Electrosensitivity – A Physical Illness That Can Be Diagnosed.

For years electrical sensitivity has been put down by many as a figment of the sufferers imagination. Speaking as a “sufferer” (though this is not my preferred description of myself) this has been pretty annoying.

electrosensitivity physical illnessOf course I know, as do other people that are electrically sensitive that there is no way I could be imagining my symptoms, it’s all too tangible.

The problem has been that science has not been able to “prove” the contrary, but the tide is changing.

At a recent congress in Rome on the dangers of wireless technology there were presentations given by several Italian researchers, a presentation given by Olle Johansson and a very interesting presentation by Professor Belpomme.

Below I would like to share with you my transcript of Professor Belpomme’s presentation, the sound quality is poor so there may be an occasional inaccuracy, but the message that came out of Prof. Belpommes presentation was that:

electrosensitivity is a real physical illness, just like cancer and heart disease

electrosensitivity can be diagnosed

Here is the video and below it are my comments on what it means in terms of relief for existing electrosensitives.

Prof. Belpomme: “Diagnostic and treatment of the Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome, what I call the EFI syndrome. I prefer to use the term intolerance instead of the term electro hyper sensitivity. I will speak of the clinical experience of people who were referred to my clinics as having the so called electro hyper sensitivity. The patients were enrolled between 2008 and 2011.

As you can see, we enrolled 488 patients. I personally examined 361 patients. 271 were investigated with a new technique which is called the pulse equilibrium brain scan. What is so important, because we discovered several markers to make the diagnosis of such patients. 246 patients had specific biological tests. We can now be sure that patients with electromagnetic sensitivity are true patients.

I'd like to stress the different electromagnetic sources which could induce such a syndrome. The use of a cell phone is very high. 50% of our patients in the study had used a mobile for more than 1 hour per day during several years. So we are exactly in the same figures that have been published by Lennart Hardell dealing with the cancer occurrences which are probably due to electromagnetic fields.

Diagnosis of ES

In the diagnosis of the syndrome we have to first examine the patients, and to listen to what the patients said to us. We have to do the first equilibrium scan and then the objective test, which includes, this is very important, the dosage of histamine in the blood and the dosage of the heat shock proteins HSP70 and HSP27, which can make an objective diagnosis.

The criteria for the positive diagnosis of this syndrome is first to check what the patient says. The appearance of syndromes when they are close to an electromagnetic field source, and the disappearance of symptoms when they are not close to these electromagnetic field sources. What is very important is to avoid any classical pathology in such patients; that's very relative. So that's essential. There are many diagnosis of fatigue, depression, sensitivity troubles.

We use a very new technical approach. This approach is very sensible and important, because it's a screening approach. The machine is a combination of a computer and a Pulsed Eco-Doppler which can detect circulation in the brain. The goal is to see whether there is, or not, deficiency in the vascular perfusion inside your brain.

Scans of the Limbic area of the Brain

We've first to verify that the two research elements are in good position in each side of the temporal load, so as to be sure our **** will be in good condition. This is based on a series of 150 subject normal controls, and you can see that we define normality in this scan. On the left is the right hemisphere, on the right it’s the left hemisphere. You can see the surface for each hemisphere and on the right is your surface. You go inside the brain and into central part of the scan.

You have two symmetric regions which correspond to the limbic area. This is very important to understand that we have not only two cerebral hemispheres but also hippocampus, which is the very primitive brain that has been describe by Paul Broca 2 centuries ago I guess, as the limbic system. It’s very important for our purpose today to consider these limbic areas.

This is what we found in a normal subject; you see that all in the areas are up to the normality  you have these types of colors. This is what we found in patients with electromagnetic field intolerance; as you can see, there are many parts which are under normality and particularly it corresponds to the limbic areas in the left part of the brain. That means that you have some deficiency in vascular perfusion in such patients.

Physiological Changes In Electrosensitives

This study is very important because for the first time we can discriminate electromagnetic fields with an objective biological positive test. 70% of our patients had a very severe deep deficiency in vitamin D, but it's not specific. Almost 1 out of 2 patients have a decrease in HSP27 and or HSP70, that is very important.

Looking at histamine the analysis found that more than 40% of the patients are hyper histaminic aswell. This is very important as far as the physical pathological interpretation is concerned.

