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Cell Phone Radiation Research Shows Increased Brain Tumor Risk

A study just out on cell phone radiation by a Victoria University of Wellington researcher has uncovered these truths about New Zealand adolescent’s use of cell phones and cordless phones:

Nearly a quarter of 10-13 year olds spend 30 minutes or more on cordless of cellular phones daily.

• 6% of mid-teens are at an increased risk of brain tumor from cell phone or cordless phone use.

• The Study highlights the need to caution heavy cell/cordless phone users.

Mary Redmayne, the author of the study, recruited 373 students aged between 10 and 13 years old. She had them complete a questionnaire and she measured their texting distance (how far away they held their phone from their body whilst texting). The questionnaire asked questions about time spent with an active cell phone close to the body, estimated time and number of calls on cell phones and cordless phones, use of SMS text-messaging, cellphone functions used and people texted.Cell Phone Radiation Research Shows Increased Brain Tumor Risk

Interestingly, high cell phone use was related to cell phone location at night, being woken regularly, and being tired at school. Even more, than a third of parents thought cellphones carried a moderate-to-high health risk for their child. And yet they continue to let their kids use the phones…

The reports author concludes if children continue using their cell phones in this way, many would be at increased risk of specific brain tumors by their mid-teens. Click here [1] to read the full study.