Electrical Sensitivity, Chronic Disease And Holistic Medicine

“Despite all my knowledge in biology and the workings of the human body, at the age of 30 my health was a shambles. I could just about manage to crawl out of bed with excruciating pain in my body and band-type headaches that would last most of the day. I would have a painful breakfast, drag myself to my office, see patients for a couple of hours then back to bed for 2-3 hours before seeing a few more patients in the afternoon. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories were my main support to get through the day.

By evening I was too tired to do anything and it required a concerted effort just to hold a conversation. I tended to avoid company for this reason and became a recluse – living life close to my devoted family and trying to enjoy the small moments of watching my children develop. I absolutely hated the way I was…….

My health saga began a few years earlier at the age of 27, while I was serving in the National Guard of Cyprus after arriving from the UK, where I used to live….. I developed a very bad fever and viral infection that had me bedbound for a full 15 days. No one knew I was ill in bed, without being able to get up and walk, for three days until friends who were constantly calling, broke down the door to my apartment.

I had a constant fever of 40 degrees and was having cold sweats; was dehydrated and pretty much having delusions with such a heavy feeling in my head that the only thing I wanted to do was sleep….. After 15 days of taking a combination of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and antipyretics, I eventually recovered but did not feel my “usual” self after this……

A couple of months after recovering from this ordeal I developed intractable headaches and migraines that again had me holding my head and taking pain killers as if they were going out of fashion – every day. I needed to work as I was a busy clinical psychologist and clinical sexologist at the time and felt an obligation towards my patients, as well as my students; I was teaching biology at a local private school ……… as well as teaching undergraduate courses in psychology.

After many months of these persistent headaches, accompanied by an unexplainable fatigue, I eventually went to the local G.P. who took some X-rays and found that my frontal sinuses were loaded with fluid – he immediately prescribed antibiotics. Less than two months later I was back there again for more antibiotics as my sinuses were again blocked and causing headaches and pain, not to mention the tiredness, apathy – and on occasions depression…….

In the 7 years of frequenting various medics, allergy specialists and an ENT surgeon (who eventually persuaded me to have a septum operation for a supposedly defective septum in my nose), I was in a much worse state than when I first began getting symptoms……I had taken 18 courses of antibiotics and was in a real mess.

My symptoms had now worsened and became more frequent including headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia (pains and aches in all my body), chronic fatigue (or Myalgic Encephalitis as it was diagnosed by one homeopathic doctor), bowel distension, more or less constant stomach pains with dreadful distension, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Systemic Candidiasis with skin itching, rashes, chronic tiredness and more……

I was getting desperate as my workload and obligations grew – I now had a family with two young children and was building a house, as well as conducting many additional professional duties…….

I began reading Natural Medicine books. I was fumbling in the dark as even though my initial degree was in biology and psychology, I had not really delved into the fascinating science of Natural Medicine. One of the first books that I read was written by Dr. Richard Mackarness entitled “Not All In the Mind”[1] – that alerted me to the idea that food allergies can have a detrimental impact on both mental health and physical health. He suggests that in evolutionary terms our bodies are not adjusted to high cereal diets and dairy products, which have only been around for the last few hundred years (it takes thousands of years for our bodies to adjust to evolutionary changes).

He also suggests that up to 80% of the population are probably experiencing some type of food or chemical allergy due to eating highly processed food that our bodies are not yet adjusted to. After reading this book I attempted a detoxification and elimination diet by basically cutting out everything apart from fruit and vegetables.

The first couple of days I felt like my head was going to blow off like a grenade – the pain was unbearable……. On the third day I woke feeling so refreshed and alert the feeling of being alive, pain free and with plenty of energy was amazing!

This renewed energy lasted until the end of the detoxification and elimination diet when I then relapsed back into my old state in a matter of days………I knew instinctively that something miraculous had happened in my body during the detox, but ignorance could not explain the mechanisms…..

Spanning a 23 year period I studied and obtained degrees and diplomas in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Sexology, Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Iridology and Su Jok Acupuncture…… ……I eventually managed to regain my health and optimise it.”