In about 10% of the patients, we have an increase in protein S100P which is the marker of the opening of the brain blood barrier. In 10% of the patients we are able to detect the opening of the brain blood barrier.

We have a deficiency in melatonin in urine in 1 patient out of 3, which explains the incidence of fatigue and depression in some of these patients. In 20% of the cases anti-myelin proteins were increased in the blood.”

For people that are wondering if they are ES the above is not just great news, it’s a breakthrough.  Now you can have a formal diagnosis carried out, and what’s more it doesn’t “hurt”. You are not having to subject yourself to more EMFs to “prove” that you are ES.

Solutions For Electrical Sensitivity

But for others that already know they are ES and are looking for solutions how does this help? If you look into the detail of Prof. Belpomme’s research I think there are some clues, he says:

-two thirds of patients were significantly deficient in Vitamin D. What is the principal and most healthy source of Vitamin D for people? The sunshine.

– one third of patients had low levels of Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted during your sleep.

I am not suggesting that you can cure ES just by exposing yourself to more sunshine and getting more sleep but there are some very simple things you can do to alleviate your symptoms.

Being electrosensitive is not a fatality.

To learn more about the research, diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity click here.

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  • Helloworld said,

    I was suffering for 3 years from this. It was terrible, destroyed my life. Every doctor I started to mention “well I think I’m having problems with EMF” it’s automatically “it’s in your head” “nothing is going on” etc, and that caused me to get even more worked up over it. I bought a light that generates artificial sunlight and started taking vitamins C/D/E, and my symptoms are almost totally gone. This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.

  • Olivia said,

    I’m so grateful to find you! I have had EMF sensitivity since 1993. That was before cell phones.

    There have been times it nearly killed me (since the invention of cell phones). Seizures, long periods of isolation, inability to use a phone or computer… You understand.

    I started taking vitamin D last night. Just last night! I didn’t even know there was a connection!

    I feel so much better right now, that I did a search for “EMF sensitivity vitamin D,” and you came up first.

    Thank you for confirming the connection! I am so grateful I started taking it.

    By the way, I live in Washington, D.C. where, during the winter (it’s March and we’re expecting a snow storm right now), according to a new study, because of the angle of the earth to the sun right now, there is no vitamin D production for people at this time in this location.

    Dr. Michael Greger presented the study in 2016 in a video found at his website (Nutrition Facts dot org), stating that even someone who sunbathed naked all winter at this time of year “in our nation’s capital,” would have no vitamin D production.

    After seeing this the other day, I bought a top best-selling supplement from Amazon (it also has vitamin k2, for maximum absorption).

    Glad I did 🙂

    All the best, and thanks again!

  • Vanessa said,

    I started dealing with this after a xray a few years ago. My life has been hell. Spirulina and calcium bentonite clay has helped a bunch, but I still suffer SO much. My vitamin D is low. How can I get this diagnosed? What kind of doctor do I see?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Vanessa, if you live in the U.S. then there is the Environmental Health Center – Dallas, if you live in the U.K. then Dr Mallory Blythe is one of the leading experts. I’ve interviewed a number of doctors and alternative health practitioners who have experience in treating electrical hyper sensitivity, see https://www.electricsense.com/category/emf-protection-podcasts/

  • JC Johnsong said,

    Here is a link that readers should find of interest…
    (STUDY: Effect of electromagnetic waves from mobile phone on immune status of male rats: possible protective role of vitamin D.)
    ” Vitamin D supplementation in EMF-exposed rats reversed these results when compared with EMF-exposed groups.”
    They … “concluded that exposure to mobile phone radiation compromises the immune system of rats, and vitamin D appears to have a protective effect.”
    the dose used was 1,000 IU/kg/day (rats are much smaller than people so not sure what that would be for a person)
    (note: they also showed 2 hours a day of exposure had a greater negative effect than a single hour.

