Cell Phone Radiation Research Shows Increased Brain Tumor Risk

A study just out on cell phone radiation by a Victoria University of Wellington researcher has uncovered these truths about New Zealand adolescent’s use of cell phones and cordless phones:

Nearly a quarter of 10-13 year olds spend 30 minutes or more on cordless of cellular phones daily.

• 6% of mid-teens are at an increased risk of brain tumor from cell phone or cordless phone use.

• The Study highlights the need to caution heavy cell/cordless phone users.

Mary Redmayne, the author of the study, recruited 373 students aged between 10 and 13 years old. She had them complete a questionnaire and she measured their texting distance (how far away they held their phone from their body whilst texting). The questionnaire asked questions about time spent with an active cell phone close to the body, estimated time and number of calls on cell phones and cordless phones, use of SMS text-messaging, cellphone functions used and people texted.Cell Phone Radiation Research Shows Increased Brain Tumor Risk

Interestingly, high cell phone use was related to cell phone location at night, being woken regularly, and being tired at school. Even more, than a third of parents thought cellphones carried a moderate-to-high health risk for their child. And yet they continue to let their kids use the phones…

The reports author concludes if children continue using their cell phones in this way, many would be at increased risk of specific brain tumors by their mid-teens. Click here to read the full study.

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  • Richard said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Luke here, from Amsterdam.

    My girlfriend has a Nokia N8 with Whatsapp installed. Well, uninstalled now, since I discovered something that might not only explain her rather high monthly payments to T-Mobile, but might also have some disturbing implications concerning EMF exposure.

    I noticed before that the phone is trying to connect to the internet (cell tower/wifi) on startup and that this is due to Whatsapp. Ok, one would say: shut it off. Well there’s the thing with cell phones based on Symbian: they don’t have an option to really shut down Whatsapp. So it seems that whether you like it or not, when this type of phone is on, it is emitting EMF until you switch it off (or, like we did, uninstall Whatsapp). EMF-wise this app kinda flies “under the radar,” so to speak.

    Your thoughts on this, please.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Richard
    This sort of situation is not that unusual. I remember hearing 3 or 4 years ago that iPhones, even when switched off, were still capable of linking up to the network (to act as type of relay transmitter for other iPhones)….I’ve tested several and never been able to prove this. Cell phones are being equipped with more and more Apps and the truth is nobody is really interested in the EMF effects of these Apps. All the more reason to take this into your own hands – my EMF protection free report can help you with this.

  • Richard Shane said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    I’ve read some of your articles on cell phones and radiation. I always use an earpiece, so I’m not concerned about holding the active phone to my head. However, when not talking, I have my iPhone in my pants pocket. I hadn’t previously known it, but someone told me that even when we’re not talking on the phone, the phone periodically emits a signal to connect with the nearest tower. Is that true? If so, I don’t want the phone periodically active (emitting radiation) when it is in my pants pocket, which is near my prostate.

    If this is true, do you know of anything I could put in my pocket to be a layer between the cell phone and my body, that would block the radiation? Someone suggested aegisguard

    … but I have no way of knowing what is really effective and what is magical thinking.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on any of this.


    Richard Shane

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Richard
    I don’t recommend the products you suggest…there are no quick fixes for long term EMF protection….I lay out in my free report and newsletters what works and what doesn’t work. An effective solution to radiation in your pants pocket is to put your cell phone on airplane mode or to use a blocsock to reduce your exposure, see http://astore.amazon.com/electricsense-20/detail/B006UD2QXU

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