The above is an (edited) extract from Curing the Incurable With Holistic Medicine by Dr. George J Georgiou Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM).,MSc.,BSc. His is an amazing story.

Holistic Medicine And Electrical Sensitivity

I know I'm harping on about holistic medicine again. What's holistic medicine got to do with EMFs? Everything.

To be more precise it's got everything to do with dealing with electrical sensitivity. That's why I keep returning to this subject time and time again.

To deal with electrical sensitivity you need to look at the whole person, or what I like to call the big picture, which is light years from the symptom-suppression approach of main-stream modern medicine. Holistic medicine means “working on all levels of the body, physical, environmental, nutritional, energetic, psychological, emotional, as well as spiritual to allow the body in its innate wisdom to cure itself.”

What's In The Book?

      List Price: $35.00     Save: $4.46 (13%)  In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Gift-wrap available. Add to Cart Sign in to turn on 1-click ordering This item ships to St Palais sur mer, France. Learn more Shipping Address Lloyd Burrell- St Palais sur m Buy Used $20.44 Add to Wish List Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon See this image Curing the Incurable With Holistic MedicineA lot. This is one big book. Nearly 600 pages long. Dr. Georgiou sets out to:

  • help you to identify the main causes of your “incurable” disease
  • understand where your disease began and how it evolved
  • explain what you must do to reverse the causative factors.

The book has detailed information on healing protocols, information I've not seen anywhere else, including:

“VEGA testing, Bioresonance Therapy, Rife technology, Bach Flower remedies, Thermography, Darkfield Microscopy and Live Blood Analysis, Low Intensity Laser Therapy, Autonomic Response Testing, Field Control Therapy, Biological Terrain Analysis, heavy metal analysis using atomic fluorescence and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers as well as many varied detoxification techniques.”

These tests and protocols are described in sufficient detail that you can actually understand what they are about. Practical tips are included as well as a stack of diagrams, photos, charts and references.

Over 750 Scientific References

Holistic medicine is regarded by many as having no scientific basis. Wrong. Thousands of studies support these holistic medicine protocols. This is another reason to read this book – it contains over 750 scientific references. The third section of the book goes further still. It contains detailed case studies of 15 people treated holistically by Dr. Georgiou.

These are people that had spent years going from doctor to doctor before being successfully treated by Dr. Georgiou. Each case study has a picture of the person, their problem, the medical diagnosis, the holistic diagnosis and treatment, the patient's own account and Dr. Georgiou's account.

What I Liked About This Book

It's a book that's chock full of facts but more than facts this book encapsulates great wisdom. The kind of wisdom that is hard earned.

Like many working in this field Dr. Georgiou was drawn into holistic medicine through the trials and tribulations he experienced dealing with his own health issues. He then began to apply what he had learned first hand on his patients.

Effective But Controversial Treatments

Dr. Georgiou was repeatedly hounded by his local Medical Association and even handcuffed and arrested one time for “practicing medicine without being a qualified medical practitioner”. This harassment continued despite the Attorney General throwing the charges out because there was no case and despite the fact that none of his patients complained or reported him.

You've probably heard the saying, ‘all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.' Holistic medicine is still caught up somewhere between phase one and two, Dr. Georgiou learned to his expense.

He believes their actions were motivated by ‘bruised egos and big cash'.My treatment methodology is not only effective it costs a fraction of the money spent on their conventional, ineffective, as well as risky treatments”.

What Other People Are Saying About This Book

“Dr. Georgiou's grasp of the concept of holistic medicine is truly profound. A must-read for every layperson and health practitioner alike.”
Andreas Moritz, bestselling author and practitioner of integrative medicine (USA)

“He has presented a Holistic Model of curing even “incurable” diseases, without expensive medication and surgery.”
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Ibrahim Abouleish, President of Heliopolis University, Alternative Nobel Price Laureate

“This book describes the most advanced Holistic health-care model that is a sought-after paradigm shift in an age where we are facing the worst ever healthcare crisis in history.
Dr. Jacob Swilling, Ph.D., noted research scientist, author and consultant in cancer and alternative medicine

You can buy Dr. Georgiou's book here.

