Electromagnetic Radiation – What If We Started To Apply Some Common Sense?

The first thing that struck me about Christopher Maloney was how ordinary he was.

Ordinary in the best possible sense of the word.

He has not gone to any great lengths to give a presentation here on the dangers of electromagnetic fields.

He has just “sounded off” about them.

Said what’s on his mind.

Because it is so obvious that EMFs do make people sick.

I believe they actually affect everybody, it’s just that some people can “feel it” more than others. I mean its not because you don’t get electrosensitivity that you are not affected by man made radiation right? The list of symptoms it triggers tells us that.

Science has shown that non-ionizing radiation damages your DNA. So even science tells us that.

Anyway watch this short video by Christopher Maloney, and oh, by the way, he is a doctor….yes another one talking about the dangers of EMFs.

Human Reactions to Electromagnetic Radiation

Dr. Christopher Maloney: “I wish to talk to you about electromagnetic radiation. This again is one of those issues where the business community is all like, “no there is nothing here, absolutely not. Look I’ll put a spark plug in my ear, it is not a problem!” And the other group is like, “look you know if I am within 50 miles of your power line, my cancer is your fault.”  My answer is somewhere in the middle here guys. Actually large-scale electromagnetic radiation gives off a field: that is the reality. There is a field created and the vast majority of people are not going to respond to that field negatively. However, just as one little frequency can really annoy one person and not bother somebody else there are people out there that are really affected by electromagnetic radiation, maybe it is the modern equivalent of picking up the radio waves in your tooth fillings or something.

Allergic Reaction

There are people who are hurt by this radiation and it affects them the same way as an allergy would. I have tested patients on this, I have put electromagnetic devices in cupboards and they have said, “hey there is something in your cupboard that is really bothering me.” There is really a legitimate group of people that have a problem with this and my answer is that these people have a concern and it is an allergic concern and it needs to be addressed appropriately and not told, “it is all in your head, it does not exist.”  You can test people, check and see if they are reacting to stuff. Then they would be treated in the same way as you would someone with an allergy. And that does not mean we ban all electromagnetic devices, if someone has a sea food allergy you don’t ban all sea food. You make sure they are protected, you make sure there are warnings on things,  so we need to have the radiations level done. It is not a question of everything should be stopped or nothing should happen. It is really a matter of having a little compassion for each other and understanding that we have a whole set of industries now that are really depending on electromagnetic radiation to run their businesses and yet we have individuals who are being affected. Therefore, it needs to be a lot more people coming to the table and talking about this rather than shouting from the sidelines.”

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