Electromagnetic Radiation: As Toxic as Nerve Gas?

Did you know that there are alarming similarities between pesticide poisoning and electromagnetic radiation poisoning?

When I say electromagnetic radiation I mean emissions from such devices as cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones, smart meters, microwave ovens etc.

Pesticides and EMFs share these common factors:

  • they are both environmental toxins
  • the symptoms related to both exposures are very similar
  • they are both potentially as dangerous as military nerve gas

EMF’s and Pesticides: the Body’s Essential Enzyme Balance is Disturbed

electromagnetic radiation and pesticidesHere's for the technicalities; organophosphate pesticides interfere with our bodies’ ability to produce the enzyme: cholinesterase. This is an important nervous-system-balancing enzyme. Without it, our bodies produce too much acetylcholine.

An abundance of acetylcholine causes the nervous system to become over stimulated–even to the point of acute poisoning or death.

Symptoms of organophosphate poisoning include: fatigue, nausea, mental confusion, respiratory problems, headache, skin disorders, and blurred vision.

Interestingly, these symptoms are very similar to those suffered by people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation otherwise known as electrical sensitivity.

Russian Research

In the 1960’s and 70’s, research into the impact of microwave radiation on living organisms was conducted by the Russians. They found that EMF’s could inhibit cholinesterase, producing too much acetylcholine.

A 1994 study by the Russian Institute of Cell Biophysics produced results that demonstrated that electromagnetic frequency radiation, like microwaves or cell phone radiation, causes a decrease in concentrations in the blood of the enzyme cholinesterase, to less than 70% of the pre-exposure level, a level considered dangerously low because of the health risks associated with higher acetylcholine levels.

Too much acetylcholine can result in serious nervous system disorders. Electromagnetic frequency radiation, in this regard, works like pesticide poisoning…and like nerve gas.

EMF Radiation, Pesticides & Nerve Gas: Different Shades of Deadly

This reaction of inhibited production of cholinesterase and an overabundance of acetylcholine is similar to the way military nerve gases operate. These gases, such as the nerve gas: Sarin (classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction), are used as bio-weaponry and kill by inhibiting cholinesterase.

In addition to the studies by the Soviets, a U.S. government study was conducted in an effort to replicate the 1994 Russian study mentioned above and found that microwave radiation exposure caused a significant drop in cholinesterase. These studies offer sound scientific evidence to verify that a physiological effect from EMF exposure takes place in the body that is similar to the effect caused by nerve gas poisoning.

People who are chemically sensitive also become electrically sensitive and vice versa – I have a friend who started out electrically sensitive and then became chemically sensitive. Although the agents are different–electrical radiation versus chemical exposure–the inhibition of cholinesterase is a factor in both.

Personally, I do not relish the idea of being exposed to poisonous pesticides, nor do I wish to be exposed to a biological weapon of mass destruction. Would you want you and your loved ones to be poisoned by exposure to either of these toxins in your environment?

Don't allow your electromagnetic radiation (EMF) exposures go unchecked – take action.

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  • Jen said,

    I experience severe arthritis pain after consuming nightshade vegetables and additional foods that contain the glyco-alkaloid solanine. The glyco-alkaloids in these foods are choline steerage inhibitors. Do people who have emf sensitivity also havethisfood intolerance? I am wondering about my possible emf sensitivity.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jen
    There is a very strong link between electrical sensitivity and toxins, see my video https://www.electricsense.com/4210/beating-electrical-sensitivity-part-1/… EMFs are essentially another form of toxin. People that have electrical sensitivity do often have an intolerance to certain foods, not just/necessarily those that contain glyco-alkaloids. If you are electrically sensitive and you have a reaction (through your arthritis) to certain foods then clearly to deal with your electrical sensitivity you need to remove glyco-alkaloids from your diet AND reduce your exposure to EMFs…this is the first step.

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