5G And The Coronavirus – The Inside Story

Paul was living in Fukuoka, Japan.

He’d just started working at Kyushu University, in the city.

6 months into the job he suddenly got sick and started having allergies.

He was experiencing bizarre flu-like symptoms that he couldn’t seem to recover from.

“I just was getting sicker and sicker, having all these bizarre symptoms.”

He lost his appetite and dropped about 50 pounds in a month.

He was drinking tons of bottles of water and just couldn’t seem to quench his thirst.

He consulted various doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong.

So he started Googling his symptoms.

What came up was chronic fatigue syndrome.

He went to see the chronic fatigue syndrome specialist at Kyushu University Hospital.

“He basically told me that there was nothing he could really do for me.”

They wanted to give him some anti-anxiety medication, which he refused.

He was fortunate to find a nearby doctor nearby, in the city of Saga.

Doctor Yayama had graduated from Kyushu University and was a surgeon but he’d started working in alternative medicine.

He’d invented a machine, kind of like a Star Trek type of scanner.

Within five minutes, he was able to tell Paul, “You have mercury toxicity, you have lead toxicity, you have aluminum toxicity. You have mycoplasma infection. You have toxoplasmosis. You have systemic candida. You have a number of viruses like Epstein–Barr and Cytomegalo….”

On Doctor Yayama’s pamphlet, it cited the cause of modern disease as chemical toxicity, metal toxicity, electromagnetic radiation and pathogens, and your genetic makeup.

Paul began to do some research and started suspecting that electromagnetic fields might be a factor.

“I remember driving and just noticing all the antennas along the highway that I had never paid attention to before.”

He realized that there were a number of cell phone towers that were very close to his apartment.

With his partner they decided to look for a ‘low EMF’ rental property.

They went around looking for a place in the mountains and eventually found a log house that was for rent where there were no bars on their cell phone.

Within the first 24 hours, 50% of his symptoms had disappeared.

Paul knew right then and there that EMFs probably were the largest factor in his immune system breakdown and what was making him sick.

Paul has since qualified as an electromagnetic radiation specialist and developed a special dietary protocol for EMFs.

Today he is in excellent health. “I’m barely affected by the electrosmog. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Paul has just spent the last 18 months in China and has uncovered an alarming link between the Coronavirus and 5G.

Interview – 5G and Coronavirus

5g and coronavirusThursday, 12th March at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 4 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Paul Doyon.

Paul Doyon is a researcher, writer, a teacher and educator of 33 years, who inadvertently became involved in researching the EMF issue after becoming sick 15 years ago whilst living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers. Paul is a certified building biology practitioner and electromagnetic radiation specialist with the International Institute for Building Biology And Ecology. He’s also the founder of www.emfrefugee.blogspot.com.

Listen to my interview with Paul and discover:

  • how EMFs impact our immune system
  • the evidence which Paul has uncovered linking 5G and the Coronavirus
  • how vitamin C and other nutrients can protect you from the virus and from EMFs

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The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to for 24 hours from the time of broadcast.

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  • Anna said,

    Do you have any information about how to test in order to prove that you are emf sensitive? How can I find someone like Dr. Yayama here in the midwest of USA ?

  • Hendrik Timmers said,

    I have researched the radiation problems for several years and found there was a connection between electrical radiation from bad insulation wiring and cell phones and cell phone towers. I read some rat experiments and radiation effects from electrical currents.
    However, are there any other more substantial experiments with human beings?
    There must be a group that can show a us the evidence from reports which came forth from these experiments. I intuitively belief that we are on the wrong track with our so called advanced technology especially G5. Hank

  • Peter said,

    Hank, I don’t know if you would class these as ‘experiments’, but there are some videos on Youtube from Dr Magda Havas looking at EHS and DECT phones, blood viscosity, Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes, as well as the impact of wifi on schoolchildren. There are also epidemiological studies looking at effects of cell towers on health. I don’t have direct links to these but I may be able to track them down if you are seriously interested. And there is Interphone (brain cancer), and the studies by Lennart Hardell looking at brain cancer . There is also a video on Youtube looking at the effect of smart meters – less rigorous controls then the Havas videos, but still indicatory of problems. EHTrust.org has a lot of information about experiments, studies etc. And all this pre-dates 5G……