Electrical Sensitivity – Healing Modalities That Have Worked For Me

It’s funny how one thing leads to another.

What led me to Michael Schwaebe was my interview with Building Biologist Alex Stadtner.

We were talking about dirty electricity. Alex mentioned that Michael had done some outstanding work on comparing the performance of different dirty electricity filters.

I contacted Michael and we struck up a conversation via email.

Like Alex, Michael is a Building Biology Environmental Consultant.

Michael sent me the report he'd written on dirty electricity. I read it and thought it was very good. I sent him an email back asking him if he'd like to be interviewed.

He said he would. He then sent some presentations and reports he'd written on:

  • geopathic stress
  • cell tower radiation next to a school
  • smart meters
  • EMF exposures from a substation
  • and more

I was surprised by the amount of research Michael had conducted in this field. Really good research.
Michael said to me, ‘what do you want to interview me about'? I said to him ‘there’s a lot I’d like to talk to you about, but there is one report that interests me particularly'.

Healing Modalities That Have Worked For Me

Because what interests me more than anything else, is helping people deal with EMF exposures. In a word, healing. It seems that this is something that also interests Michael, because he's written a report that also addresses this issue, called Electrical Sensitivity – Healing modalities that have worked for me.

In his introduction Michael states, “this document, based upon experience of myself and my clients, was prepared initially as a guide for xxx (wishes to remain anonymous) and her family following a schizophrenic break, in part from her electrical and environmental exposures”. And this really does seem to be a theme with all the reports and research Michael has conducted; he does the work to help other people. Kudos.

An Unusual Approach

At first glance you might mistake Michael for a ‘common or garden' Building Biologist. His reports on smart meters, dirty electricity and substation EMFs are very professional and scientific, as would be expected.

His ‘Healing Modalities’ report, however, I found to be more revealing and more in line with my own thinking. None of this is surprising when you look at the chain of events that led Michael to where he is today.

The God Knock

After graduating from Oregon State University in 1969 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Michael was commissioned into the Navy and in the 1980s went to work in the private sector.

Then in 1993 while working at a nuclear power plant Michael experienced what he call’s a ‘God knock’. He hit his hard hat protected head and suffered a cervical whiplash injury with concussion. He experienced, “vision dysfunction, vestibular dysfunction, cognitive and emotional changes, depression and PTSD, head to toe pain, ‘sensitive to everything’ that lingered for years”.

No Diagnosis, No Surgery, No Pill Or Magic Bullet

The medical term for Michael's injury is mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) but this also led to fibromyalgia, chronic mold exposure, Lyme disease, food allergies, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, and severe EMF sensitivity and sensitivity to geopathic stress.

Needless to say Michael consulted far and wide. Interestingly, a neurologist he consulted early on said to him “there was no diagnosis that would lead to my healing, no surgery, no pill or magic bullet. He said I would know by a gut feeling what I would need to do as my next step, that I would explore the medical mainstream model and
alternative therapies, that insurance would not pay, and that I would find my way”.

Finding his way involved studying Biogeometry in order to ‘remediate the powers of nature around him so that he could be more comfortable'. In 2006 it inspired him to undertake the Building Biology training.

Healing Journey

The Healing Modalities report brings us up to date on where Michael is on his healing journey.

What I like in this report is the emphasis on the bigger picture. He talks about the importance of dealing with EMFs and creating a safe environment, but he also talks about:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle that supports health for genetic type
  • Heavy metal, chemical and pesticide toxicity, mold, Lyme, food allergies and detoxification
  • Limbic System Retraining
  • Family Constellation Approach to Mental Illness
  • Healing with Ho’oponopono

Thankfully Michael is now functioning in life, using a computer and helping people. But he also admits that he is still finding his way and in this respect his report is very much still work in progress. You can download his report here.


Michael Schwaebe EMF consultantThursday, 19th November at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Michael Schwaebe.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

If you’re not sure of the time zone where you live you can check it here.

Primarily I will be talking to Michael about healing modalities for dealing with EMF sensitivity. But we'll also be talking about the work he’s done on cell towers, smart meters and dirty electricity.

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone AND you can ask your questions! You can do this in 2 ways:

  • before the day, by clicking here and sending me your question (if you’re not sure what time the teleseminar starts, the page has a countdown timer.)
  • on the day, by putting your question directly to my guest

This interview has been broadcast.

The replay is also FREE but it’s only available for 24 hours after the event for those that signed up BEFORE the event.

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  • Lienke Katz said,

    Dear Lloyd, thanks so much for all your work!!!!! I have been only able to follow the last couple of interviews intermittently. I was especially interested in the interview with Dave Stetzer as I have a couple of his design Graham-Stetzer filters. One of your readers posed the question that they did not feel good with the filters and even though I know that Mr. Stetzer is a wonderful man helping people with much of his research, I also do not well with the filters and I have questioned several people about them. What I think is sometimes the problem is that most of us have different sensitivities for different frequencies. So not everyone reacts to the same frequency waves.
    There might also be cases that the incoming harmonics are so high or so modulated that the filters cannot equalize them (this is something I thought of as a possibility)I seem to remember that there was a home inspector in Northern California with the last name Neuert(I think) who explained why sometimes the filters do not work for some people. He made a point that each situation and each individual is unique.
    Your latest interview about Geopathic stress I was not able to attend fully but the subject is included in a book called “Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation” by Jim Waugh a Canadian Author. I thought his book was excellent. He was also very helpful when I asked him questions about satellite TV and their safety.
    At some point in time I would like to buy the transcript of your interview with Dave Stetzer to hear his answers in regards to some people having trouble with the filters. So Thanks again!! and be well!! Lienke

