Canadian Researcher Exposes Dangers of Wireless Radiation

As you know if you've been following my posts, the electromagnetic radiation given off by cell phones is still being debated by scientists and other interested persons on both sides of the argument.  As you also know, more and more convincing evidence is beginning to be presented that can help you to make a potentially life-saving decision as regards cell phone and other wireless equipment use.

Canadian researcher Kerry Crofton challenges the casual disregard of microwave danger from Health Canada, and like me is convinced of the dangers posed by cell phones and wireless internet connections.

Researcher Certain Of Health Problems Arising From Cell Phone Use

So certain is she of the probability of brain cancer, headaches, and heart trouble that she has written a book which outlines these health problems that can arise from cell phone use.  ‘Wireless Radiation Rescue’ is Crofton’s response to the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones.  She believes that the public should be helped to understand the health problems associated with this radiation, and she outlines steps that can be taken to minimize these dangers whether at home, at school, or at work.

For over five years, Kerry Crofton has investigated effects of microwaves, cell phones, baby monitors, and other devices that give off electromagnetic waves, and has come to the unescapable conclusion that bodily and mental damage is done by this equipment.  While the Canadian government, like pretty much all governments, has released statements referring to the harmlessness of cell phones, Crofton believes that these government studies are too lax and do not apply strict enough standards to the cell phone industry.  The cell phone industry, naturally, contends that these instruments are completely safe, but mounting evidence warns all of us to take care when using them.

As many of the health problems associated with cell phone or wireless internet connections are not only serious but lethal, Crofton refuses to stay in a hotel that has wireless internet, to avoid being exposed to radiation incidentally.  She specifically finds hotels that are free of wireless internet.  Evidently, even occasional, short-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation is considered dangerous by Crofton.

However, regardless of her concerns over the potential danger from cell phones and wireless internet, Kerry Crofton is not a Luddite.  She recognizes the need for the internet and technology, and is not advocating banishing computers, she only wants people to be aware of the possible danger to themselves and their families.  As far as cell phones go, land lines provide all that is really needed for telephone communication, and served humans well and safely for decades before the addiction to cell phones started.

Microwave Technology And Children Is The Real Issue

Wireless internet connections are now being provided in schools in Canada, and concerns over the safety of this radiation to children is being debated.   A pivotal developer of stealth microwave technology, Barrie Trower, is skeptical over whether children can be exposed to wireless radiation without harm, and his concerns echo those of Kerry Crofton.

My advice is to err on the side of caution when considering exposing developing bodies to electromagnetic dangers.  Trower worries in part about the chance that exposure to microwave radiation will cause damage to the genetic material of children, causing problems that might be carried on to the next generation. I think he could be right, what do you think?

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