Free Interview

Dr. George J Georgiou

******UPDATE 2 April 2015: The interview has been re-scheduled to Tuesday 7 April 2015.******

Next Tuesday, 7th April at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. George J Georgiou. The interview will last approximately one hour.

Dr. Georgiou, is director of the Da Vinci Center a Holistic Health Centre specializing in the treatment of different chronic diseases based in Cyprus.

If you’re not sure of the time zone where you live you can check it here or here.

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

During the interview I will be covering the following subjects:

– Dr. Georgiou's story
– his experience treating electrical sensitivity
– how to apply a holistic approach to electrical sensitivity
– the healing protocols he recommends

The idea is that you get to ask your questions. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • before the day, by clicking here. and sending me your question (if you’re not sure what time the teleseminar starts, the page has a countdown timer.)
  • on the day, by putting your question directly to my guest

This interview has been broadcast – sign up is now closed.

The replay is also FREE but it’s only available for 24 hours after the event for those that signed up BEFORE the event.

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  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Lloyd, you wrote here that you were “harping on about holistic medicine again.” Interesting word choices. I’d characterize your efforts more constructively. If indeed there is “harping” happening, it’s not on your end. 🙂 Yah, it wouldn’t be surprising if complaints come in about the site exploring holistic perspectives, given conventional medicine’s conditioning of us all to focus on symptoms, in lieu of determining causes. Additionally, it’s classic in this age of specialization for many who are exceedingly smart to suffer from knowledge compartmentalization so overly defined, that never may one compartment talk to another!

    Even so, for all seeking relief from EMF sensitivities, a holistic approach is a service–a guide-star service to those viewing the big picture, and a light-shining service to those who’re looking for a little help in expanding to that big picture.

    The persistence and dedication of Dr. Georgiou (despite his illness!) over a 23 year period in seeking to understand his health issues, borders on heroic. He began with his own survival needs, but went on to offer what he’d learned to the world (though doing so meant persevering through the predictable blow-back which occurs when traditional thought is challenged). Dr. Georgiou’s model of sustained, intelligent commitment is how humanity ends up acquiring leadership for the emergence of new and better paradigms. Thank you, Lloyd, for bringing this man and his discoveries to our awareness.

  • Deb said,

    Naturopathic Physicians recognize & deal with our EMF / mult chem sensitivity issues. MD, Dr. William J. Rae of ehcd & of American Academy of Environmental Medicine RECOGNIZES and treats ES. American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine does not seem to address ElectroSensitivity / EMF issues in the work place…. YET. Dr. William J. Rae STARTED my road to recovery, although radio/tv/cellular antennae have sprung up AROUND his very good clinic in Dallas… I could only stay for 6 treatment days in this EMF rich URBAN environment. Dr. Rae is amazing. Dallas is toxic. I told Dr. Rae, if he ever opens a RURAL second clinic, I will be the first one at his doorstep. Brilliant and BRAVE thoracic surgeon turned ADVOCATE for EMF sensitive / chemical sensitive persons….who has also been harrassed for stepping outside the stuffy box of traditional MD thinking in order to HELP us. http://www.ehcd.com
    there is a new radio interview posted I am just listening to.
    Dr. William J. Rae told me he predicts it will only take about 5 years (by 2019) for EMF health problems to become broadly accepted in traditional western MD medicine. As a D.O. who is severely ES + mercury + nickel + food allergy, I pray the day of “of course RF and dirty electricity (electromagnetic radiation) IS DANGEROUS to health and should be avoided… eliminate ‘smart’ ‘DECT’ RF radiation, & Dirty Electricity (Samuel Milham MD MPH)great book ! it has helped me, it may help you too!!!

