Creating Harmony Inside And Out

Holland had been a feng shui consultant for 10 years.

She already had a lot of awareness about EMFs.

But then her house was sold.

There was a lot of tension from that alone, along with family members who were not well, a perfect storm of tensions were brewing.

She moved into a friend’s place.

It was furnished and complete with WiFi.

She’d just moved in and hadn’t had a chance – even though she knew plenty about EMFs – to create a better environment EMF wise.

Big mistake.

Within a week of moving there, she couldn’t think.

Her body was hurting and she was sleeping horribly.

She would have terrible nightmares and her body would heat up so badly in the middle of the night.

“It was like having an extreme fever and I couldn’t stop that unless I actually left the building in the middle of the night.”

Previously she’d worked as a professional organizer.

“I couldn’t organize my closet.”

She knew that it was something in the building because every time she left the house, she was fine.

But with her background in energy work she thought, “the odds are that this has something to do with EMFs”.

She realized there was a WiFI router about 20 feet from where she slept.

She had become sensitized to WiFi routers, in particular.

At that point in time, she didn’t understand how different WiFi radiation is from the other types of EMFs.

She thought she understood it and that she had energetic-type tools that would work 100% for that because she’d been able to do so much with her tools for her clients.

Unfortunately removing the router was not an option because her friend, who owned the property, was a high-tech programmer and needed the router for her work.

Which lead Holland down the path of focusing on increasing her exposure to benevolent energy.

 And, creating harmony inside and out.

The learning curve was steep but over time, she learned a great deal and discovered tools that work remarkably well.

Today she admits to still having some symptoms but they are less than they were.

Interview—Creating Harmony Inside And Out

Thursday, 10th October at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Feng Shui consultant and former bodywork therapist, Holland Franklin.

Creating harmony inside and out

Holland addresses traditional Feng Shui, energetic balance, geopathic stress, EMFs, and water quality through using Structured Water devices. In addition, she teaches clients how to test their homes, energetically, for themselves, using a combination of both energetic testing and conventional EMF meters.

Holland is offering a 10% discount on EMF harmonizing structured water products. Use coupon “electricsense” for 10% off the entire store at from now until 13 October 2019.

Listen to my interview with Holland and discover:

  • How structured water can protect us from EMFs
  • Holland’s unique approach to EMF protection
  • The various strategies Holland has been using in her own life and that of her clients to improve health and well-being

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