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How To Enjoy A Low EMF Vacation

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on July 20, 2013 under EMFs and travel, EMFs in your life | 20 Comments to Read

July and August is the holiday season in my part of the world.

It’s when people (yours truly included) take a well-earned break.

But going on vacation (called holidays where I come from) doesn’t mean you can forget all about EMFs.  For some people (particularly if you’re electrically hyper-sensitive) traveling can be a major challenge.

Or maybe you just want to ‘play it safe’.

Whatever your circumstances before you ‘hit the road’ here are some essential pointers on dealing with EMFs while on vacation.

Tips For A Low EMF Vacation

Here’s my checklist for a low EMF Holiday.

Before you go:

  • low emf vacationif flying, do your research. Book with an airline that doesn’t have TV screens in the headrests (there are still some that exist – tends to be the case with older fleets)
  • book your flight early and request seats away from the electronic instrumentation, this usually means at the back of the plane
  • sometimes you can’t book the seats until 24 or 36 hours before takeoff – follow thiings closely to make sure you get the seats you request
  • sit away from the engines, these also give off significant EMFs
  • when booking your accommodation, prefer places that don’t have WiFi and cordless phones in the bedrooms.
  • ring ahead and ask them about WiFi and cordless phones, don’t just go on what it says on the website or brochure.
  • if the hotel or complex does have WiFi ask for your accommodation to be situated away from the antenna.
  • research with or similar to book accommodation which is not in close proximity to a cell tower
  • generally speaking, rural or older facilities currently offer the most suitable accommodation for the EMF conscious.

During the flight:

  • don’t use your cell phone for wireless communications (if you’ve got one). Same goes for your laptop computer.
  • if someone sat very close to you is using these kinds of devices, ask them to limit their use and/or ask to swop seats with someone else.

Don’t use an EMF meter during the flight, if the readings are high this will only panic you. And there’s nothing you can do about the EMFs, except get off the plane – which you don’t want to do!!

On arrival:

  • when you arrive in your hotel room or rental look round for the obvious, cordless phones, the lift shaft behind the bedroom wall, wifi antenna in close proximity. If you are really not happy with your location go to reception and ask if they can move you
  • there are pros and cons to going on vacation with an EMF meter/s. If you’re staying for a prolonged period, 3 weeks or more then it makes more sense. For shorter stays I’m against it. Providing you use your common sense, you’ll already be able to minimize your exposure significantly. And even if the EMF exposures are relatively high where you are staying, long term a 1 or 2 week of higher than usual exposures will not make a big difference to your health situation.
  • I don’t advise getting your EMF meter out during the flight, if the readings are high this will only panic you. And there’s nothing you can do about the EMFs, except get off the plane – which you don’t want to do!!

Additional Tips For Electrosensitives

  • before you go request a letter from your doctor explaining your condition, useful for showing to the cabin crew if you need to change seats for any reason
  • take a large EMF protection net made from canopy mesh fabric or similar so you can cover your entire body if needed to (its relatively inexpensive and gives reasonable protection even beyond 10Ghz)
  • take a smaller EMF protection net, and an ordinary hat
  • take a supply of melatonin tablets so you can induce sleep if needed
  • prepare yourself by doing visualization and/or meditation exercises before leaving

Some Other Tips

If your vacation isn’t as low EMF as you’d have liked it to have been, keep your cool, enjoy anyway. Dealing with EMFs requires a long-term approach, a week or two of more elevated EMF exposures is going to make very little difference in the grand scheme of things.

Enjoying your vacation starts by deciding that you are going to enjoy your vacation. If dealing with your EMF exposures is a priority for you make it a priority before you take your vacation.

Effective EMF protection can only be achieved by adopting a holistic approach to your health. Your vacation, or a week or two before your vacation, is not the time to start fretting about this.

Happy low EMF hols!!

I’ve written a book which lays out how I beat electrical sensitivity and how you can get long term protection from EMFs – click here for information.

  • Steve said,

    Nice post Lloyd, thanks again for your ongoing support.

  • Linda Abbott said,

    One fellow from the UK told me he tacked metal window screening to his roof, which seemed to help a lot(he is very electromagnetic-sensitive); I’m assuming it was aluminum screening he purchased, & that he lived near a cell tower.
    I like this article, and I only have one beef with manufacturers of screening fabrics: they are expensive enough to be prohibitive for people on fixed incomes, on gov’t. assistance, or already carrying a high debt load. So I’d like to either see this dilemma addressed, or witness some healthy competition to drive these prices down. Any better ideas, let’s hear them. Thanks.

  • JP said,

    Travel here in the USA is about out. All lodging and most campgrounds are blasting wifi and finding one without is impossible in most areas. Then there’s the smart meter issue, but honestly I have not gotten that far due them all having wifi. I have wanted to travel to find RF free housing but can find no place to stay period. The only way to check out those homes that are safe is to travel and spend the night. There are some in the north of my state, but the area isn’t as appealing for living. There is a place in WV that is wifi free but days to get there.

  • Stephen said,

    I suggest people always take the stetzerizer Microsurge meter. And a bunch of emf Stetzer filters. If they want an happy holiday e-stress free. Kind regards. SMH

  • Conor said,

    Great post Lloyd, thank you so much.

  • James said,

    Nice tips as usual Lloyd. I’ve found it hard to convince my doctor EMF is real though. Shielding paint solved it for me. That and switching off wifi and bluetooth. Sleep like a baby now :)

  • Conor said,


    Thats great to hear mate, do you mind telling me more about your living arrangments. Are you in the city? Appartment?

