Biological And Medical Effects At Very Low Exposure Levels – Says Electrosmog Expert

Are you are still sitting on the fence about the dangers of cell phones, electrosmog, electromagnetic fields and the like, and wondering if it really is having any impact on your health? If you are, then watch this “straight to the point video” presentation by Professor Johansson, one of the leading lights on this subject, with transcript below.

Professor Johansson : It’s really very high time to put the foot on the brake, I would say.  My name is Olle Johansson.  I’m from Stockholm, Sweden.  I work at the Karolinska Institute which is very famous for its physiology and medicine.  I have been studying neuroscience there for many years, and the ill health effects from electromagnetic radiation like from mobile phones, indoor telephones, and WIFI.

Today, if you look into the scientific literature, there are an overwhelming number of papers clearly saying that molecules, cells, tissue pieces, organs, experimental animals as well as humans are at jeopardy.  And the main findings could be summarized, that you see,  biological and medical effects at very low exposure levels may be dangerous, and these are far below the current public exposure guidelines.

Interest nowadays is very much focused on the long term effects at so-called non-thermal levels, meaning that you don’t get a heating from your mobile phone, for instance.  But, we’re talking about other biologically important effects which can only be understood at a very detailed level.  Involving, for instance, the so-called ionic channels, transmitter release uptake, degradation, etc.  A lot of very small details in biology, but that will, in a long term sense, cause health effects that could be very, very serious.  The younger arena very much focuses on cancer, but maybe that’s the least important effect.  Other effects maybe much more important.

And, much more general in the sense, for instance, the impact on the immune system, which is supposed to protect you against whatever bacteria, or microbes, or molecules that enter your body.  Effects on fertility, the capacity to get children or grandchildren, effects on various mental functions, into the short term memory – you have concentration capacity decreases after microwave radiation exposure, headache, sleep capacity, sleep quality, and sleep length.  And, I could keep on like this, but the public debate very much focuses on cancer, which is, of course, very important.

But, the other effects that are reported in the scientific literature may be much more striking, much more serious, and may come much earlier, because if you look at some of the scientific experiments, you can have effects within minutes, hours, or days.  For instance, on the immune system, on the basis for fertility, on various subjective parameters such as headache, and problems with sleep quality, problems with learning capacity, concentration difficulties, and so on.

And, from that point of view, maybe, if society is a little bit cynical, it could sort of live with a certain number, a very small number of brain tumors.  But if all Danish school kids get a decrease in their concentration capacity, and a decrease in their short term memory capacity, that’s not good for them.

If you make some extrapolations from the current knowledge in the scientific literature, it really is very high time to put the foot on the brake, I would say.  Because, some of these effects are not really revealed until further generations.  Maybe you could see an effect like in the fifth generation in the future, when it’s very too late to say that “Hey, we have to stop this exposure.”

And therefore, as a scientist, I’m a little bit surprised that politicians, they take these kind of chances with the whole population.  And the population has never been really informed, no one has asked you if you want to be whole body irradiated 24 hours around the clock, every day of the week.  You are, while we sit here in Copenhagen, we are exposed to microwave levels that, compared to the natural background, are of Biblical proportions.  They are astronomical, very much higher, and no one has asked the population if this is all right, or not.

I have asked the former Swedish government, I have said to them that since they have allowed public exposure of all Swedes, they must know from a scientific point of view that this is safe.  So, I asked them to send the relevant scientific papers, and they didn’t send a single one, they had nothing.  So, they have taken a chance with the population.  And, hopefully, it will turn out to be completely safe and there will be no risk. But, that would also mean that thousands and thousands of scientific papers, in well controlled scientific journals, using peer-review based evaluation systems, all of these articles have to be wrong at the same time.  And that has never, ever happened before in science history.  I mean, it is definitely a risk.  And for some of these areas, the risk is, from a proportional point of view, very, very high.

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  • jonalyn said,

    what is the cause and effects of computer exposure?

  • Lloyd said,

    Computers emit all kinds of EMFs; electrical fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity (intermediary frequencies) and RF radiation (if WiFi is activated). The effects of this exposure are wide ranging – many biological effects, see

  • Dianna said,

    I’ll state it again, “you gluttonous mankind are killing yourselves with your desires for that bigger tv, the newer phone, you gotta have a laptop and an ipad and a tablet and smart tv instead of investing in medical study…this is genocide and it is pandemic”

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