EMF Interview With Building Biologist Shaun Kranish

It started with Shaun when he was in his early 20s working as an IT consultant.

He’d always been fascinated by electricity.

As a kid he would play with home wiring and things.

“I was kind of experimenting and doing stuff I probably shouldn’t be doing.”

When he was 10 or 11 years old he discovered computers and really took to that.

Within a couple of years he was building and repairing computers and helping people with their computers which became a little job for him to make some pocket money.

Before long he got into computer gaming and computer networking he began to spend an enormous amount of time on computers.

“It turned into an addiction.”

He learned a lot which eventually led him into creating a professional IT consulting company.

It was during this time when he was working in an office building in Rockford, Illinois with the fluorescent lights, machinery and equipment next door that he started getting tired.

He was working in a room with battery backup units, multiple monitors, laptops, server, computers, you name it.

There’d be times when he felt just so tired he would lie down on the floor of his office.

It got to the point where this was happening a few days a week, he felt just totally drained of energy.

His best friend at the time said, “Hey, it might be this electromagnetic stuff you’re around.”

His friend's doctor had recommended the Stetzerizer GS filters to him.

So he went out and bought Stetzerizer Microsurge meter and measured his office.

It was almost maxing out the scale of the meter!

He put in some filters in and got about a 96% reduction.

Shaun never felt fatigued again.

“I’d always suspected these things give off fields, but I didn’t know people were having trouble with their health, that there was any research behind it. That’s what brought me into this.”

Interview — Dirty Electricity Health Effects And More

Thursday, 30th May at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Building Biology (IBE) Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Shaun Kranish.

dirty electricity health effects psychosomatic?Besides being a building biologist Shaun is an electrical contractor, author and the founder of electrahealth.com . He’s been involved in EMF measurement and remediation for over 10 years. He’s also author of a new eBook entitled ‘EMF Bible – Fix Electrical Current on Your Plumbing Pipes’

Listen to this interview and you will discover

  • why dirty electricity health effects absolutely cannot be psychosomatic
  • the principal sources of dirty electricity in the home and Shaun's recommendations for dealing with them
  • how electrical currents can be on your plumbing pipes and what to do about it
  • the big commonly overlooked problem with any wiring (including Ethernet cables) and how to overcome it
  • a new EMF meter that can measure the new higher 5G EMF frequencies
  • why grounding your electrical devices is so important—double grounding however can cause problems
  • the problem with many forms of modern lighting and Shaun's recommended solution—hint it's not incandescents
  • Shaun's 4 favorite EMF meters—consumer level meters that anyone can use
  • how to reduce your exposure to WIFI radiation by up to 99.8% and still have WIFI

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  • Ron Quasebarth said,

    I think what is missing now, aside from your very good personal tips, is an effort to make this issue rise to the level of national awareness. It’s not a hard case to make as a health issue. We need to find enough maverick media people to take it on–before 5G is fully implemented when it seems like things will get much worse.

  • Lee Karlovic said,

    Ron, from what I’ve heard from at least two sources in the U.S. at least, any considerations related to health issues that arise can not be brought up to limit, adapt and/or quit this. In other words, when the public utilities commissions permitted this to go forward, they sold we the people down the river where health is concerned. I so hope I’m missing something and got it wrong.