Electrical Sensitivity And Autism – Different Sides Of The Same Coin?

In 1999 Jack was at pre-school. One day Peter and his wife were informed by the school that because of Jack's behavior they wouldn't be able to continue schooling him.

The teacher suggested they have Jack undergo a psychological evaluation.

So they contacted the Children's Health Council. Jack was diagnosed with sensory dysfunction, which is at the low end of the autism spectrum.

This was really hard for Peter and his wife to hear.

They started working on therapies to reduce his sensory load, to make the environment softer end de-stress it.

In 2003 their second son Max went to pre-school. One day the teachers asked to have a meeting with Peter and his wife. They told them there were issues with Max, he wasn’t interacting with the other children.

They’d been so focused on helping Jack with his autism they hadn't noticed Max's issues. In their minds ‘Max was the easy baby'.

Now they had to two autistic children to deal with.

As if that wasn't bad enough, at the same time Peter began to experience his own serious health issues. He was suffering from food allergies, fatigue and not sleeping well.

So they started looking at everything, genetics, diet, toxins in the home, mold….

As a silicon valley engineer, Peter says he would never have looked at electromagnetic fields (EMFs). He admits, “I thought you were ‘non-scientific’ if you brought up EMFs”.

Then curiously one day he started reacting to EMFs. He started feeling symptoms when holding his cell phone next to his head.

Then there was another episode. In 2007 he was rummaging round under his work space trying to plug in a transformer. He came out from under his desk not feeling well. His head felt fuzzy for about 40 minutes afterwards.

Electrical Sensitivity And Autism Peter SullivanSo Peter began to look at electromagnetic fields (EMFs) more closely. He called in Building Biologists . And he applied EMF protection and mitigation in his life. Slowly things started to get better.

Peter and his wife's efforts certainly paid off. Jack is now studying at UC Berkley, Max is also doing well at school, even playing the lead part in the school play and Peter's health issues have been resolved.

All these experiences have had a big impact on Peter's life and career. Peter is now a social entrepreneur working to help families recover from autism and raising awareness on the EMF issue.

Through his journey Peter has come to understand that there are many factors in the autism puzzle; genetics (but this is not about hereditary genetics), biological factors, chemical toxins and EMFs.

Not surprisingly, Peter sees EMFs as a ‘key piece of the autism puzzle’ because it impacts a lot of the other factors.


Tuesday, 28th June at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Peter Sullivan.

Peter Sullivan is a computer scientist and founder of Clear Light Ventures, an organization which researches efforts to reduce environmental factors that impair public health.

Peter’s projects have focused on mercury and other toxic metals, and more recently on electrical sensitivity and EMFs.

He has worked with various Universities, Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley to study the contribution of these toxins to autism and other conditions.

Peter completed a Master's degree in Computer Science at Stanford University in 1998. He has worked as a software designer for Netflix, Inc., Interwoven, Inc., Excite@Home, and Silicon Graphics.

Clear Light Ventures provides simple clear advice and valuable information for parents of autistic children or those who are concerned about the health effects of wireless radiation.

In this interview we will be talking about autism and EMFs, and specifically:

  • what the science says
  • what the solutions are for parents with autistic children
  • what the link is between electrical sensitivity & autism
  • how Peter recovered from his EMF sensitivity
  • and much more

*****This interview has now been broadcast*****

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  • ellie said,

    Thank you, Lloyd, and Peter Sullivan!

    As someone with EHS and MCS, and a child advocate and care provider I’m very much looking forward to this interview. Autism is growing out-of-control in our children. I’ve heard that vaccines, MSG (monosodium glutamate) and EMFs are all contributors to autism. I’ve heard that dementia and alzheimer’s is how ‘autism’ shows up in the adult brain. It’s great the truth is being revealed. Thank You!

  • Francis Markho said,

    As always, thank you Lloyd for having these interviews brought to accession. I enjoy most of them.

    It would be interesting to know how Peter managed to reverse EHS and autism. Not an easy endeavor.

    Footnote: I tried couple of times to share info with you at no avail. Is there a way for email exchange, i.e. two way traffic?


  • calle said,


    Martha Herbert MD, PhD of Harvard stated that AS kids can not heal their guts which means their microbiome are under attack until they mitigate their EMF exposure is reduced.
    So your speaker is one I can’t wait to hear.

    Within the last month we had our child’s permanent retainers removed, and his horrible scalp issure resolved. His face is clearing. When he had braces it was a nightmare.

    Metal is a huge conductor or electricity.

  • andrew said,

    I think autism is mould, parasites, EMF and vaccines all together. Vaccines drive the parasites into deeper tissue (to escape the nasties in the vaccines). The parasites concentrate heavy metals in their bodies to protect themselves from phagocytes. Maybe parasites go “crazy” when exposed to emf and vomit heavy metals into the bloodstream? Moulds certainly go crazy when exposed to emf, releasing a vast increase in spores and mycotoxins.

    That’s why some people get autism and some people don’t; some people have parasites and some people don’t. That’s why some people are emf sensitive and some people are not; some people have mould and some people don’t…

    just a theory!

  • keini said,

    Thank you Lloyd. I look forward to hearing the replay as I won’t be able to hear the webinar. Thanks for making all your very informative webinars available to us.

  • ellie said,

    Andrew, I like your theory. If we had an annual billion dollar budget, like the American Cancer Society, I bet we’d discover the cause. (They spend 4 times more on employee pension plans than on research!) Remember MSG is added to almost everything that is processed. This mom reversed her daughter’s autism by removing MSG from her diet. http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/Your-Ecosystem-On-MSG-Katherine-
    And fluoride is in almost all public water supplies in U.S., and one of the most toxic industrial waste products ever! http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/great-culling-our-water/

  • dave said,

    As a long time computer professional I’m so pleased to see some sensible people are in our industry…and not just blind followers of ‘the wireless status quo’…fiber optics are much better (much faster,much more reliable and beautifully safe)…its almost like some idiots who happen to be decision makers have a death wish for their own and other children…its SO convenient to overlook the details!
    True technologists will not overlook any detail!

  • andrew said,

    Ellie, it would be an interesting experiment to tackle the mould (in the body) and see how this affects the electrosensitivity?

    Look up Dietrich Klinghardt, Doug Kaufmann and Andreas Kalcker.


  • ellie said,

    Andrew, Yes, it would be very interesting. Thank you for links. I did a bit of work with Dr Rae at Environmental Health Center in Dallas. He helped me understand a lot, but I still have symptoms of MCS and EHS. Tinnitis is constant but volume increases with increased exposure to EMR.

    When I first noticed symptoms I lived in a small cottage 2 blocks from ocean in Southern California. I didn’t know at the time, but when moving out a short time after developing symptoms, I discovered mold in closets and cupboards. A smart meter had been installed outside my bedroom wall a few months before I got symptoms. There was an electrical utility transformer about 30 feet away from bedroom wall as well. A wifi router was ON 24/7 next to my bed, my cell phone was kept ON and next to my bed, and 2 remote control light switches and a CD player were on my nightstand next to my head. I worked under fluorescent lights surrounded by wifi and computer equipment every day. My personal stress response was extremely high at the time, adding to my total body burden. It was the ‘perfect storm’.

  • andrew said,

    Ellie, buildings need to be made from magnesium oxide so that they can “breathe” more easily!


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