  • Rita said,

    Links to sign up do not work

  • Elliott said,

    What is the least expensive meter for measuring radiation from smart meters, cordless phones, cell phones, home appliances,etc?? Where can I purchase same?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Rita
    There was an error in the link in my email – my apologies. I’ve now sent out a corrected version.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I really don’t advise basing your criteria for buying an EMF meter solely on cost…..some meters are so insensitive they are practically useless. A popular choice for a ‘starter meter’ is this one https://www.electricsense.com/5405/cornet-ed78s-emf-meter-my-review/. My Free Report has more guidance on this question.

  • Roger said,

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but I think the vast majority of us who are electrically hypersensitive are naturally skeptical toward claims of cures, having investigated so many avenues of alternative medicine. I have tried COUNTLESS purported cures over the course of 3 decades – including treatments from such medical luminaries as Dr. William Rea and Dr. Dietrich Kinghardt – to no avail. Most treatments are usually some variation on standard naturopathic detox protocols or are based on various schools of energy medicine. They certainly have their place in boosting overall health in some who are not electrically sensitive, but seem to be almost universally ineffective in addressing the perniciously resistant phenomenon of EHS. Unfortunately, it’s the old adage, “When all you know is a hammer, you treat everything like it’s a nail.” And I have been disappointed and taken by countless hammer salesman in my long quest.

    The Bottom Line for me is: Show us a significant population of EHS sufferers who have been demonstrably cured by Dr. George J Georgiou (or by ANY practitioner or protocol), and I will happily be the first to sign up. Until then, I’m not willing to endure the repeated cycle of loss of my money, trust and hope every time I chase after the next touted “cure”. I’m sure this is familiar to many of you…

  • K. Winter said,

    It’s the 750 Scientific References part that appeals to me. That sounds like Good Data. And 15 case studies is nothing to scoff at, if the correlation is clear and readily apparent.

    Obviously there’s a plurality of human experiences out there, and no single treatment, cure or diagnosis is going to apply to everyone (probably); but it sounds like there is a wealth of knowledge available in this resource.

    Of course, only reading it will tell.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    I just listened to this replay. What I appreciate about the replay is that I can stop the recording (or backtrack) to get my notes accurate.

    It’s encouraging to know that with HMD and chlorella, we can mobilize heavy metal toxins. Then with Levage, we can complete the process by making sure that those toxins make their ways to the body’s drainage pathways (so they’re not just initially mobilized, but then eventually re-absorbed back into the cells). At least twice, he emphasized to go cautiously and slowly with these protocols, lest the body be overwhelmed. Had I been listening to the live call, I would have asked Dr. Georgiou if it’s safe to do heavy metals detox when one still has amalgams, due to the possibility that detox efforts might pull metals out of the teeth and make the situation worse. But perhaps his sites have more information on that question.

    The simple protocol he laid out that will revitalize the health of around 80% of people with issues, was welcomed.
    1.) Alkalize the body with fruits & vegetables ONLY (ingesting nothing else), for two weeks, a process which will remove toxic chemicals and resolve some food insensitivities (thus reducing inflammation).
    2.) Clean the liver & gall bladder with a flush.
    3.) Do the heavy metal protocols mentioned above.
    4.) Take a good quality multi-vitamin, along with all the omegas (three, six, and nine).
    Most people’s health will improve 20% to 50% from just these steps, which is quite encouraging.

    That 75% of his patients have EMS was not surprising. I’m guessing that a lot of people suffer form it, but they don’t connect their symptoms to their electronics exposures (like the cabbie he talked about). Regarding wearing metals in close proximity to the body (watches, jewelry, belt buckles, etc.), I had originally learned not to do that from the works of Hulda Clark. For a long time, I practiced that. However, eventually I slipped back into my former ways. During the show, when he advised against that (because the metals act like an antenna bringing EMF waves to the body), I immediately removed a silver necklace that I’d worn 24/7, and I also took off my watch. Sometimes one can “know” something but still not do it. : >) So all that he said either taught me new things, or were good reminders.

    It was another excellent interview, Lloyd, with good audience questions. Thank you.

  • Mary said,

    Unfortunately I was not able to follow the link, and did not receive a corrected version. The comment above was helpful, Lee – thank you!
    But is there any way of catching up with the interview / info?

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