished to see how many people had written about problems with skin rashes subsequent to getting a smart meter installed.

This is how EMFs came brutally into Elizabeth’s world.

This is also what inspired her to write a book: EMF Freedom – Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution, which has just been released in it's 3rd edition.

Elizabeth explains she arranged the contents of the latest edition to emphasize:

‘That the symptoms have real biochemical explanations for those whose spouses and/or doctors tell them they are crazy. Added bleeding, numbness, and involuntary muscle contractions, eye blurriness, fatigue, hearing loss to the list of symptoms.'
‘Part 3 is devoted to The Impact on the Next Generations to emphasize how are children are being harmed in their development, including the picture of the EMF exposed rat uterus on p. 160 (the picture is what drove us to create a new edition). This includes the increasing number of women who are not saying they are pregnant until the 5 or 6th month due to losing so many in the first 3-4 months of pregnancy.'

To read my review of her book click here.


Elizabeth Plourde EMF FreedomThursday, 28th April at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Dr. Elizabeth Plourde.

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde is a health educator, author and vibrant-health coach. With degrees in both Biological Science and Psychology, she is a North American Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner, as well as a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

She has over 25-years of research and expertise in the field of health and has appeared on numerous network news programs and radio shows across the country including ABC's 20/20, Berman & Berman: For Women Only, Good Morning America, and The Gary Null Show.

We will be talking about EMFs and health, and specifically:

  • the science behind how EMFs impact our health/the long list of diseases and symptoms linked to EMFs/how EMFs compromise the body's protective barriers
  • the solutions/evaluating your environment/steps to protect your living spaces/dietary tips to protect yourself against EMFs

*****This interview has been broadcast.*****

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  • Diana Boughton said,

    I had a very similar reaction when exposed to the microwave radiation from a phonemast (cell tower).

  • calle said,

    Excited to hear her presentation.
    She has devices for sale on her site.
    But others have said that none of these work.
    She does have red blood cell slides to prove that they do not clump.
    Also her book, the 2nd edition is all sold out on Amazon. Plus others cost $80. To $995.00 dollars.
    Those of who are ill can not afford these.
    Lloyd can you see how we can get them. Calling Barnes and Noble thus afternoon.

    Need it if she really gives clear cut directions.

    Also last week’s program mentioned a Carl Riley’s book. Can’t find it.


    Blessings Lloyd you are a true savior. Ordering your meter soon.

  • Lee said,

    I’m looking forward to this interview.
    Fyi, I posted your book review to the US Amazon site. In the past, when I have posted your reviews, Amazon has permitted me to insert the link to the original review. This time, however, they removed the link as well as a reference (in the review header) to electricsense.com
    Therefore, I added a comment to my review, where the links to this article, as well as to the original review, are offered for those interested.

  • Pat Ormsby said,

    I am so glad Elizabeth was able to figure out what was causing the problem. I sometimes kid myself that cell phones are a boon because they alerted me to the reality of EMF effects, but I was just lucky to come across the information when I did. I’ve been harmed since childhood, and the information that might have spared me much misery has been available all along–I remember warnings not to sit any closer to the TV than six feet–but there was nothing, for example, about the electric meter (just analog, but…) on the other side of the wall from where I slept. The cell phone fiasco did alert me to EMFs, but that was only because I was lucky to find the information before the disinformation squad could spin it away, and I recognized my own increasing symptoms there. The friend for whom I’d undertaken a literature search, who was suffering from a 5-month flu, rejected my findings because she’d heard the spin first. “Everyone knows it’s just a bunch of nervous Nellies and rumor mongers.” After a prolonged course of antibiotics, she did overcome the flu, and I suspect she was dealing with Lime or some similar parasite, and me too, for that matter. If so, then God Bless Borellia for making me aware of hazardous conditions! I’m serious.

    Lloyd, I really really admire you and what you are accomplishing!

  • Frieda Gelber said,

    What to do about EHS/MCS housing? Who is responsible to protect citizens in their abode? Where to get sufficient housing for all who are afflicted with these environmental perils? So few units are available in the USA and most are intended for very low income persons. Units are too small for those with families. Some units are temporary only. There seem to be zero choices. Advice please. thanks.

  • calle said,


    MCS is caused by EMF’s and things like GMO foods, and Roundup.
    You can’t escape them unless you make huge changes on your own.
    I have been working on this for over 21 yrs.
    Each of us has to create our own safe environment.

    We have found eating “very” clean, organic, no sugar, using a few cleaning chemicals, making our own laundry soap, and coking all from scratch are all good things.
    We took the MRT blood test to find out what our food and chemical sensitivities were, did an Elimination diet called LEAP, this did help two of us.
    We have done supplementation, but HyperElectrical Sensitivity is “The Key”.
    With out finding Lloyd we would still be in the dark.
    I spoke with Dr Elizabeth yesterday and am so excited to get her new edition which will be out in two to three weeks.
    We will be removing our son’s permanent dental retainer this week.
    Lloyd’s post on her rashes….”rung a huge bell”!
    We realized that his rashes started when he had braces and abated some when they were removed but came back in a lesser degree when the retainers went on.
    Small steps to greater understanding and healing.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Calle – the 3rd edition is for sale on Amazon.com, see the link in Lee’s comment above, it’s also on the review article I wrote on the book.
    Lee – thanks a lot for posting to Amazon!
    Pat – thank you for your continued support.
    Frieda – Good Q for Elizabeth.

  • karen said,

    thank you.

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