How To Create A Healthy Home

Scot Appert has been a builder and remodeler for some 25 years.

What brought him into this line of work were his own health issues.

When he was a baby, he nearly choked to death.

He subsequently had a tracheotomy.

For 3 years he suffered ulcerative colitis—inflammatory bowel disease.

Eventually, the doctors removed his colon completely, which led to a string of other health issues.

In total, Scot has had about 27 surgeries over his lifetime.

As he grew older, he knew that staying on the pattern he was on, would/could possibly lead to cancer or another serious disease, later-in-life.

“I was looking at ways of improving my health so that I didn’t end up, as an older person, in a wheelchair or whatever.” 

He started seeking just more of a natural way of living, started eating healthy, organic foods.

He ended up meeting Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

He started consulting him.

Dr. Klinghardt became his mentor.

“He teaches many different forms of medicine and I took all of his seminars because I was close to him at the time, back in 2006, 2007, 2008. It all made sense to me even though I’m not a medical doctor.”

Scot began to look at his own health, and the issues his clients were facing differently.

What’s the underlying cause?

What’s really causing the health issues?

Is it due to metal poisoning? Is it Lyme disease? Is there mold in your home that you don’t know about that’s causing this issue?

“Dr. Klinghardt knows the people who started Building Biology and he actually was having a healthy home seminar. So he invited the building biologist, the people who were teaching at the institute, for his conference.”

He suggested to Scot that he look into it because it really fitted in with the work he was already doing.

Scot took the training and qualified as a building biologist.

And he started applying what he was learning to his own life.

Today at 57 years old his health is well and truly back on track.

“I was a very active person. So I do have some knee issues and some structural issues. But other than that, I’m actually in very good health.”

The focus of Scot's work is now helping people create a healthy home.

Interview—How To Create A Healthy Home

Thursday, 4th July at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Building Biologist Scot Appert.

create a healthy homeScot Appert is a healthy, ecological builder, and Building Biologist with over 25 years’ experience. He’s a certified Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant, and a Certified Renovator for lead detection and mitigation. Scot has inspected and provided consulting services for hundreds of homes, commercial spaces and building projects across North America.

He works closely with homeowners, architects, builders and doctors to provide clients and patients with superior building inspections, mitigation and healthy ecological building services. Learn more about his work here

Listen to my interview with Scot Appert and discover:

  • the chemical exposures many people have in their homes which are often overlooked
  • what causes mold in your home and how to detect it—EMFs and indoor mold can be a big problem
  • 3 natural, non-chemical ways to deal with mold
  • the importance of being proactive in safeguarding your health—don't wait to have a health issue
  • how the electrical-sensitive and chemically sensitive paths intertwine—tips for minimizing chemical sensitivity
  • the 2 most common EMF issues that Scot encounters when doing home inspections
  • his top 3 tips for EMF protection
  • 3 tips for making your bedroom a healing sanctuary—Scot goes beyond the EMF question
  • the importance of taking note of and translating into action the very subtle reactions your body may have in certain situations

If you’re not sure what time it’s on where you live you can check your local time here

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