  • Lisa said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I spent many months at Dr. Rae’s in Dallas for treatment. It did not help, also too have been diagnosed with Everything Michael has been diagnosed with. I am havi g a Hard time because also have real type IV skin allergies to many things like chemicals and metals, that are also minerals from the earth. This type of allergy is a real immune delayed allergy that leaves me in blistering rashes on contact. I am in the process of trying to build a safe home with a biological builder, that builds low emf, safe toxic homes. He uses magnesium board, and copper walls, etc, to block the Emf. He also uses mineral paint. My concern is that I have the real skin allergies to a lot of these. Can you ask Michael what he is using in his wall construction, etc that he builds. I am very sensitive, to low frequencies. Thank you, Lisa

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    During the Dave Stetzer interview, Dave said that he would be glad to take phone calls to answer questions about filter use. (I remember that because I was so surprised at the generosity of the offer!) You might want to look up his website, to see if you can get ahold of him.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Lienke, I forgot to include this when I posted!
    At least two times now, in comments on this site, I’ve seen electricians post comments to the effect that when the Stetzer filters don’t have a good effect, it’s often due to faulty wiring. I believe that one of them said that a high percentage of the time (well over half), wiring was the culprit.
    Apparently, there is a big difference between electrical wiring that “works,” and wiring done properly to code. I know where I live, there have been amateur efforts here and there! So it might be something to check out.

  • lienke Katz said,

    Thanks Lee for responding to my comment. I actually had a conversation with Dave Stetzer by e-mail. I originally e-mailed Sam Milham with my problems with the filters, who sent the e-mail through to Dave Stetzer. His comment was that he could not figure out the problem unless he were here in NM. There might be a wiring problem as I can measure major Gauss increases near most of my multiple switch boards (where you can turn on the light in multiple places).
    I am saving money to be able to afford Dan Stih (Healthy Livingspaces) from Santa Fe to come and check things out but being on a tight budget it will have to wait a while). I do not trust any of the electricians here in NM, and although I have tried to figure things out through the Karl Riley book I can not do it my self. My husband does not understand any of it and thinks EMFs, GMOs, pesticides etc are not a problem, (it is all in my head). The cell towers in my neighborhood just got another tier and has raised the RF frequency in my house.
    I am continuing my battle and looking forward to the new documentary “Generation Zapped”.
    So thanks for everybody’s help/compassion on this site!!

  • Alex Haua said,


    Thanks again for all of the work that you do. I’ve written in before; being hypersensitive to EMF, RF and Dirty Electricity, I’ve had my share of personal experiences and challenges. I was unable to listen to the interview with Dave Stetzer; however, I had submitted a comment/question prior to the interview where I talked about my latest challenge with Dirty Electricity from a Solar power system at my home. I had approximately 41 Stetzer filters plugged in; however, it did not resolve my problem. Coincidently, I have had the pleasure of having Michael Schwaebe at my home on a few occasions, along with Oram Miller and a few other associates in their field. What I can say is that Michael is very knowledgeable and truly sincere in his quest to help people remedy these problems. I’m thrilled that you two connected so that this information can reach more and more people. Our exposure to the above is becoming more intense and more common; real solutions are definitely needed! Thanks again and I’ll look forward to the interview.

  • keini said,

    Hi Lloyd. Thank you very much for all the info. you are giving us. I was looking forward to your interview with Nicky Crocker but unfortunately, I had to be away on Thursday and Friday. When I got home Friday evening and wanted to hear the replay, I got the message that the ‘conference was over’. So I missed this interview. What time do the replays go out? Does Nicky have a website? Or has she written a book on the subject? Thank you.

  • ellie said,

    To all Lloyd’s readers with many sensitivities and symptoms, I’d like to share this article. There is hardly ever one thing, person, company, utility to ‘blame’ when it comes to our health and environmental toxins. The article is a couple of years old, but just as true today. Please read this through to the end. Share it with others.


  • Grethe said,

    Thank you, Lloyd, for all your very interesting work. I am part of a campaign against the early-years education policy, which exposes small children and all children throughout their education to wifi all day long (exceptions France, Germany, Finland, Scandinavia.) There is little we can do because our education is government controlled, Ofsted regulated, and simply zaps anyone who protests. But we can learn for the future.

  • Lienke Katz said,

    Hi! Lloyd, Have you ever visited these two websites “globalmicrowave.org” (I would love to have your input on these) and “naturalscience.org/topics/microwaves-mobile-communications/microwaves..” Both of these websites discuss how microwaves (non-native) have their effect on the warming of the environment of the planet (this may be in addition to the increasing CO2). The latter website expands on the work of Dr. Mae Wan Ho of how water is unique in that it carries information (see Dr. Luc Montagnier’s research in the journal “Nature” or watch on youtube “resonance beings of frequency”) and the “memory” of the Schumann Resonance which all life requires to function. The artificial RF/Microwaves stop us from accessing our native EMF.
    Thanks Again!!! lienke

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