    Now for my two cents…
    I was diagnosed with EMF problems and mercury poisoning back in 2008.
    I have been treating myself in recent years because of the travel involved going to my orig doctor and becuase his protocol was hard to keep to long term.
    I FOUND THIS POST because I was searching the web to see if there was a connection between VITAMIN D & EMF sensitivity.
    Although I did not see enough improvement taking Vitamin D alone … I have recently started taking vitamin D/C/E and just added L-Triptophan and L-Tyrosine after reading Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book on WATER and dehydration where he mentions the body uses these two amino acids if ther is not enough water to properly detox.
    Since my doctor felt that EMFs interfered with my body’s ability to detox mercury I thought supplementing with a little additional L-Triptophan and L-Tyrosine might be benificial.
    Since a healthy person converts L-tryptophan to melatonin in the gastrointestinal tract … the body may need MORE tryptophan to make melatonin because of the extra burden of detoxing heavy metals.
    My original doctor felt EMF sensitivity lead to problems detoxing heavy metals … not just for me but all EMF patients he treated.

  • Peter said,

    JC – ‘ EMF sensitivity lead to problems detoxing heavy metals ‘ is an interesting observation and would explain some of the problems I have. It’s also becoming well established that heavy metals increase electrical sensitivity – Catch-22! Makes it very hard to detox.
    Other agents which have been shown to help include olive leaf extract and rosemary extract, as well as the vitamins you suggest. Almost certainly the anti-oxidant effect.

  • Dominic Bere said,

    Just a few points. One understanding is that it can be dangerous to have a lot of vitamin D if you are deficient in vitamin K2, which most people are. This situation leads to calcification of body organs (especially the pineal gland, which secretes melatonin) and furring up of arteries, because without sufficient K2 the calcium which is circulating in the blood cannot be deposited where it is meant to be deposited, which is the bones and teeth, and so it is deposited in all the wrong places.

    So in my opinion it’s not necessarily a good thing that EHS is diagnosable, because it could lead to a situation where people are forced to take whatever EHS remedies the State deems advisable (if, for instance, you are to continue in receipt of benefits) and these remedies could be clunky and ill-informed, without reference to subtle differences between one person and another.

    Vitamin K2 is most abundant in fermented foods, and if these are avoided by ES sufferers due to histamine intolerance, they could be treading very dangerous waters by supplementing extra vitamin D or even increasing their levels through sunshine. It might even be that the body has been deliberately keeping vitamin D levels suppressed because they haven’t got enough K2 available to balance it, due to their avoidance of histamine-containing foods, such as yogurt an natto.

    I suffer from sensitive skin and anxiety, which would suggest histamine issues, but I eat a great deal of yogurt and natto because I know they do me so much good.

  • Debi said,

    In 2015 my utility company sent out letters they were going to change out our meters to digital and even though I sent them a letter and also called them several times letting them know I wanted to opt out. They changed out my meter anyway. I have no idea when I think it happened in the summer of 2017. a year ago, I started waking up with the feeling my head was on fire, pressure behind my eyes, vommiting and migraines I never experienced before. I have had headaches but nothing like this before. I then stopped dreaming as I could only sleep an hour at a time because the rf hearing or tinnitus set in and whenever I am in my home I hear a constant buzz. I then started waking up with a bloody nose and blood covered pillows and sheets. I thought I was losing my mind, I didn’t want to go anywhere because I felt tired all the time and my body hurt so bad from feeling like one big tight muscle and yet the opposite is true, I feel I have loss all of my muscle mass and very weak and tired all of the time. In a nut shell I do not feel well. I ordered an emf/rf/ef detector in August of 2018 and started taking pictures of the readings at my switches, outlets and appliances. At my microwave alone which isn’t even running at the time, every 15 seconds when the smart meter on my home pulses it shoots up to over 700mg and based on my detector anything over 100 is very dangerous. I was getting similar reads at the outlets and switches throughout my home. I kept contacting NIPSCO and they told me I am stuck with this meter and I needed to learn to live with it. When I started educating my neighbors I noticed their reads, while high not as high as mine and I had a CL320 meter and they didn’t. Upon researching this meter it looked to me this meter was meant for a commercial building or very large home. I contacted NIPSCO on 2/26/19 and the next morning I had a tech knocking on my door. He stated he was removing the meter and it should never have been put on my house to begin with. He stated it was for a welding shop or 6000 sq foot home. I have a 1200 sq ft home. Even though the meter has been changed I still have the rf hearing and woke up with another horrible migraine today. My hands and feet tingle and I am shaky and worried I have neurological damage from the long term exposure and not sure if there is anything I can do besides walk away from my home and hope it goes away. I just don’t know, I feel as if the damage has been done and I honestly want to die to get relief from this suffering. Thanks for listening and any advise would be appreciated.

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