    Add me on FB!/Irishaman


  • Patrick said,

    Always interesting reading, and as the quote goes “Knowledge is Power”!

  • James said,

    Sold my apartment because I was being fried by a dozen networks, and couldn’t sleep. And low sex drive. Bought a house, painted it with Y-shield, and never been better. I also camp out 2-3 nights a month. Sleeping in the woods acts as a radiation detox; it restores natural balance and makes you much more resistant when you return to the city. You become like a knight in armour. The armour protects you, but radiation causes it to rust, so you need to restore it periodically. There’s no science behind this yet, but I can’t wait fifty years for the eggheads to do the math: I figured it out for myself.

  • Conor said,

    Will the stetzer meters work in other countries if you use an appropriate adapter for that country?

    Another idea may be to stay in a villa or other detached property so you can turn off the circuit breakers. Also camping.

  • Paul said,

    Thanks Lloyd,
    I appreciate your working and thinking about these issues.

  • Stephen said,

    Unfortunately shielding paints cannot take out the most damaging and dangerous RF Radiation which is between 4Khz – 100 KHz. Also not a cheap option to paint your holiday hotel room, nor practical? Stetzerizers are peer reviewed and proven, with a plug in meter to tell you what is safe and what is not. I found most hotel rooms I’ve stayed in throughout Europe are in excess of 800 GS units, should be around 25-30 for absolute safety. Only the Stetzerizer can reduce this ELF frequency-exposure,. Papers and studies presented to WHO conference in 2004 plus journals and testimonials are very strong. See

  • Jerome Roberts said,

    I think the point about staying in a villa or a detached house is an excellent idea. At a minimum you have some distance between you and others in addition to be able to shut off any Wi-Fi plus turn off the mains to the bedroom.

    On the plus side, in a mid-to-high hotel, the wiring at least in the USA for hotels built before 2002 will have for sure shielded electric wiring. Europe appears to be inconsistent on these matters.

  • Jerome Roberts said,

    Good article but I disagree with three of the points about flying. The author should distinguish between the types of EMFs (Electric fields, magnetic fields, intermediate-frequency fields, and radio frequency fields).

    1) The in-seat TV panels are only a source of electric fields and intermediate-frequency fields, so for most EHS people, these EMFs are the most tolerable.

    2) According to my measurements, the rear of the aircraft is where the heaviest levels of magnetic fields reside — the big ovens they use for warming up the food, and where the cabin narrows there which concentrate the electric wiring especially in the lavatories. Typically, I have measured up to 100 milligauss there which is 50 times the safe levels recommended for homes.

    3) The main engines do not give off EMF, it is the electric cables running from the auxiliary engine at the rear of the plane which powers an electrical generator that has cables running underneath the floor and overhead all the way up to the cockpit. I would see typically a 10-12 milligauss reading about head height. The lowest readings though not by much are in the center of the plane in the middle seats. However, if you are dead-center, that is generally where the router is located for the Wi-Fi — pretty much in the wing area if the flight has Wi-Fi. So, that is the radio-frequency hazard along the people’s mobile devices.

    The think the reason “jet lag” was invented is to explain the heavy-head feeling most people get from prolonged exposure to magnetic fields during the flight. Unless you are riding in a subway car for hours or sleeping next to an electric circuit box. most people never experience the level of magnetic fields that they received whilst flight.

  • Jerome Roberts said,

    A correct to my point three, the first sentence should be replaced by:

    “The main engines are far enough away so that its magnetic fields are not the key problem unless it is a MD88 (or similar aircraft) where the engines are next to the fuselage.

  • Stephen said,

    Hi Connor. Yes Stetzerizer emf filters work in all countries in the world providing two things. 1. You do not use the US/Canadian filters outside of the Americas as their voltage is 110V/60 Hz as they will blow or do worse.
    2. You must use either the UK Stetzer filter, European Stetzer, or Australia/New Zealand Stetzerizer. I have used the European filters in Australia but with adaptors they are bulky and impracticable. Try buying say 1/2 dozen or more UK Filters from authorised distributor, plug into 2 power boards, use the appropriate adaptor and then you can go anywhere in the world and have protection and peace of mind. I do this whenever travelling in UK, EUROPE, and Asia. I take the stetzerizer Microsurge meter, check the levels of DE (always 600-1, 000 GS units!) Plug in Power Boards with filters and sleep better than a baby. I have been diagnosed with MS since 2001. MRI scans now show all my plaques (lesions) on the brain vanished since 2008 after 13 months of Stetzerizing my apartment. Kindest. Steve

  • kirsten said,

    Hi , i would like to know what is the minimum safe distance between a cell tower and a home?
    Thank you,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kirsten
    Some studies have found increased risk of cancer if you live within 400m of a cell tower (see for other studies its within 350m…..there is no “safe” distance. The starting point is to take readings with an RF meter and then shield and protect as necessary.

  • Heather said,

    I’m EMF sensitive and my husband and I are about to leave for 6 months, maybe longer (depending on my EMF sensitivities) on a 40 foot sailboat (aluminum).

    We have been hesitating to go because of my EMF issues, and don’t know how to prepare the boat (or myself) for whatever protection might be available.

    As we are ‘gutting’ the interior of the boat, we have options to re-design things such as the antennae, placement of the solar panels, some of the wiring, and other things. What might be suggested to offer the best protection?

  • mary said,

    Green Bank WV is not a safe refuge. Wifi is everywhere,
    people sneak it in and the Observatory does not monitor.
    Telecom wires are tremendous and hot spots all along the roads. Sorry!

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